2016 Taurus Soul Forecast

This month, the Sun is moving through the sign of Taurus. Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is associated with the heart chakra, and with love, beauty, art and music.

In the earthy sign of Taurus, Venus focuses its loving energy on nurturing and sustaining the physical plane. Earth Day, the day we honor our Mother Earth and express our love for her, is an appropriate way to mark the beginning of Taurus.

Taurus is also associated with money, and with our physical possessions, as what we spend our money on shows what we love and value.

Venus is a sensual energy, and in the sign of Taurus it revels in the pleasures of the physical senses, delighting in the simple joys of seeing, hearing, touching and tasting.

When out of balance, Taurus’ fixed energy can go too far and get caught up and lost in the material world, descending into a kind of selfish materialism.

On a deeper level, Taurus is about how we value ourselves and others, which is why self-esteem is an often mentioned quality of Taurus. Those born under the sign, generally think highly of themselves, and their positive, life affirming energy can be a great help to those who are struggling with low self-worth. Because Taurus is a fixed earth sign, it also has a reputation for being stubborn. When the bull charges, it is very hard to change its course. This is related to the heavy inertia of its earth energy, and the fact that it is ruled by the heart chakra. When our hearts are set on something, it can be very difficult to give it up and surrender it.

The astrological Age of Taurus can also give us a big picture sense of the energy of Taurus. It took place from 4,400 B.C. to 2,000 B.C. This was Old Kingdom Egypt, which was marked by a peak of physical building activity that included great pyramids, very appropriate to the energy of a fixed earth sign. Hathor, a cow-headed goddess, was popular, as was Mithras, a bull god. This time period also corresponded to the Harappan civilization in India, where the sacred cow was the most frequently featured beast on their hand-made clay seals. Compared to the bloody Old Testament Greco-Roman age of Aries that followed, this was a time of relative peace and prosperity. The earth element is considered feminine and yin, receptive and nurturing. So Taurus is associated with patience and gentleness, and these qualities seem to pervade the civilizations of that age. The astrological symbol for Venus is very similar to the Egyptian Ankh, which has a feminine form and represents the source of all life.

Taurus is also esoterically connected to the throat chakra, that blue ray of communication. Creative and artistic expression is favored in Taurus, and the high vibration of singing is a great way to honor this month’s energy. If you have wanted to open your throat and let your heart sing, now is the time when the earth mother Venus will be there to support you. Sound healing is something that comes naturally to Taurus’. If you look at the work of Swiss physician and scientist Hans Jenny andcymaticsyou will see in beautiful graphic ways how sound and vibration and their interference patterns can create physical forms. The Biblical story of Genesis may in fact be right on when it says that the “word” created the World. Of course it was a very complicated word! This idea that all of existence is created by overlapping patterns of vibration is expressed in Hinduism as Nada Brahma, which means that “everything is sound.” Two key principles of sound healing are to use resonance to help break up dissonant frequencies and entrainment to bring things back into harmony. Your body is like a song, and healing it is about learning to change your tune and be more harmonious.

April 27- May 21 – Mercury Retrograde: When Mercury is retrograde it is more of an inward time when meditation and personal reflection are favored. Because our attention is drawn inward, those bridges of communication and connection between us and others are more tenuous. It takes more effort to get through to each other right now, so take some extra time to be sure that others comprehending you if there is important communication you need to do. Be careful, as it is easy to go on auto pilot when your attention is drawn inward, and this can cause all manner of misunderstanding and accidents!

May 3 – Go fly a high vibration kite: Today there is a special planetary alignment called a kite, which is a combination of a grand trine (triangle) and an opposition (the spine of the kite). The Sun in Taurus is trine to Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo, making a grand trine in the Earth signs. The Grand Trine is the most harmonious aspect pattern, just as the tetrahedron in sacred geometry is the building block of life and unity. So this is a wonderful time to nurture the earth element and work on improving the practical aspects of your existence. If you have been meaning to take on a project that requires grounded, steady energy, now is a great time to get underway. Under this energy, we can work smarter and in greater harmony with others, which can make it easier to accomplish great things. The outlet point of the kite is the planet that stands in opposition to the grand trine, providing dynamic tension and an outlet and focus for the trine’s harmonious energy. Neptune in Pisces is making the opposition to Jupiter in Virgo that forms the spine of this kite. So while some Earthy grand trines could be more mundane in focus, this one is about doing big concrete things for a lofty spiritual purpose. All that smart, harmonious work may be focused on charitable activity, bettering the collective and helping those in need.  Now is also a good time to lay down the practical foundations for your biggest, wildest personal dreams. This is a time when you can find powerful and concrete ways to honor the spiritual longings that tug at your heartstrings. The Earth signs know how to manifest. And right now, we can make dreams real and bring a bit of heaven down here to earth. Like a wild soaring kite, the great flights of imagination we may take at this time are not divorced from reality as they often can be. This time they are connected and tethered to the solid ground. All that wild freedom can be channeled and harnessed a directed into wonderful creations. So let your magical child go fly a kite today and manifest something dreamy!

May 6 – Hathor New Moon: The Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury are all in the peaceful, slow-moving sign of Taurus during this New Moon. Listen to the wisdom of the cow-eared goddess Hathor today and slow down and appreciate the world of your senses. Like those happy Tillamook cows, give yourself the time and space to chew and digest. Get off the hamster wheel and take a break from the hectic pace of modern living. Find a peaceful place in nature to rest and meditate.  Listen to your inner wisdom and love and nurture your physical vehicle today. If you plant seeds of peace and serenity today, in two weeks they will flower in beauty. If you ignore the quiet promptings to slow down and take it easy you could run yourself ragged in two weeks. Don’t miss out on the simple bliss that is available today! Your needs are important, and you are worth taking care of.

May 10 – Earth Kite revisited: Mercury and Venus have moved up to join the Sun in Taurus and reinforce the grand trine with Jupiter and Pluto that started on May 3. And today, the moon in Cancer is briefly adding a second opposition to the mix, making for a moment of even greater astrological harmony where there are two kites flying side by side. This is a great time to further flesh out any divine ideas that came to you around the third. The Moon in Cancer is here to give you the nurturing and encouragement your need to keep stewarding your fledgling creations into the world. The divine mother feeds our dreams and looks at us with eyes of unconditional love. If your initial inspirations and manifestations encountered resistance, now is a time when you can get the gentle reassurance you need to keep moving in the right direction. Keep making those dreams real and higher forces will continue to reinforce and support you!