2017 Aries Soul Forecast

On March 20, the spring equinox, the sun moved in Aries, which is ruled by the red planet Mars and associated with the deep red energy of first chakra. The first chakra is the root chakra, and its raw lava can be quite overpowering, as it is tied to our basic survival instincts, and our most intense and visceral physical desires and attachments.

Elementally, Aries is Cardinal fire, making it the most explosive, wild, and brightly burning of the fire signs. Ideally, Aries’ wildfire outbursts are reserved for protecting us when we are truly threatened and need to fight for our survival. Actor Russel Crowe is an Aries, and he really came into his own embodying that fierce Aries warrior archetype in the movie Gladiator. Aries tends to be self-centered and competitive. Mars sees life in terms of winning and losing, and it wants to win at all costs. Many champion athletes carry this Aries energy or have a strong Mars in their chart. It is in the realm of relationships where Aries is most challenged, as relationships require the attractive and balancing love energy of its astrological opposite, Venus ruled Libra. When Aries’ warrior energy ventures into the interpersonal world, it can create a lot of pain and suffering in relationships. Aries is much more comfortable asserting and defending itself than with listening to another’s perspective or reflecting on its shortfalls. It tends to be divisive, trying to dominate or control the conversation, and knocking out those bridges of heart connection in the process. It is also a hard energy to sustain, as it tends to burn so bright that it uses up all the available oxygen and snuffs itself out.

So Aries tend to go through cycles, alternating between intense activity and burnout. But an Aries would definitely agree with the statement that “It’s better to burn out than fade away!” Aries has a restless questing energy that is best channeled into the archetype of the Explorer. Their relentless drive and determination can propel them to the tops of mountains and to the ends of the earth. But along the way, their lack of gentleness and sensitivity may cause them to lose touch with any relationships that can’t keep pace with their rough wanderlust. Aries is a youthful energy that brings renewal and new beginnings. This is a time when we can start to break free from the doldrums of winter and start taking better care of our bodies, working them out and getting them out and about. Our big cultural ritual in Aries of course is Easter, which is all about the higher octave of Aries, that resurrecting energy of new beginnings. This is a time when new shoots push powerfully up through the ground to initiate the next cycle of life. Aries is there, prepared to fight for that new life, to protect and defend it against all threats.

This is an extra intense trip through Aries as the ongoing T square between Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter will be highlighted and intensified several times during the month. The outlet point of this T-square is Pluto in Capricorn, which represents all of the shadowy entrenched power players that pull the strings and grease the wheels behind the scenes. This month the spotlight of collective anger and frustration is shining a bright Aries spotlight into the depths of those Plutonic shadows, threatening to expose some of the crass backroom deals that go on at our collective expense. The investigation of the Trump team’s potential collusion with Russia is heating up. Expect those intrepid rat terriers in our press and intelligence apparatus to hunt down and uncover explosive new information throughout this fiery Martian month. Uranus in Aries is empowering individuals to take a stand against the totalitarian forces of Plutocracy that threaten our democracy, given them the courage to leak information regarding high crimes against our country. We are also seeing a popular rebellion against the Republican attempts to gut the expansion of our health care system and kick 24 million of our most vulnerable citizens off government assistance so they can give big tax breaks to their rich donors. Threatening our health insurance hits us where it hurts, threatening our survival and firing up our 1st chakras. A lot of issues can inspire abstract passion, but when your very life is on the line, it activates a level of passion and willingness to fight that is sure to trump any cold and calculated ideological argument.  These are the last waning days of this long squaring off of Uranus and Pluto that has been going on since 2010. This pass through Aries is giving Uranus the power to knock Pluto out cold, removing those who are trying to reverse the progress that we’ve made, and returning power to the people. The Age of Aquarius is coming, whether we embrace it with open hearts or rage against it kicking and screaming. Those who try to stop the progress we’ve made towards a world of freedom and equality will be steamrolled and relegated to the dustbin of history eventually.

March 27th – Great Balls of Firebreathing: During this New Moon in Aries, Venus Mercury and Uranus are all ganging up with the Sun and Moon to create a great ball of fire. Mercury and Uranus are trine to Saturn in Sagittarius so some of this fire may be emanating from religious or ideological dogma. If you like to argue, now is a great time to start up a conversation with someone with a very different value system to your own. If you don’t like violent communication you should try to sit this weekend out. Hide out at a silent retreat or hole up in an isolation float tank. You may still feel the earth quaking and rumbling as all this Martian fire bursts forth. Try to channel this energy into starting new projects that bring you excitement and joy and you will hit the highest octave of this fireball energy. If you have been needing a kick in the seat to get motivated towards your goals and dreams, this is a day when you can get the blood pumping and get moving in the right direction. Spring forward and seize the day and shake off the heavy energies of winter!

April 10th– Full Moon Revolution: This full moon is taking place with the Sun conjoined to Uranus in Aries and the moon conjoined to Jupiter in Aries. In the long drawn out boxing match between Pluto and Uranus this is a day when Uranus can get in some powerful punches. Look for more damaging revelations in the Trump Russia investigation. There is no more perfect depiction of the dark side of Pluto than Putin’s Russia. Pluto in shadow works behind the scenes, quietly and secretly crushing and silencing resistance, while boldfaced lying to your face about its dirty deeds. This lust for power that centralizes control and authority are what defines Plutocracy. That our current president has an admiration for Putin and his authoritarian tactics is clear. The degree that he has gone to try to achieve a similar level of Plutonic power remains to be seen. If he did make a Faustian bargain with Putin, there may be some consequences coming soon. Saturn brings karmic justice and it is still very close to Trump’s south node in Sagittarius. A reckoning with the sins of his past is due.

April 15 – Uranian Flames: My favorite book about Uranus is Prometheus the Awakener by Rick Tarnas. He argues that they myth of Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods and gave it to the people at great personal cost, is more fitting the energy of Uranus than the greek myth of Uranus.  Today the Sun is conjoined to Uranus in Aries and making a harmonious trine aspect to the Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius making this a prime time to steal a little fire from the gods and empower some mortals. Interestingly, this configuration coincides with tax time. Uranus is often full of surprises so expect the unexpected today. The individual is in the spotlight, making this a great time for personal growth and exploration and a lousy one for collective teamwork. So ditch the group and head off on a solo adventure. Give yourself permission to march to the beat of your own drummer and wave that freak flag high. The only way we can have a truly high functioning group energy is if all the individuals within it are fully free and empowered. So don’t be afraid to go against the grain right now and rock the boat if the groups you are a part of aren’t meeting your needs. Once everyone has more passionately expressed their individual needs desires we can come up with better fitting collective structures that honor all the unique human puzzle pieces. We are all co-creators in this cosmic drama and have that divine spark inside us. Under this fiery influence, we are all being reminded of our spiritual essence and we will not settle for being treated as less than equal!