2016 Cancer Soul Forecast

The sun is now traveling against the astrological backdrop of Cancer.

A cardinal water sign, Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The Moon and the element water are both associated with our emotional nature, our ever-shifting moods and feelings. In the chakra system, the Moon is tied to the second chakra, which creates the constantly changing rainbow colors of the second layer of our energy field.

Cancer has perfected nurturing and comforting, and is associated with the Mother, or the more physically present and intimately involved parent. It rules the fourth house of home and family and has mastered all of the domestic tasks that keep a family happy. Cancers love to take care of people. They are intuitively aware of everyone’s emotional needs, and they are happiest when they are actively engaged in meeting those needs.

The symbol for Cancer looks like the number 69 on its side, showing that intimate yin/yang pair bonding that is at the heart of Cancer energy. When Cancer is operating from its abundance of compassion, there is nothing more healing and nourishing than its loving Motherly care. But when Cancer is operating out of the dark waters of fear and worry, we can see its shadow side. It can take that acute awareness of others’ emotions and use it to become manipulative and controlling. It can take that great ability to bond and merge and push it too far into clingy codependency. Its natural desire to help others can become overbearing, and its mothering can turn to smothering.

The Astrological Age of Cancer was around 8,400-6,400 BC. Interestingly, this was a time when goddess worship was prevalent, and where society was tribal and primarily matriarchal. This was also around the time of catastrophic flooding from the rapid melting of Ice Age glaciers which could explain many ancient cultures with stories of a cataclysmic global deluge in their distant past.

The emotions of Cancer when they get flowing can be overwhelming. The religion of Cancer is definitely the religion of the Divine Mother. I have long been a follower of the Hindu teacher Amma, who is known in the West as the Hugging Saint. She embodies the energy of the Divine Mother and gives Darshan by hugging and kissing people which is much more intimate and Cancerian than the usual Shaktipat transmission from a distant guru. She also embodies the Cancerian spirit of nurture and mothering by raising gigantic sums of money for charities. She has orphanages and schools and hospitals for the poor and housing projects all over India. Cancer is also the sign of our inner child and being around the Divine Mother brings out the child in us that just wants to be loved. Amma sees all of us as her children and she asks that we worship her with that same openness and simplicity.

You can do charts for groups and larger entities, including nation states, using their moment of inception. America was born on the Fourth of July, and we have a tendency as a nation to go with our emotions more than our minds. And of course during our birthday month we make quite an over-the-top emotional show of our patriotism on July 4.

Interestingly, the United Kingdom began in Capricorn, the opposite sign to Cancer, and the British character definitely fits into that archetype with its stiff upper lips, its traditionalism and reserve, and its rigid class structures. And then of course its Cancer colony went and opposed it and rebelled against its controlling behavior. And now at the beginning of Cancer, it appears that Brexit has happened and they voted to leave the European Union. Capricorn has a hard time merging and being a part of a union. It is self-protective and likes things to be orderly and controlled. If it feels threatened and overwhelmed by the needs of endless refugees, it is not surprising to see it retreat back into its solitary castle.

Cancer is most comfortable in small intimate groups, and this tribal consciousness makes this month a perfect time to learn to better support and nurture the various tribes we belong to. This is a great time to be with family and friends and nurture your emotional needs. It is an ideal time to a vacation and rest and recharge. If you use this time to focus on you will make the most of this trip through Cancer.

June 30– Gender Wars: Today, there is a strong T-square aspect that is the remnants of last month’s Grand Crosses. Jupiter in Virgo is opposite to Neptune in Pisces and Square to Saturn in Sagittarius. With all the Piscean energies, there are extreme religious overtones here and lots of emotionally driven irrationality and exaggeration.

That Grand Cross manifested in the tragedy in Orlando with all its fanaticism and insanity. People are retreating to their dogmas, but collectively we are all supposed to be learning Virgo lessons here. Rational, practical, common sense solutions like banning assault weapons and doing more universal and stringent background checks should be gaining momentum now. If the hard-headed macho blokes in Australia can do it and not have a mass shooting in 20 years, after previously having them annually, surely we can come to our collective senses about this problem and do some things to stem the tide of senseless violence. Virgo knows how fix things and craft policies that can bring some order to this chaos, and it is ridiculous that our nation’s gun policies are still so hopelessly irrational.

There are also two momentary oppositions today that are adding to the tension in the air. Both oppositions have to do with classic divisions between masculine and feminine approaches. Warm nurturing Venus in Cancer wants to disarm everyone and nurse us back to health, but cold calculated Pluto in Capricorn claims it is not possible saying “You’ll pry my gun from my cold dead hands.”

The Moon in Taurus also wants peace and calm but Mars in Scorpio is opposite to it, poking and prodding in a desire to instigate anger and fighting. It is no surprise that all of our gender issues are coming to the forefront as the first female nominee for president is imminent. Look for divisive rhetoric to intensify at this time.

The hidden gift of opposition is the promise of greater integration. When we can withdraw our projections and stop playing blame games, oppositions can give us great insight into others who are very different from us. If we can engage in dialog and learn more about each other, especially the way they are reflecting repressed parts of our own psyche, we can raise our awareness and become more whole. If you find that your relationships are strained and full of misunderstanding and tension, hang in there and try to communicate clearly and listen deeply. If you do, you just might receive the gift of opposition and come to a deeper unity.

July 4Happy Interdependence Day! There is a softening of the hard edges today as Mercury, the Sun, Venus and the Moon all gang up in Cancer to overcome the hard hearted people in the world and foster empathetic connections. Cancer is here to remind us that we all need each other. No one can do this alone, and we are all dependent on each other in countless ways. Ironically, we celebrate independence in the midst of this most interdependent of energies. This holiday is all about coming together as one family and learning how to form those deep bonded relationships that can bridge vast ideological and philosophical differences. How many of you have family members you vehemently disagree with, but who you would still help out in a pinch without a moments hesitation?  That is the kind of awareness we have today, the awareness of our common humanity and our need for emotional bonding. Chimpanzees actually die without nurturing love and touch, and we have similar needs. So give someone you have been arguing with a hug today and feel the power of emotions to melt away difference. The energy of the Divine Mother is here to help us all learn how to love, and what is love, but a radical acceptance of what is. There is a bumper sticker I saw that read, “God loves us just the way we are, but too much to let us stay that way.” This is a good summary of the energy today. Let unconditional love lead the way to healing. Free yourself and make peace with your demons, and you will make the most of this Cancer moment.

July 15 – Talking Yourself up Onto a Ledge: The moon is conjoining Saturn today and enhancing the tension relief point of the ongoing standoff between Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn in Sagittarius can manifest as pious moralizing. Watch out for the holier than thou energies and righteous crusades.  Right now, a lot of people want to impose their moral codes on others. They are not open minded or inclined to listen to others or study the facts, but are instead operating from a rigid internalized dogma. Mercury and Venus have moved out of Cancer and into Leo, and are trining Saturn and the Moon, adding to the fierce individualistic energy in the air. When there is a lot of chaos and uncertainty, people generally retreat to what is familiar. This energy is a reaction to the unraveling and panic that Brexit initiated, causing an increase in fight or flight survival behavior. The merging energies of Cancer are dissipating, and people are getting ready to go their own ways into Leo.