2016 Scorpio Soul Forecast


Scorpio’s emotional energy is deep and intense. Elementally, they are fixed water, and like the stagnant water of a murky swamp or the frozen blocks of an icy glacier, their powerful emotions can become blocked and toxic. When we are overwhelmed and unable to fully process our feelings they can build up. If we don’t allow that emotional energy to flow, those feelings can harden and darken into resentments. Scorpio has a dual planetary rulership which gives it its complicated, multi-layered energy. On the lower octave, Scorpio is ruled by the strong, confrontational planet Mars which is represented by the poison stinger of the Scorpion. On a higher octave, it is ruled by the transformative planet Pluto. This gift for transformation and resurrection is represented by its other animal totem, the Phoenix.

Our big cultural ritual at the beginning of Scorpio is of course, Halloween. Scorpio gives us permission to go deep,  embracing our Shadow sides and allow ourselves to play around with the suppressed and repressed energies that we normally keep secret. Two big energies that get more free expression during Scorpio are sex and death, and the most popular costumes generally revolve around those two powerful themes. Pluto was the lord of the underworld in mythology, and this is a time when veil is thinnest between this world and the world of spirit. So this is also a metaphysical time when we can contact the other side and have insight into the great spiritual mystery that lies beyond the physical.

October 25th – Learning discernment at a fantasy carnival: There is a tense T-square aspect today where the Moon in Virgo is conjoining to the collective North Node and opposing Neptune in Pisces and squaring Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius. The collective North Node indicates the spiritual lessons we are currently learning en masse, as well as the spiritual orientation and incarnation history of the babies that are being born.  As it has been passing through Virgo, we have been challenged to learn to be more rational and practical and analytical. We are learning to replace faith based magical thinking with more empirically based, factually supported approaches. But of course, we are in the middle of our semi-annual political carnival, where everything is exaggerated through emotionally driven propaganda and lies into a funhouse mirror horror show. It isn’t easy to see things clearly with all the manipulative political energies currently running amuck. Pisces, where Neptune is, can be a masterful illusionist and actor, diving into its phony role so deeply it even starts to believe its own lies. Hillary has a Pisces Moon and is particularly prone to this kind of phony show. She laughs and smiles and pretends everything is fine when she is confronted with her shadows, instead of owning those mistakes and working to correct them. Likewise, Sagittarius is great at believing its own baloney with unshakable faith, ignoring all the salient facts that fly in the face of its haughty proclamations. Trump’s Sagittarian energies are a great example of this, causing him to lie on and on about what he’s said and done, even as the recordings play on a loop, showing him saying and doing exactly what he so vehemently denies. These two overblown energies are both fueled by the fat gassy planet Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius and Pisces. We are being called to call out these hucksters and pop their bubbles of overconfidence and denial and bring them down to Virgoan earth. We are being invited to challenge the facts given to us by these used car salesmen and kick their tires hard. Virgo’s mercurial energy is needed now, to temper the dark, over the top emotional storms. We should be avoiding the emotional quicksand of phony divisions, and focusing our energy instead on ticking through our to do lists of things which we are able to fix.

Nov 2nd -  November Surprise: The Moon and Venus in feisty Sagittarius are conjoined today and making an exciting trine with Uranus in Aries. On the lower octave, all this unstable wildfire energy can manifest as explosive outbursts of anger and violence. On a deeper level, this energy holds the potential for great progressive breakthroughs. As Uranus has been traveling through Aries, it has been activating a new cycle of collective change. Aries is about new beginnings and Uranus is sowing the seeds for a New Age of harmony and equality. The first stage of any expansion of equality is standing up defiantly against the old tyrannical order. Trump’s shadow channeling has magnetized a lot of the worst aspects of humanity and churned them to the surface. He is the prefect representative of the good old boy network of clueless rich white privilege that has perpetuated our stratified, Medieval system. He embodies the energies of fear and blame and shame that need to be transformed for us to move towards a more integrated whole. A great electoral repudiation of the ugly currents of racicsm, mysogany, and classism that still course through America’s wounded heart may be just the medicine we need to heal. And ironically, the extremity of the movement he has been leading has also inspired the silent majority of oppressed minorities to stand up more stridently and unify into a larger whole. No longer will minority voices be able to be bullied into silent submission, because we are passing that tipping point where the old majority is becoming the minority. Our votes all count equally, even if our choices are limited by the system we are in. And I think we will see that the American people are much more radical and progressive than the system they are stuck in allows them to express.

Nov 9th – Peak Emotional Extremism: The moon has traveled full circle from its position on the 25th and is now conjoined with Neptune in Pisces on the collective south node. This will most likely indicate a howl of anguish over the outcome of the election from all those who don’t get their way. Our collective mission is still to embrace Enlightenment philosophy and celebrate the dawning of rational thought, but it is harder than usual for people to get out of the political fun house. Look for lots of histrionic meltdowns and all sorts of doubts and conspiracies. The illusionists will be up to their usual tricks and spinning their webs of deceit. Pisces in shadow is great at denying reality and retreating into elaborate fantasy world. Just know that people need a lot of love and compassion right now. Empathy is needed to help unravel this great emotional knot. It is just like dealing with someone who is mentally ill and stuck in their own alternate reality. If you try to keep trying to convince them it’s not as bad as they think and explain things rationally, you will just create more distance and get them arguing for their experience, which just further entrenches them. But if you can honor that their experience is real for them, and listen to them share, you can start to have an emotional connection and slowly bring them back to a place of greater consensus and shared reality. Rational emotive therapy is needed here, and lots of far out ideas need to be gently challenged and deconstructed, but it will happen most easily if we can all honor each other’s feelings first. All the apocalyptic feelings are just an outgrowth of some scary ideas that have taken hold in our collective imagination. We have to calm those terrified inner children and show them that there is no monster in the closet or under the bed, and we can start to move out of the shadows and towards the enlightenment that is our ultimate destiny.