2016 Libra Soul Forecast

The Sun shifted into the constellation of Libra on the autumnal equinox. Libra’s symbol is the balancing scales of justice, and it is fitting that it begins on this day of perfect balance between light and dark. Libra is an air sign ruled by the planet Venus. In the chakras, Venus is associated with the heart chakra, the green, glowing center of our energetic system. The goddesses Aphrodite and Kwan Yin are archetypes of this beautiful, heart centered energy, encouraging us to appreciate and nurture the world, and luxuriate in its beauty. The symbol for Libra’s ruling planet Venus derives from the Egyptian Ankh, the feminine source of life wielded by another cosmic Goddess, Isis.  

Libras are sweet and gentle, and their greatest motivation creating peace and harmony. Love and beauty and art are hallmarks of Libra, so this is a great time for all kinds of creative activity. During the critical and divided mental energy of Virgo, conflicts and tensions tend to escalate. Virgo’s judgements can be hard to take constructively, and feelings can easily be hurt, especially when it’s mental energy is confused by the Mercury retrograde we had last month. Now, the big open heart of Libra is here to offer some sweet relief and bridge rebuilding opportunities.

All air signs have to do with relationships, and Libra’s specialty is intimate love relationships. We often associate love with the element of water, because of the powerful emotional bonding that takes place in intimate relationships. But Libra’s unconditional love is more open and airy. It involves a depth of acceptance that is as boundless and omnipresent as the air we breathe. We often take air for granted because it is so light and transparent, just as the power of Libra’s unconditional love may go unnoticed because of its sweet subtlety.

Love is definitely in the air right now, making this is a great time to focus on sharing your heart with your loved ones and healing any difficulties in your relationships. This is also a great time to stretch the boundaries of your heart and embrace people who are hard for you to love. We all share the same air and when there is conflict, Libra is a master at balancing the scales and making a fair compromise that benefits everyone a little bit. So let that vibrant breath of life fill your lungs and give your heart the mindfulness and courage to speak out only the peace and harmony that you would like to receive when you breathe back in.

It’s significantly more difficult to be peaceful right now in the midst of this political fray, with two of the most unfavorable candidates in history locked in a death match of intensely negative campaigning. Astrologically, both of the major party nominees this year are challenged in following their soul paths, which is likely the ultimate source of much of the ugliness we have witnessed. Hillary Clinton’s soul path is toward the peaceful Venusian cow pastures of Taurus, but she has the Sun Venus and Mercury firmly planted in the opposite direction, festering in the dark waters of Scorpio. Her Scorpionic personality makes it very difficult for her to give up her old power games and let go of her tendencies towards secrecy and deception. Her Venus is also square to Mars, making a soulful integration and balance of masculine and feminine energy even more challenging. And her slippery Pisces moon further reinforces her Scorpionic tendencies and undermines her soul quest towards Taurus’ dry land. Without any Earth in her chart, it is very important then that she be surrounded by relaxed and down to earth people who can keep her on her soul path. But the hectic, high pressure world of politics is the opposite of an ideal environment for her soul growth. She would be better off retiring to an organic farm like Jon Stewart where she can relax and be herself. But she has chosen instead to work herself mercilessly to the point of exhaustion and health crisis. She needs an environment that encourages her to slow down and smell the roses and adopt a more sustainable pace. And the frenetic 24-7 world of politics is the opposite of that.

Interestingly, Trump has very similar astrological handicaps. In his case, his nodal path is toward Gemini, but his Moon is situated right opposite to that in Sagittarius. He is supposed to be learning to let go of his unfounded dogma and opinions and become an open minded journalist, gathering new information and increasing his knowledge base. But his natural emotional reaction when challenged is to fall back into Sagittarian insistence that he is right, even if the facts obviously contradict him.  This willful ignorance is the root of his bigotry and intolerance. His Mercury, the ruler of his soul path, is also weakened by being in emotional and reactive Cancer. Cancer is more inward and tribal in identification, making him more of an intellectual hermit, reluctant to indulge Mercury’s free roaming curiosity. Cancer can be very traditional, and his longing to return to an imagined past of greatness that never existed keeps his mind from embracing all of the amazing social progress we’ve made. His limited, tribal consciousness makes it difficult for him to reach out and understand people with other cultures and beliefs. He does have the benefit of having his Gemini sun conjoined to Uranus on his north node. So there is the potential for him to expand his understanding, but only through a dramatic and oppositional process. Those born under a full moon like he was are generally very dramatic. The oppositional nature of the full moon tends to lead to a lot of interpersonal conflict, and is very prone to games of projection. So it’s not surprising that he is very divisive and controversial, tending toward extremist views. For the extreme of oppositional characters, take a look at the life of Friedrich Nietzsche, who had a whopping four oppositions in his chart. Again, Trump’s soul path makes politics a poor fit for him. His character is much better suited for the world of reality television where his exaggerations and over dramatizations caused him to excel. In that arena, his oppositional conflicts can give him many opportunities to evolve, keeping us entertained and not causing much real harm. But in a position of true power and authority like the office of president, the collateral damage from his battle filled soul learning process could be catastrophic.  

Thich Nhat Hanh said in his book Being Peace, “without being peace, we cannot do anything for peace. If we cannot smile, we cannot help other people to smile. If we are not peaceful, then we cannot contribute to the peace movement.” So with that wisdom in mind, let sweet Libra lead your heart towards peace. Focus on building those bridges of love. Use art and beauty and loving kindness to help remind yourself and everyone else of the unifying truth that we all share the same air and we are all in this together.

Sept 26th – Big Love – Jupiter and the Sun are conjoined in Libra today bringing a big softening of the hard edges of Virgo. The confusion and frustration of Mercury retrograde is over and the way forward to open our hearts is clear. It is like a big ahh of relief as all the love and beauty seduces us into a state of ecstatic relaxation. Do something to honor your heart today. Give lots of hugs and do the things that make your heart sing. This is a great time to connect with your loved ones give them the appreciation they need. Share your hopes and dreams and you can co-create great things right now.  

Oct 3rd- Healing the Swamp – Venus and the Moon in Scorpio are lined up on top of Hillary Clinton’s Venus today very close to her south node. This is a time when secrets and lies and old power games can be brought to the light of day and cleansed in the Libran energy of love and forgiveness. The south node is associated with our past lives and this is a gentle healing energy ought to help her let go of her old warrior mode and shift into a softer consciousness. If there are October surprises and scandalous revelations, perhaps they are arising to help her free her heart from the violent world of old school politics. Perhaps she can turn over a new leaf and try a more heart centered approach that inspires people with love instead of stoking fears and resentments. Scorpio can be a dark and scary energy, but it’s even darker and scarier if we avoid it. Then it will grow unconsciously in the shadows and come out and surprise us somewhere down the line. So this is a great day to clean out our own closets and face our demons and release anything dark emotions that may be festering inside us. If we can do that, we will be ready for the higher octave of Scorpionic transformation that is coming next month.   

Oct 13th – October Surprise Moon- This Full Moon is taking place with the Moon conjoined to Uranus in Aries, making this the most surprising moment of the month. So if there are surprise revelations and sudden changes in the presidential race, it would not be surprising for them to take place now. The ongoing T-square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces has created a real climate of disinformation and deception. With the north node in Virgo, we are trying to learn to get the facts and be more rational and see through all the theatrical displays designed to play on our emotions and manipulate our beliefs. Today, with its Aries edge, is a good time when we can see people clearly for who they really are, based on how they act and react. If you have been struggling to get a clear answer on something, today is a day where you may have a moment of clarity. Use Virgo’s power of discernment to see the cold hard facts, and when you do see the path forward, act decisively!