2017 Aquarius Soul Forecast

We’re moving into Aquarius now, which is a fixed air sign. The Air element is mental, and Aquarius is primarily about the deep fixed belief systems that we share, the core ideas and ideals that hold our society together. It’s co-ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus. We talked about Saturn last month, which provides the building blocks for Capricorn to build its structures. Uranus takes this process one step further, transforming those traditional structures and taking them to a higher level with lightning bolts of scientific insight. Uranus is a revolutionary and evolutionary transformer. It is willing to destroy Saturn’s traditional forms if they don’t fit well. Aquarius is restless it is perpetually experimenting, continuously tweaking its theories in an eternal search for the unifying physics that will be able to give us both structure and freedom. Uranus is associated with 3rd eye, the seat of our soul’s vision and when we are getting lost in the weeds, it can help us step back and get a glimpse the big picture. We are just beginning to get a peak at the coming New Age of Aquarius where our lives will be lived in better resonance with our highest dreams and visions.

The symbol of Aquarius is the human being, and humanitarianism will become the dominant philosophy of the Age of Aquarius. Equality is a key concept for Aquarius, and we can find Aquarians at the forefront of movements that promote democracy, human rights, and an expansion of personal freedom. The character of the eras when the outer planets were discovered have interesting correlations with the observed character of those planets. It’s almost as if when the student is ready, the teaching planet arrives. The planet Uranus was discovered right before the French and American revolutions and it carries that same revolutionary spirit of “Liberty, Egalite, Fraternity” that animated that Age. My favorite book about Uranus is “Prometheus the Awakener” by Rick Tarnas. He argues that the mythological figure Prometheus is actually the best fit for the Uranus’ observed energy. Prometheus rebelled against the hierarchal orders of Zeus and stole fire and brought it to the mortals, an act of defiance for which he suffered greatly. This democratizing and decentralizing of power is a key aspect of Aquarius and we can expect more power to be brought to the people as this New Age moves forward.

Uranus is the mad scientist of the zodiac, and technological innovation is one of the gifts it brings.  Aquarius’s wild mind is prone to visionary quantum leaps that breakthrough limitations and create new paradigms.  Aquarius, and Uranus is willing to experiment with new ideas and try new things in the pursuit of progress. The internet is a great Aquarian innovation, making information more readily available and acting as a great equalizing force. This lifting of age old restrictions on information has accelerated our understanding of the great mysteries of creation. One of my favorite shows is Ancient Aliens on H2. It is focused on evidence of alien influences on ancient culture, and of evidence of ancient technologically advanced earth civilizations that worked in collaboration with alien civilizations. Interestingly enough, the show is produced by a company called “Prometheus Entertainment”. Aquarius is about really getting at the big picture of the Universe, and the further we get into the Age of Aquarius, the more we will enjoy an expanded understanding of the larger galactic and universal families that we belong to.
              It is fitting we use the beginning of Aquarius in America to inaugurate our new leader and pass that Promethean torch of freedom. This year that sacred process feels awkward, as many of those core American ideals seem to be missing from the new administration. It feels as though we are turning over power to Plutocrats and hostile foreign powers that stand in opposition to the expansion of human freedom and equality. But what better way to perfect our democracy than surrender it to a minority that wants to destroy and subvert it. The way forward will require a new level of unification and a quantum leap of civic engagement. And the only way we will grow more whole is by integrating and harmonizing the fearful, ill-informed energies that empowered these sociopathic bullies. When we can really build rainbow coalitions that include all kinds of Americans, we can finally break this toxic duopoly government and make real progress.

On issue after issue, there is actually a broad and decidedly liberal consensus in this country, but it is not yet perfectly reflected or expressed in our political system. Our internal divisions allow us to be consistently divided and conquered by our two faced corporate overlords. The dramatic magnification of the gap between what the majority of people want and what those in power are trying to accomplish that is happening now should help radicalize and mobilize a truly egalitarian and progressive movement that can finally reform some of the structural underpinnings that perpetuate oppression. It took 8 years of authoritarian rule to ignite the movement that swept Barak Obama to power. We shouldn’t require that long for a true populist revolution to take hold.     

Jan 27st- : New Moon Movement: Aquarius kicked off with the largest one day protest mobilization in political history, as millions of women brought their beautiful pink energy to the prickly political situation we find ourselves in. As important as that display of positive love and unity was to lift the spirits of those who are in fear of what this administration intends to do, it is even more important that this burgeoning protest energy be channeled into sustained action. This New Moon in Aquarius is another important moment to nurture the seeds of this new revolution, so they can grow into an effective counterbalance to the extreme one sided energy of our current government. Aquarius is all about equality and creating complex, hybrid solutions that honor and acknowledge the needs of all the people. But the current administration is very one-sided and lacks diversity on all levels. So the only way to achieve a truly unified solution is to force our way to the table through peaceful protest and a sustained education campaign to break through their wall of propaganda and raise people’ awareness of what is actually going on. For any of their broader actions to be sustainable, they will need to compromise and harmonize with difference at least to the degree of getting 8 democratic senators to go along with them. But judging by the heavy handed, fascist way the Trump administration has come out of the gate peddling alternative facts and trying to shut down and control the flow of information, if we do not actively resist, the very foundations of our democracy could be in peril. Aquarius is an air sign, and the free slow of accurate, scientifically based facts is a critical component to the functioning of democracy. Without a way to inform and educate the electorate, our critical collective decisions will be based on faulty information and we are likely to slip into emotionally driven mob behavior that could have disastrous consequences. For those who want to see a more enlightened society, keep that Promethean fire alive and keep getting out there and sharing actual facts to help wake up those who have fallen into unconsciousness. In the long run, this Age of Aquarius will blossom and those ideals of freedom and equality will become self-evident truths. But for now the idea of health care being a basic right is still a radical proposition for many. Pluto in Capricorn represents all of the dark forces of power and control and it is making its last big stand against Uranus in Aries that represents the common people.  All the sociopathic corporate raiders that have been assembled are going to do their best to enforce and defend their stratified one percent society, but the people vastly outnumber them and they will win in the end.

Feb 10thFull Moon Magic is alive: There is a very harmonious aspect pattern happening today called a Magic rectangle where there are two oppositions that are 60 degrees apart. One opposition is the full moon and the other is an opposition between Uranus and Jupiter. That means both oppositions are softened and harmonized by each other. In fact, Saturn is also placed harmoniously so that we are just  one planet shy of the most harmonious aspect pattern there is, the grand sextile or Star of David. Interestingly. Trump’s full moon natal aspect completes this pattern. His Gemini Sun Uranus conjunctionopposite to his natal Sagittarius moon makes for a grand sextile today. And his opposition is also on his nodal axis, making this a prime time for his soul growth and evolution away from his rigid, dogmatic Sagittarius moon and towards his flexible and compromising Gemini Sun. If ever there was a day when the collective could hold his emotional belligerence in check for long enough for the light bulbs to come on in his mind, this is it. The opposition is the hardest aspect, because the tendency for projection and blame can short circuit the process of awakening and integrating. But today the flow of information and understanding can come from many angles at once, so it is less likely to get stuck in those spirals of shaming and blaming. Hold the intention for unification today and we may get some unexpected surprises. It may be magical rectangle thinking on my part, but we could actually see another side of Gemini Trump today, one that comes up with a wild way of making a deal that everyone can get behind. Today there will be a great opportunity for him to shine on his soul path towards Gemini, but this moment is brief and fleeting if it isn’t capitalized on!