2016 Virgo Soul Forecast

The sun is now shining its light on the stars of Virgo, highlighting this earth sign ruled by Mercury. The sunshine fun of Leo is over, and it is time to leave our creative vacations and get back to more productive routines of school and work. Virgo is harvest time, a time when we can enjoy the fruits of our summer labors. It is also the time when we analyze and evaluate the seeds that we planted in the spring, determining which were the most fruitful. This seasonal process of sorting and evaluation is one way the divided, mental energy of Mercury expresses itself in the physical world. Other common manifestations of Mercury coming down to Earth are Virgo’s desire to clean, order, and organize. Virgo likes things to be thoughtfully and consciously arranged, and the extreme of Virgo energy can be that kind of OCD that can’t tolerate the messiness and chaos of existence, constantly battling to control it by shifting a picture frame or washing their hands obsessively. 

The symbol of Virgo is the Virgin, which is not about literal virginity, but more about a kind of ideal purity that Virgo strives to realize. Virgo is associated with health and diet, and Virgo’s are usually very conscious and careful about what they put in their bodies. They may be very picky about food and they may suffer from allergies and intolerances. Health and dietary supplements are definitely popular with Virgos. They love trying to create optimum conditions, and they enjoy working in health care, where they can fix and tweak the physical to their heart’s content. Virgo’s passion for tinkering makes them great mechanics or technicians. When they come upon methods that are effective, they will then try to get everybody to see the benefits of their systems and wisdom, which can get them in trouble with those who see their efforts as critical and meddling.

Virgos have an authentic desire to serve and can find their highest expression in the service industry, especially in positions that involve communication, something that is a priority for them with their strong mental energies. A job well done is something that makes a Virgo happy. And they are always looking for ways to do things more effectively, which can be frustrating for those who don’t share their idealism and see their desire to constantly tinker with things as judgmental and controlling. Virgo is mutable earth, so it is capable of shifting its opinion if it sees strong evidence and practical results coming from another approach. But it does have a hard time letting go of its way of doing things if it thinks its way is better.

Virgo’s energy of constant questioning causes it to be one of the least confident astrological energies. They are often plagued by feelings of doubt and inadequacy. So it is not surprising that historically there have been many financial crises that originated under Virgo’s critical eye. Our economy has become more and more of a confidence game divorced from reality. This also makes it more subject to the ever shifting influences of mass psychology, and the depressive thinking of Virgo may cause further erosion in the confidence required to maintain our financial stability.

September 1stNew Moon Illusions: This New Moon in Virgo is full of tense and uncomfortable energy. There is a hard aspect pattern called a T-square today between the Sun and Moon in Virgo, Neptune in Pisces and Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius. We can expect intensification in conflicts between opposing ideologies. These conflicts will be particularly virulent and extreme in the religious and political dimensions.  Virgo’s overactive mind is being stimulated to peak worrying by its opposition to Neptune. And while the fear and hysteria stirred up by this opposition might normally be False Evidence Appearing Real, confined to the internal world of our imaginations, the square to Mars and Saturn makes the likelihood of actual concrete manifestations of this negative energy much higher. In this case, it can easily be a self-fulfilling prophecy where our fears create the negative reality that we are seeking to avoid. The key to breaking this cycle of violence and suffering, is to learn how to step back and detach and expand our consciousness. When we can see the big picture, we can see how our fears our being projected and reflected in the world. When we can shift our energy into that of peace and harmony, when can reverse the process and calm and soften this hyperventilating energy instead.

This New moon is very close to the collective north node in Virgo, making this energy particularly rich with evolutionary soul opportunity. We are learning how to let go of focusing on ideological differences so we can be more practical and analytical. If we can strip ourselves of our attachment to belief systems and approach our problems with a state of Zen simplicity, we can see through surface contradictions and find the skillful means to resolve many seemingly intractable problems. Virgo is teaching us the ways of the world, and how to engage it as it is, with all its imperfections and contradictions. Instead of trying to change everything and everyone to fit into a certain idealistic concept of what we believe should be, we are learning to love and respect each other as is. When we can communicate from this place of basic respect, we can often find creative and thoughtful solutions that can honor the needs of both parties in conflict.  

September 8th- Bursting the Bubbles: The Moon has moved to be conjoined with Mars and Saturn in the waning T-square that still exists from the 1st. So this is an echo of the energies of the 1st, with an emotional shift that emphasizes our ideological stuck points. Sagittarius in shadow can be fanatical and dogmatic, and when we attach our emotional energy to our righteously held beliefs, it can be very hard to have those kind of deep engaging conversations where everyone grows in understanding of each other. Our conversations become more like a cable news shouting match between true believers in opposing causes than an actually conversation and debate that leads to greater awareness. Think of the insistence of your garden variety street preacher and their resistance to critical feedback and questioning and you will see the difficulty of working through these entrenched energies. We should try to avoid taking sides in these emotionally driven exercises. If we can be persistent in applying Virgo’s rational analysis to the situation, we may be able to burst some bubbles of fantasy and make some small progress towards clearer thinking. If we can put basic effectiveness and functionality above our concepts of what we think is right and wrong, we can make good progress at bursting some troubling bubbles. We all have blind spots created by our personal ideologies, and now is a time when our dialogs with others can enlighten those dark spots.     

September 18th – Lightning Progress – The moon has moved forward to conjoin with Venus in Libra and both stand in opposition to Uranus in Aries. There is also a trine to Mars in Sagittarius that softens this opposition making it into a useful aspect pattern called a wedge. Uranus rules this burgeoning Age of Aquarius and has been bringing us kicking and screaming into a New Age of equality and unity. Specifically, this wedge is a time when we can make breakthroughs in the balance between Martian and Venusian energies. The spotlight that has been shined on gender inequality by having a woman in the running to become President is leading to moments like these where lightning progress is possible. Uranus is here to shatter glass ceilings, break up old historical structures of oppression, and liberate us from antiquated ways of relating and being. We are learning to let go of gender stereotypes and identities and be less confined by biology and more free to be souls in bodies, expressing our full, multidimensional selves. We all have Martian and Venusian qualities, and though it is smaller progress to have a strongly Martian woman like Scorpionic Hillary break the glass ceiling, it is still progress nonetheless. But the top positions in our hierarchies are still dominated by hard charging Martians, and the fact that we still have crusty hierarchies is part of the problem. When we have new, more egalitarian structures of power, and when there is an equal balance in those power structures between soft spoken and harmonious Venusian people and hard edged Martians, we will have really arrived at the full flowering of this New Age. But for now it is significant to celebrate small victories!  Recognize and appreciate your own evolutionary journey towards greater wholeness and integration, and let your soul flow freely!