2016 Pisces Soul Forecast

The Sun moved into Pisces on Feb. 19. Pisces is a mutable water sign ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is the largest planet, and so Pisces is associated with massive expanses of water, especially Neptune’s home, the oceans. Water is the element of our emotions, so with Pisces there is always an ocean of emotion. And being mutable in nature, the tides of Piscean feeling are constantly ebbing and flowing.

Emotional energy can be particularly intense and extreme during this time, and those with limited emotional fluency could easily feel overwhelmed this month. The symbol of Pisces, the two fish swimming in different directions, represents the yin and yang poles of our emotions. Pisces can lift us up to the heights of bliss and ecstasy and bring us down to the depths of despair and depression. Because Pisces is about unity consciousness, it necessarily stretches like a great yogi to include these extremes. The glyph for the planet Neptune looks like Neptune’s trident, but it can also be seen as a divine tuning fork, which is why the soul activating vibrations of music and poetry are associated with Pisces.

In the chakra system, Pisces fits best with the energy of the crown chakra, the thousand petal lotus of enlightened consciousness. At its highest vibration, Pisces can embody this Christ Consciousness. It can experience unity with everything and create astonishing beauty. It can dissolve the ego and fuse into oneness with everyone, showing boundless compassion for the poor and suffering and channeling the music of the spheres. At the lowest vibration though, Pisces can surrender its will to anything and everything and become a hopeless addict, a hungry ghost trapped in the shadows of self-delusion.

Pisces rules the 12th house, which has been called the house of “self-undoing.” It is associated with prisons, hospitals and institutions, and the sick and helpless people who live at the margins. The 12th house is a place where we can let go of our egos and dissolve our karma through selfless service.  As we surrender our old identities we make space for our divinity. We move toward the wholeness of our souls by embracing the “other,” and realizing our unity with all beings. In the ever spinning zodiac wheel of change, Pisces is the final resting place where we die to our former lives and prepare for the next cycle of identity that will be born when we spring forward again into Aries.

One cultural ritual that occurs in Pisces is the Academy Awards. Acting is definitely a Neptunian art. Actors learn to surrender their identites and merge with their characters, creating for us the illusion that they are someone else. They draw upon unity consciousness to understand and inhabit a completely different personality. Like the empathic metamorph in Star Trek, Pisces are able to shapeshift and become whatever we want them to become. Acting is a great metaphor for the spiritual realities of this incarnation game. We are all souls taking on different bodies and roles and playing them to the hilt on this world stage. But in doing so, we tend to get caught up in our self-made dramas. We start to identify with our egos and bodies, and we forget our spiritual nature.  We may get lost and cut off and wander through some dark places, but eventually we always wake back up into the glory of our soul consciousness.

One of the best aspects of Pisces is the way its faith awakens in us the magical and the miraculous. It’s no accident that the lead-up to Easter is in Pisces.  The advanced yogic mastery that Jesus demonstrated when he left a selfie of his higher self in the Shroud of Turin has been achieved by relatively few enlightened souls in recent history. But as we continue to evolve and open our crown chakras, such miraculous events will become more common.

As Arthur C. Clark’s Third Law states, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” There is a grand method behind the curtain of Piscean miracles, but it requires an advanced and expanded  level of consciousness to comprehend and embody. Currently, there are a number of scientific breakthroughs taking place, such as the discovery of gravity waves that are bringing us closer to the kind of unified understanding that will allow us all to do things that would seem miraculous to us now.

One favorite site I follow that is focused on the breakthroughs in low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) that will soon bring us massive amounts of clean energy is E-cat World. My favorite theorist who gives an elegant explanatory framework for many of these phenomena is Nassim Haramein of the Resonance Project. Part of his solution to Einstein’s field equations has to do with using a 64 tetrahedron vector equilibrium for the structure of the vacuum which is composed of eight smaller star tetrahedrons.

There is virtually limitless energy contained in the quantum fluctuations of the vacuum and if they are not random, but predisposed to follow these particular geometric patterns as Nassim suggests, then things that have structures that are resonant with the structure of the vacuum would be able to tap into this energy. Interestingly, all organic life is based on tetrahedral carbon bonds. Organic life interacting with the vacuum and accessing this energy would help explain how evolution has gone against the flow of entropy. And those LENR reactions I spoke of all involve metal hydrides that have geometric structures that are resonant with the structure of the vacuum too.

My favorite astrological birth chart for Jesus is during an alignment that occurred with the sun in Pisces where all the planets were arranged in the most harmonious astrological pattern there is, the Grand Sextile. This is basically a Star of David, or in three dimensions, a star tetrahedron. This energy signature would certainly fit with someone who could more easily access the miraculous energy of the vacuum that surrounds us all!

Feb. 28 – A light through the fog: The Sun is conjoined to Neptune in Pisces today. The Sun always illuminates and clarifies whatever it shines its spotlight on, and in this case some of the dreamy fog that Neptune fosters can be briefly burned away. Since 2011, Neptune has been travelling through its ruling sign of Pisces, intensifying the spiritual energies and calling us all to evolve into our highest selves. And it’s energy will be strengthened in its home sign until 2024. This is a great period for spiritual growth and development and a time when we can stop talking about unity consciousness and instead directly experience and embody it.

Dreams and visions will come more easily and frequently while this window into the spirit world is open. During this period, we will be granted many chances to lose our egos and dissolve into that higher consciousness where we are one with all beings. That is when we are not getting lost in fantasy and distraction or caught up in delusion and addiction. Today, the Sun’s laser focus can burn away any of those possible negative manifestations of Neptune and gives us the best shot at experiencing the highest octave of Pisces.

There is tension today as well as Saturn in Sagittarius is square to this aspect. It will be actively trying to discount our unifying visions, challenging us to get real and be practical and give up our foolish dreams. But Saturn’s stern pessimism is softened in Sagittarius, so don’t let the haters discourage you! Hang onto your dreams, and follow your visions and intuitions and you can manifest some magic that will turn even crusty old Saturn into a true believer.

March 8 – New Moon disillusion Tsunami: The new moon in Pisces is taking place exactly opposite to Jupiter in Virgo and Square to Saturn in Sagittarius. This tense aspect pattern is called a T-square. The tension of the opposition can be relived through the outlet point of the T, but it is not easily done. Jupiter and Saturn are the two teaching planets of the zodiac and when they are in hard aspect like this we are all going to learn some big lessons. Saturn is the outlet point of this energy, which means that old structures will be falling apart.

Ultimately, that which is not real will be falling away and dissolving as the flood of spiritual Pisces energy overwhelms our ability to stop or control it. This aspect could coincide with a significant event in our ongoing financial collapse where all the imaginary machinations that have been done to create the illusion of a solution can no longer hold up. The emotions of fear and worry could easily drive a downward spiral right now that collapses the confidence and trust that people have put in the system.

Virgo’s critical bubble popping analysis combined with Pisces’ over the top emotional reaction to losses could finally overwhelm the fragile house of cards that is our current economic reality. Don’t be surprised if the tide of stock market and banking failures that has been slowly sweeping across the globe finally crashes on our shores. Just know that out of the chaos of restructuring, something wonderful will be born that is more unified and holistic and sustainable.

Einstein was a Pisces and his quote that you can’t solve a problem with the level of thinking that created it is especially appropriate today. If we can open our higher minds we will see this moment as a golden opportunity to create a better way of sharing this planet with each other.

March 14 – Grand Cross: The Moon in Gemini is briefly making a Grand Cross out of the waning T-square between the Sun Jupiter and Saturn. The Grand Cross is the most tension filled astrological aspect pattern as it is two oppositions that are square to each other. This is the kind of energy behind political gridlock and the situation in Syria, a kind of complicated standoff that doesn’t seem to have any hope for solutions.

Again, it would be a good day to call on the big picture thinking of Einstein to try to see things from a more holistic perspective, beyond this apparent Gordian knot. What is needed today is that cosmic Christ Consciousness that just breaks free from all these limitations and resurrects itself on a higher level. Pisces, like our ethereal spiritual essence, is always flowing and growing, and it can’t be nailed down for long. It can show us the way out of this mess if we can surrender our ego and let ourselves die into its bigness.

What needs to be crucified today is our small mind, our limited brain that is trapped and raging in its skull cage maze. When we can shift our perspective and fly on the wings of our spirit, we can see the big picture today, a beautiful and terrible painting that manages to capture the Piscean extremes. This is not a day for the faint of heart, but mastery of the art of life is possible if we can let this all in with unconditional love.