2016 Gemini Soul Forecast

Gemini is an air sign, ruled by Mercury, the planet that represents mental activity and communication. Its symbol is the pair of twins, which represents the mind’s dueling duality. It’s also often associated with the fifth chakra, the throat chakra, where our verbal communication emanates from.

In mythology, Mercury was the messenger of the gods. He could bridge the gap between the world of the gods and the world of mortals. So Mercury can be a bridge between our practical rational mind and our higher intuitive mind. It is also the planet that builds those bridges of social connection between us and others. Air signs, and in particular the Mercurial air sign Gemini, are the social butterflies of the zodiac. They generally flit from flower to flower at parties and events, mixing and mingling without necessarily going too deep into any particular conversation. Their free-roaming curiosity sometimes gets Geminis the reputation of being shallow. And their contemplative and analytical approaches to problems can make them seem indecisive. They are always weighing all options, and their decisional balance can shift easily when they receive new information.

Geminis can be hard to pin down. It is difficult for them to commit to anything, as they are more in tune than other signs with the Buddhist concept of impermanence. How can they commit to anything when the world is ever-changing? They are at their best in wild dynamic environments, typing up stories in chaotic cacophonous newsrooms, bouncing improvisations around on stage, or brainstorming in a crowded writer’s room.

They are happiest living the life the mind, and will always be game for a discussion or debate. They are witty and clever, and they love mysteries and puzzles and anything that exercises their grey matter.

The biggest challenge for a Gemini is the sitting still in the silence of meditation. They are restless by nature, and they crave external stimulation and information. It can be excruciating for them to sit through the quiet vacuum of a meditation retreat. So get off that zafu and get engaged with your fellow humans! This is a great time to get to know your neighbors and to gather facts and information for big decisions you are facing.

This particular month of Gemini is especially two-sided, with some strong harmonious aspect patterns juxtaposed against some very tense and dissonant energies:

May 27– Earth things are Easy: Mercury, Pluto and Jupiter are making what is called a Grand Trine in the earth signs today. The Grand Trine is the most harmonious alignment of planetary bodies, making this a great time to conquer projects that require a lot of sustained brain power. Mercury is getting a big boost in power and depth from Pluto and Jupiter, and that extra intellectual oomph can help us buckle down to solve complex problems. The grounding from the earth signs involved is also giving a practicality to the energy, increasing the likelihood of coming to effective and doable solutions.  If you’ve been putting off a big or complex project, now is a good day to dig in and take it head on. It may go much better than you expected under today’s benevolent influences.

June 3– Crossed Wires: The Sun and Venus in Gemini are opposite to Saturn in Sagittarius today. That opposition is exactly square to yet another opposition between Jupiter and Neptune. Together they are making the most tension-filled aspect pattern in astrology, the Grand Cross. The opposition is one of the most difficult aspects in astrology, and when you have two oppositions that are square to each other, there is a strong possibility of tense standoffs where none of the parties are quite understanding or appreciating the other’s position. Think of the stare-down at the end of “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” for a sense of the dramatic tension built up in this aspect pattern. If we are ever going to resolve an opposition though, Gemini is the prime time to do it. Gemini’s divided nature makes it more capable of understanding and balancing opposing viewpoints. With a lot of communication and facilitation, compromises can be made and differences can be resolved under this influence. Gemini can foster the exploratory back and forth dialog that can lead people with opposite philosophies to expanded understanding and common ground. The biggest trap to avoid during oppositions is the tendency to project things onto others based on assumptions and judgments. The gift of oppositions come when we can see others as sacred mirrors, showing us the parts of ourselves we have judged and disowned

All this opposition will probably make the political mudslinging especially thick and intense now. With everyone stirred up and in fight or flight mode it may be harder to access that rational cerebral cortex that can short-circuit these conflicts. But if we can maintain an open dialog, and own our own issues without projecting them onto our rivals, we can grow more whole and integrated as a result of this process. Interestingly, the political spotlight has recently been shining on both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, and believe it or not, they both happen to have something in common astrologically. They both share the same nodal soul path from Sagittarius to Gemini. And they both can be dogmatic and self–righteous when caught up in their diametrically opposed belief systems. But this month is a time when both of them can learn how to see another side of things. They will have opportunities to stop trying to convert those with different ideologies over to their way of thinking. If they can learn to understand, honor, and even celebrate differences, they can both make great soul growth this month. As the cool air of Gemini sweeps across the land, we are being given opportunities to rebuild some of the bridges that have been burned. Gemini’s expanded awareness is reminding us that the divisions that create suffering in the world ultimately originate from within us. We are learning how to resolve our own internal oppositions so we can begin to create unity externally.

June 20 – Solstice Crossroads: Happy Solstice! Mercury has moved into the position that the Sun and Venus were in on June 3, giving us another experience of the Grand Cross. This is a great time to continue the process of integrating opposites and expanding your awareness and understanding of those who have opposite philosophies to your own. Look back at the events of June 3 and how you handled that energy, and do some Gemini analysis. Try to learn from past mistakes so you can navigate this crossroads even more masterfully! On this longest day of the year, the Sun is shining brighter and triggering our consciousness to expand and awaken. Let the sun shine in and raise your awareness, so you can be the brilliant light being you were born to be!