2016 Sagittarius Soul Forecast

On Nov 22nd, the Sun aligned with the constellation Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign…like a candle flame, flickering, ever-changing. It is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the biggest planet in our system. It is 10 times the diameter of earth. Jupiter is a gas giant which fits with its astrological associations of expansion and abundance. We kick off Sagittarius with Thanksgiving, a feast of abundance and excess, the essence, our collective expression of deep gratitude and gratefulness. In 12 step recovery, the roots of addiction lie in resentment and the antidote to this is an attitude of gratitude. It’s amazing how simply focusing on gratitude can magnetize and bring forward the best in every situation. This is the magic of the planet Jupiter and the Sign Sagittarius. In Dr. Masura Emoto’s work studying how different vibrations created different water crystals, the words “Love” and “Gratitude” made some the most beautiful crystals. Even the essence of our mass shopping spree on “Black Friday” is really about putting our gratitude into manifestation on the earth plane by showering our loved ones with generosity and abundance. Ho-Ti, the laughing Buddha is a great example of this happy go lucky Sagittarian energy, as is our jolly Santa Claus, with his rosy cheeks and his big sack brimming with goodies. Faith is a characteristic of Sagittarius, and the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a classic of this Sagittarian season that exemplifies the mountain moving power of faith. When we can look at our lives through Jupiter’s eyes, we can find the silver linings and the bright side of whatever we are struggling with. In the chakras, Jupiter is the 3rd eye, which is where we can penetrate through the disturbing surface of things to the shimmering beautiful essence, the flickering flame of our spiritual nature.

Magic and synchronicity are ways that this Jupitarian 3rd eye consciousness works in the world. When we open our 3rd eye and let Jupiter run the show, things will fall into place easily and effortlessly. In one of Robert Moss’ many excellent books about dreaming, the 3 Only Things, he delineates three critical 3rd eye guidance functions of our higher selves that are typically dismissed in Western culture to our detriment. People say it’s “only” a dream and “only a coincidence” and “only your imagination”. But when we pay attention to these 3 “only” things and follow their guidance system, our lives can glide to success on Jupiterian auto pilot. In the midst of this divisive political climate, surrounded by the energy of division and judgement, we need to be reminded of our spiritual oneness. Sagittarius at its best is a precision archer, piercing the veils of illusion and awakening our souls with its blazing arrows of inspiring and unifying fire.

But every sign has its shadow manifestation, and we have been given a long and horrifying look into the dark side of Sagittarius with the rise to power of the demagogue Donald Trump. His moon is conjoined to his south node in Sagittarius, and the south node is where we are most likely to manifest the unhealthy shadows of a sign. The south node hints at our past incarnations, old soul energies that we are intending to move away from. When we are drawn back into them by the pull of personal planets, like Donald Trump is with his Moon, things tend to go badly. On the plus side, Donald’s Gemini Sun gives him the potential to make a shift and grow away from his bad Sagittarian tendencies. But the older we get, the more we tend to gravitate to the comfort and security of our moon signs. And he is an old dog that looks to be stuck doing some bad tricks. Being born under a full moon like he was makes for an oppositional personality that tends to learn through struggle with others. But the opposition is the hardest astrological aspect, as those struggles often get stuck in games of projection and blame that prevent growth and learning. By placing the problem outside of themselves, oppositional personalities avoid taking responsibility for their issues and fixate instead on things they can’t control.

Donald is supposed to be learning objectivity, collecting new information, and making decisions based on facts and data, like a good journalist. But as we have seen with his hostility towards the press and the uncomfortable truths that they reflect back to him, he has a hard time putting aside his gut reactions and embracing the path of Gemini. He prefers to stay in the world of Sagittarius, making lots of unfounded ideological assertions and vague, simplistic proclamations of greatness. He rarely delves into the complex and devilish details, where his simplistic assertions would quickly be contradicted by reality. Obama’s Gemini moon by contrast, made him much more nuanced, showing a mastery of the subtleties and complexities of issues that was often lost in the shallow sound bites of mainstream media coverage. Hopeful Donald will take Obama up on his offer of ongoing consultation, as he could be a very good nurturer of Donald’s soul growth towards Gemini.

Donald’s soul path is the same as George W. Bush and so far, this whole scenario is evolving like a Groundhog Day repeat of the political events of 2000.  Like a collective repetition compulsion, we are still fighting this civil war, each time hoping to finally bridge our divisions and collectively heal, each time getting a little more intense and dramatic until we have a unifying breakthrough. Like 2000, we have a president elect who lost the popular vote and immediately started claiming he has a great mandate. Like Bush, Trump likes to call himself a uniter, while at the same time appointing bitterly divisive figures to his inner circle. Trump’s cabinet is eerily similar to the philosophical bubble that George W rallied around him. Like a crime syndicate, the main qualifications for these high offices is loyalty and ideology. There is an Orwellian element to some of these appointments, similar to those of the Bush white house, where those hired often have little relevant experience for the jobs and hold views that are openly hostile to the core values of the agency they are chosen to run. Sort of like hiring someone who hates the poor to run a charity. What could go wrong? Mike Pense is a dead ringer for Dick Cheney, the evil VP genius that will be doing all the heavy lifting and sealing the shady backdoor deals, while Donald keeps us all entertained and distracted. Steve Bannon is the analog to Bush’s “turd blossom” Karl Rove, who whipped up and amplified the darkest impulses of those on the fringes of our society, using their anger and resentments to cleverly manipulate them into voting against their own interests. How working class people continue to be convinced to vote for the party who wants to give even more massive tax cuts to the rich is just one example of how we are not quite learning our current collective spiritual lesson of moving toward Virgo.

The influence of fake Facebook news and our lack of critical thinking and basic fact gathering in this presidential selection process show that we are still suckers for Piscean fantasies and delusions. We have a long way to go to achieve the clear-headed discernment of Virgo. Anyone who made more than a cursory investigation of Trump and kicked the tires and did some research would have seen that he was a con artist and a fraud in addition to being a morally reprehensible human being. His refusal to relinquish his business interests and even awknowledge the many conflicts they generate clearly demonstrates the priority he places on running this country in an ethical manner. He may not be a typical politician in that he doesn’t try as hard as other’s do to cover up his ugliness and vulgarity, but he is very typical in the sense of being completely focused on protecting his own selfish interests.

November 29th– New Fire Moon: Even though the Sun has been in Sagittarius for a few days, this new moon should really kick off the holiday spirit in earnest. There is a T-square right now with Venus and Pluto in Capricorn squaring off with Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries, highlighting the waning Pluto Uranus square that has defined these times. That square has been the driving influence behind all of the social progress that was made in the last 8 years. This current backlash may seem like a big step back, but Uranus is the ruling energy of the New Age that is slowly being born, and it will win over the dark forces of Plutocracy in the end. The authoritarian era of George W. Bush awakened the sleeping masses of reasonable people and gave birth to a progressive wave that swept Obama into power and advanced a host of social causes from gay rights to more universal health care. This illegitimate authoritarian regime will likely mange to do less damage and should topple more quickly and easily. It has already begun to catalyze another wave of progressive passion that will ultimately propel us further towards our Aquarian destiny of peace and equality. Trump has vowed to drain the swamp in Washington, and ironically, he may achieve that, though in a different way than he intended. He magnetized all of the swamp creatures out of the shadows and to his side, and now in spotlight of conscious awareness, their dark secrets will be revealed and their power will be diminished.  So light a candle for love and unity today, and pray that the flame of spirit is awakened in all of the zombies who have forgotten their divinity and gotten lost in the swamp of hatred.   

Dec 9th – Thorny Crown: There is an interesting and harmonious alignment today that makes what looks like a crown pattern. The Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius and Mars in Aquarius are making harmonious trine aspects with the spine of the tense T-square between Jupiter Uranus and Pluto. This may be a bad time for Trump’s desire to act as a king, as the forces of democracy and equality are coalescing into more active, organized formal structures to prevent and disrupt any abuses of power he may already be engaged in. The Sun and Saturn are perched on his south node, and when Saturn transits our south node it is generally a big karmic cleansing. He will have opportunities to release his old mode of being a singular dogmatic authority and really listen to all sides and seek compromises. If he refuses, this will be a very uncomfortable period, as the collective resistance will be pointed thorns in his crown, providing instant karma for any bad acting out that he does now.


Dec 13th  Trump Tower Moon- I hate to let Trump dominate this astro news cycle and give him so much attention, but this full moon is actually perfectly aligned with his own natal full moon, which is also perfectly aligned with his nodal axis, so like it or not I have to give him a little bit more attention. Full moon people are dramatic and over the top, and the chaotic way they process makes them captivating and entertaining to watch.  Trump has made great advantage of our fascination with his exaggerated personality, but tuning in to watch an oppositional personality on TV and living with the consequences of their actions on a national level are two very different things.  Things are getting real serious, and this Saturn transit to his south node is calling him to grow up and embody the flexibility and objectivity of his soul path or face great negative consequences. If he steps up to the plate, this can be a time of lots of great Gemini deal making, that eases the fears of protestors and shows him to be a reasonable Gemini person who is trying to craft balanced and thoughtful policies that meet everyone’s needs. If he entrenches himself in a self-righteous ideological tower and starts flinging insults and kicking his twitter wars into high gear, he could really whip up a firestorm of chaos and opposition that will ultimately come back to bite him. Interestingly, this coincides with the end of the Wisconsin recount, and if there is anything unusual that is uncovered, be prepared for drama!