2017 Pisces Soul Forecast

The Sun has moved into Pisces now, which is a water sign ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is the largest planet, and so Pisces is associated with big expanses of water, like the ocean. Water is the element of our emotions, so with Pisces there is always an ocean of emotion. Feelings can be particularly intense and extreme at this time. The symbol for Pisces, two fish swimming in different directions, represents the yin and yang flow of our emotions from the height of ecstasy to the depths of despair. Because Pisces is about unity consciousness, it necessarily includes these extremes, along with everything in between. The glyph for the planet Neptune looks like Neptune’s trident, but it can also be seen as a tuning fork, which is why the high vibrations of music and poetry and other fine arts are also associated with Pisces. In the chakra system, Pisces fits best with the energy of the crown chakra. At its highest vibration, Pisces can embody the Christ Consciousness that experiences unity with everything and creates astonishing beauty. It can dissolve the ego and fuse into oneness with everyone, showing boundless compassion for the poor and suffering, and channeling the music of the spheres. Pisces rules the 12th house, which has been called the house of “self-undoing”, a place where we can dissolve our karma through selfless service and return to wholeness. In the great wheel of change, Pisces is that final resting place where we shed our old selves and prepare for the next cycle of identity that will be born when the wheel turns to Aries again.

 Pisces can be great and saintly but it can also be hard for our humanity to reach its lofty ideals. The shadow of Pisces is hopeless suffering, martyrdom, and clinging to fantasy and illusion.  One of our cultural rituals that takes place in Pisces is the Academy Awards. Acting is definitely a Neptunian art. Actors merge with their characters and create for us the illusion that they are someone else. They draw upon unity consciousness to understand and inhabit a completely different person. Acting is a great metaphor for the spiritual realities of this incarnation game. We take on all these different bodies and roles and play them to the hilt on this very convincing world stage until we start to wake up to the illusion of it and free ourselves from identifying so narrowly with one ego and one personality and develop soul consciousness.

The astrological age of Pisces started with Jesus and Christianity and covered the last 2000 years. Think of all the fishiness in the Christian tradition. The fish in the sand, the fisher of men, the loaves and the fishes, the fish on Fridays. And if you look at the last two thousand years, you can certainly see an era that encompasses real extremes of Pisces. There is the sublime beauty of cathedrals and the boundless compassion of the saints and then there is the ugliness and brutality of the crusades and the Inquisition. There is Jesus providing a shining example of selflessness and forgiveness, and then there is the egomania, self-righteousness and violence of so many of his supposed followers.

March 1st – Raging Lion – There is a powerful and explosive alignment today making it likely that March will kick off with a big bang of over the top fiery emotion. No little lambs in sight today. Mars and the Moon are conjoined to Uranus in combative Aries, making for a volatile situation all around. Revolution is in the air. Tempers are hot and fuses are short. Unless you are itching for a fight or trying to blow up the system, this is probably a good day to avoid controversial topics. Aries in battle is a hard-headed ram and the only way to stop it is to lock horns in opposition just as hard. If you are not wanting conflict, a simple side stepping Aikido maneuver can be very useful today. This is a restless energy and Aries is driven to keep moving, so a little distraction and redirection can save you from being the target of their rage. Just step aside and let them bang their stubborn head against the wall of reality and save yourself the headache. Uranus is part of a T-square with Jupiter and Pluto so it feels like the stakes are high and it is do or die. If you feeling strong, there is a need now for people to bravely step into the ring against the dark Plutonian forces of totalitarian suppression. This is a power to the people moment when angry mobs taking to the streets and filling town halls can actually make a positive impact. So lay low if you have ptsd, but roar out and make your voice heard if have the passion and perseverance to make a difference. The Uranian principles of democracy and freedom will win in the end and the corrupt power hungry forces of Pluto will be brought to account. Take heart in the knowing that this reactionary step back we’ve taken cannot ultimately stop the forward march of progress.  

March 7th – Grand Cross softened: The Grand Cross is the most tension filled astrological aspect there is, and the Moon in Cancer is briefly making that aspect pattern out of the T-square between Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter. Softening this hard conflicted energy is the Sun and Mercury conjoined in Pisces making a harmonious trine to the Cancer moon. This is a day to contemplate suffering and loss and grieve the horrible costs of our separation and division. The strong emotions flowing today are nudging us towards a healing unification. Like brothers fighting each other on opposite sides of this Civil War, today is a day when we can remember that we are all family, and feel that pain of what we are doing to each other. On a feeling level it is easy to connect to our humanity. It is only when we get lost in abstract ideologies that we are able to break those common bonds of humanity. Today we will be centered and grounded in our basic human emotions. Compassion and empathy are needed today to heal the wounds caused by our recent battling. Find a healthy outlet for your emotions and use them to connect more deeply to your fellow suffering beings. Today is a day when we can stop fighting and get out of the trenches and all get together and sing Silent Night. The war may resume again tomorrow, but our hearts may be changed for the better.

March 10th – Rational Emotive Therapy: The moon is in Virgo today right on the collective North Node. The collective North Node points to the spiritual lessons we are all currently focused on. Right now, it is in Virgo, which is to opposite to the Pisces energy we’ve been going through. So there has been a hot mess of karmic emotion that has come to the surface for healing. We are trying to become more rational and practical, basing our decisions on concrete facts and logic. But there is a large faction of fanatical irrational people that are making that move difficult. As we move out of the age of Pisces, we are letting go of emotional, faith based circular logic and moving towards the observational, science based age of Aquarius. There is a mode of therapy called rational emotive behavioral therapy that is used with people that are caught up in thought distortions which then ripple down into negative emotions. It is a good thing to practice for this path, so make a habit of challenging the thoughts behind your most negative emotions. If they are deeply held, it can help to involve others who can be more objective in this process. When you can find errors in the thinking that leads to your distressing emotions, the next step is to change your behaviors to fit with a more rational thought process. Acting as if you were already more rational can help shift out of reactionary, self-defeating patterns. If we can learn the lessons we meant to learn, suffering is optional.