2016 Aquarius Soul Forecast

On January 19th, the Sun moved into Aquarius, a fixed air sign. The element of Air is associated with mental activity, so fixed air means that Aquarius is especially attuned to the deeply held ideas and ideals that bond groups and societies together. Aquarians are groupies, and collective co-creation is the kind of thing that gets them excited.  They are happiest when they are sharing their progressive ideas as an integral part of team. You will often find them facilitating a meeting, organizing a co-op, or starting a humanitarian movement. Aquarius is co-ruled by two planets, Saturn and Uranus. We got a feel for Saturn’s structured energy last month during Capricorn, but Uranus’ influence takes Aquarius to another level.  Uranus blasts off from Saturn’s boxy platform and rockets toward the stars powered by lightning bolts of inspired insight. One of the archetypes of Aquarius is the Mad Scientist. On the one hand, Aquarians have a respect for Saturn’s rules and regulations. They are willing to follow a structure and submit to the data driven rigors of the scientific method. But when they encounter outliers and anomalies, they are also willing to throw out their working theory and start a quest to find a better fitting explanation that can integrate the new data. A purely Saturnian type would put more weight on the history and tradition supporting the existing theory, and they would assume the new data was bad and try to explain it away or ignore it all together. Uranus’ influence gives Aquarians that restless spirit of eternal experimentation and innovation that is at the core of pure science. Their fixed mental persistence drives them to get to the bottom of cosmic mysteries. Their dogged tenacity allows them to break down walls and cross boundaries, pushing the envelope until they make the new discoveries that will catapult us into the future.  

The astrological symbol of Aquarius is the human being, and humanitarianism is likely to become the dominant philosophy of the Age Aquarius. Aquarians are very concerned about the good of the collective and they believe in the equality of all beings. In the last century, we’ve already seen a dramatic expansion of freedom, democracy, and equality in the world. The character of the eras when the outer planets were discovered have interesting correlations with the observed energies of those planets. It’s almost as if when the student is ready, the teaching planet arrives. The planet Uranus was discovered right before the French and American revolutions and it carries that same revolutionary spirit of “Liberty, Egalite, Fraternity”. My favorite book about Uranus is “Prometheus the Awakener” by Rick Tarnas. He argues that the mythological figure Prometheus is the best fit for the Uranus’ observed energy. Prometheus rebelled against the hierarchal orders of Zeus and stole fire and brought it to the mortals, an act of defiance for which he suffered greatly. This democratizing and decentralizing of power is a key aspect of Aquarius and we can expect more power to be brought to the people as this New Age moves forward.
              We are just at the tail end of a long square between Uranus and Pluto that is a critical part of ushering in a New Age of freedom and peace. This grand 140 year cycle began when Uranus and Pluto were conjoined from 1964 to 1968. During that period, there was a great expansion of human rights andfreedoms. And this square has taken those gains to another level, bringing a 2nd phase of extreme planetary makeover. We have gone from African Americans not being able to vote to being able to be president. Gay people have gone from being mostly closeted and marginalized to being out and proud and having their marriages officially recognized. Technology has made quantum leaps, bringing us from tiny tube tv’s to giant flat screens with organic diodes. The cell phones in everyone’s pocket today are more powerful than the most powerful super computers of 50 years ago. We have gone from relative isolation to ubiquitous interconnection, limitless information, nanomaterials, cold fusion, stem cells, genetic engineering, and on and on. This grand cycle doesn’t complete until the year 2105, and if you think about the profound changes that have already taken place, it’s easy to imagine a fully flowering New Age taking hold. The pace of change is exponential and we are on the cusp of what futurists call a moment of singularity, where change accelerates to infinity.  If you think about the number of highly trained Mad Scientists on the earth now and the awesome power of the resources supporting them compared to 50 years ago, you can imagine how the breakthroughs will be coming in ever accelerating waves. We are just beginning to understand the true nature of the universe, and when we learn to work in harmony with those deep currents, what would seem miraculous to us now will quickly become commonplace. It is truly an exciting time to be alive!

Feb 5thChange and Resistance: The current placement of the north node indicates the spiritual lessons we are collectively learning, and right now it is in Virgo with Jupiter perched right on top of it. So we are getting some big teachings right now on how to move toward clean living Virgo. We are learning to move away from being driven by religious and emotional energy, to being more practical and rational and balanced. We are learning how to move away from abusing substances and living in illusions and fantasies to being more present and mindful and aware.  This is the backdrop to today’s tension filled planetary alignments. Pluto Venus and the Moon are all conjoined in Capricorn and squaring off with Uranus in Aries. The Sun in Aquarius is also making a square with Mars in Scorpio. So though a New Age of Aquarius is something we are rolling inevitably toward, there are those who want to stand in the road and protest, making for some bumpy moments. You may find yourself locked in fruitless conversations with curmudgeons who lament the changes that are taking place in the world and just keep recycling and repeating their negative mantras. Think of this as a necessary purging and just imagine all the darkness they are puking out turning into beautiful rainbows like the Instagram meme. Those who are attached to the status quo and clinging to the past will find themselves grumpier than usual as it is becoming clearer that a great change is coming. Resistance to this next wave will only create suffering, so let go and let your 3rd eye open and Uranus will give you a vision of the positive futures that are possible.

Feb 8thMystic Crystal Revelations:  The New Moon in Aquarius today is helping to expose the silver lining to the tension of the 5th. Overall right now, there is a divine half of a grand trine to envelop and embrace all of the tense squares going on. This is one of those special moments in the long grinding square between Pluto and Uranus, when all the other planets line up to give it a big loving hug. This New Moon is a time to plant those crystal star seeds that will begin to initiate a New Age of Aquarius within your psyche. These crystalline alignments are making for rarified air that can make it easier to access the hidden realms of dreams and visions. There is a unitive consciousness available now to those who seek it. Take time for meditation and prayer and pay attention to your inner senses. If you are silent and still, you are more likely to experience the higher octave of this visionary energy. The air is electrified today, crackling with the fire of empowerment that Prometheus stole from the gods. Let that Aquarian sun shine into your soul and align you with a new way of being!

Feb 14thValentine’s Day Magic Rectangle: There is a special alignment today called a magic rectangle where two oppositions are sextile to each other. Mars is opposite to the Moon and Jupiter is opposite to Chiron. This alignment offers a release from the pressures of these oppositions. The spiritual understanding and clarity that is coming from Jupiter in Virgo can help us get over the great divide between Masculine Mars and the Feminine Moon. Jupiter is offering an opportunity for to mediate at truce in the war between the sexes today. If you have been having trouble loving the “other”, today is a day when you can see through the game of polarization and glimpse the unity and oneness beneath all the movie projections on this hall of mirrors. Remember, it is the same light shining through all of these forms! Those hard charging Martians are more likely to get in touch with their soft Moony side today. Likewise, the moody moon types may find themselves taking a more constructive approach to their feelings of frustration and standing up and getting stuff done! Try to see both your partners and your adversaries as sacred mirrors of all your lost and disowned soul energies. Use the reflections you see today as an opportunity to call in all of your orphaned soul parts, and you will make the most of this moment of wholeness.