2016 Capricorn Soul Forecast

 After the Winter Solstice, the sun moved into Capricorn, which is a Cardinal earth sign. The cardinal signs are the most representative of their elemental essence, which means that Capricorn is the most deeply rooted and earthy of the Zodiacal signs. It’s ruled by practical, concrete Saturn making this a great time to focus on shoring up worldly concerns. Saturn has the opposite temperament to freewheeling Jupiter that ruled the last month of Sagittarius. Saturn is serious and disciplined, controlled and responsible. The rollicking holiday gatherings are over, and now we are broke and faced with big bills from our generous gift giving. The days are short and cold and we begin to get itchy, feeling the restriction of being cooped up indoors.

 When we hit New Year’s, we start looking back at the past year and making resolutions to improve ourselves, focusing all too often on our disappointments and how we’ve fallen short of our goals. Saturn asks us for discipline and commitment to loving structures and routines that can help bring our big ideas and dreams down to reality. But sometimes the fierce work ethic and grim determination with which it approaches the task of manifesting can be overwhelming. Partly, this is due a long history of bad examples of Saturn energy. We have had thousands of years of oppressive systems and structures forced upon us which makes us all wary of anything too rigidly ordered. Saturn is associated with the Father archetype and we have had a lot of bad patriarchal examples that cloud our understanding of this energy. This If we look at the beautiful crystalline geometries of the actual planet though, we will get a more hopeful glimpse of Saturn’s teaching. Phi ratios abound in its magical rings, and there is even a Star of David vortex that forms at its north pole. The structures that Saturn is directing us towards are the sacred life creating ones of triangles and phi spirals. But because we have frequently viewed it through the skewed lens of history, it has been associated instead with the hard edges of the cross and the square. 

The cross in Saturn’s traditional glyph represents the world and all of its dense challenges. And it is experientially true that where Saturn falls in your chart is where you may find yourself challenged and tested. Saturn can be a taskmaster, schooling us with some humbling hard knocks. But these trials and tribulations mature us. They force us to find hidden strength and courage in order to overcome obstacles and reach a level of mastery that would never have been possible without that challenge.  If you look at the first round of Saturn transits through the chart you can see how intimately its path is tied to our process of maturation. The first major Saturn aspect we experience is the square to your natal Saturn which happens around 7 years old. Playtime is over, and we have to go to school and learn to start fitting into society and following rules. The next major Saturn aspect is the opposition, which happens around 14 years of age. That opposition is the energy underpinning adolescence rebellion. It is where we break the rules and resist the authorities who blindly enforce them. Then comes the second square which is around 22. This is another crossroad moment in life, often coinciding with completing college and taking career and relationships much more seriously. Finally, somewhere around 29 is the Saturn return.  At this time, Saturn has gone all the way around your chart and come back to where it was when you were born. This is considered astrological adulthood, the point when your personality is fully mature, having gained hard won wisdom from all of Saturn’s tempering.

Dec 25thExtremist Christmas: There is a hard square aspect between Mars in Pisces and the Moon in Sagittarius today. Mars and the moon are stirring the pot of fury, and Pisces and Sagittarius are the two zodiac signs with the most religious tendencies, so there could be an increase in violent extremism. Mars in Pisces is conjoined with the collective south node, so this is a big karmic cleansing we are going through. We are slowly exiting the Age of Pisces, but there is still a lot of wreckage left behind from the irrational violence that has taken place over the last 2000 years in the name of religion. My favorite birth chart for Jesus has him born during a grand sextile in March when the sun was in Pisces. The grand sextile, which looks like a Star of David, is the most harmonious aspect pattern in astrology, and this particular grand sextile took place directly on top of a grand cross, which certainly fits with his story of bring perfect love to a world that wasn’t yet ready to embrace it. Jesus’ teachings definitely hit the highest octave of Pisces. His selfless service, and unconditional love and forgiveness are high bars that we can all aspire to. So let your anger dissolve in the healing waters available today, and go beyond judgement and division to the ecstatic unifying energy of the Christ. One of my favorite bumper stickers I’ve had said “Non-judgement day is near” Meditate on that concept today, and you will rise above the fray to have a Merry Christ Mass!

December 28th- Solid as a Rock: The Sun, Moon, and Mercury are all conjoined in Capricorn today and making a stabilizing and harmonizing trine aspect to Mars in Pisces. Whatever old demons got dredged up on Christmas, today is a day when lessons can be learned and they can be reckoned with. This strong earth energy can help bring the extremists down from their ledges and ground them better in reality. If you have been overwhelmed with emotion, now is a time that your friends and family can help you cope. If you are feeling strong and solid, now is a time when your calm practical energies can sooth the troubled souls who are freaking out right now. Sometimes our imaginations can be overactive and create more frightening realities than will actually come to be. Now is a day that we can feel more safe and secure as these loving parental energies show us that there aren’t any monsters lurking in the shadowy closet after all.  Saturn has a level of self-mastery that it is here to impart to us, showing us how to focus on doing the next right thing to create the reality that we want to see. It may take a long time to see the true loving structures of Saturn rise to ascendency, but we can get there one small courageous step at a time.

Jan 7thContemplating Plutocracy: The Sun is conjoined to Pluto in Capricorn today, making a tense T-square aspect pattern with Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. This is one of those big generational shift energies that ties in to all of the social and political transformations of the last several years when Pluto and Uranus have been in their long square standoff. This period from 2010 to 2016 has been the next big phase of our collective evolution that had it’s beginning in the revolutionary fervor of 1964 to 1968. It may seem today that Pluto has gained the upper hand, as the keys to the kingdom are about to be turned over to a twitter bot despot who has assembled the most Plutocratic cabinet we’ve ever seen. But it is a good day to remember that after a big period of positive progress, Nixon happened in 1969. In this cosmic two step, every big evolutionary step forward by freedom loving, trailblazing Uranus is followed by an angry backlash kick in the pants by regressive, controlling Pluto. But we are lurching slowly and inevitably forward in this perverse back and forth fashion towards a more progressive and egalitarian Age of Aquarius. The young people yearning for the European socialist utopia that Bernie Sanders evoked are not going away, but the old white men who long to go backward to an imagined better past that never actually existed, are. Just like Nixon, the regressive and controlling Plutocrats in the Trump administration will overreach. And they won’t get away with their pussy grabbing now that everyone is watching them intently. There will be some scandal or other that will engulf them and be their undoing. Another aspect of Pluto that has been awakened and is at play is the dark feminine of Kali Ma. An army of scorned women is coming for these old privileged predators, and they will lead the fight to protect us from their sociopathy and bring them to justice. We cannot heal what is hidden in the shadows, and now that the most deplorable among us have been emboldened to come out of the shadows we can begin the dirty work of sacred transformation.