You can also receive readings over the phone or through Skype!

Intuitive Guidance/Reading with Sedona

In this reading, Sedona will connect with your energetic blueprint. With the intuitive guidance you can receive communication, development and navigation concerning this lifetime or soul journey.  Sedona acts as a bridge for her clients so that they may receive more clarity on their spiritual journey. 

(1/2 hr) $65 (1 hr)$100

Astrological Counseling/Reading with Michael

Discover your soul path and the best way to honor it through the use of spiritual astrology. Obtain wisdom and guidance on how to align your personality with the essential principles that will bring more joy and abundance into your life. Find out how the planetary energies are uniquely embodied in you and healing techniques to help those energies move smoothly.  (1/2 hr) $65 (1 hr) $100

The Full Lotus with Sedona and Michael

This service is a unique synthesis of combining 30 minutes of Astrological Counseling and 30 minutes of Intuitive Reading.  ($120)


"Incredible experience with Sedona! Walked out feeling cradled by the universe. Wouldn't you want to know what your guides have to say to you?! Highly recommend!!!" -J.E.

 “I have been to many intuitives and energy workers and Sedona is one of the best. The information she gave me from my guides was spot on and helped give me the confidence to make some big changes that really made my soul sing!” -Harry

"On the recommendation of a close friend, i recently had my first Intuitive Reading at Rainbow Lotus. It was a truly amazing experience !!! Sedona has wonderful intuitive gifts that helped me sort through some current challenging family dynamics . I came away feeling great joy and with a much clearer vision of my role . Recommended !!!"-Patrick

"The Astrological reading I received was amazing and very inspiring, unlike any other astrological reading I had before.  Michael gave such specific details with a counseling aspect that made the experience more useful for me!” -Maria