2015 Libra Soul Forecast

The Sun shifted into the constellation of Libra on the fall equinox, September 22nd. The balance of the equinox, with its equal periods of night and day, fits well with the energy of Libra, which is often symbolized by a pair of balancing scales. It is an air sign ruled and it is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus was one of the ancient goddesses of love. Aphrodite and Kwan Yin are also among her many names, and she brings a refined relationship energy that brings sweetness and light to whatever she touches. Venus is associated with the heart chakra, and love and beauty and art are all hallmark preoccupations of Libra. This is a great time for all kinds of creative heart centered activity. Follow your heart and do what you love! During the critical and divided mental energy of Virgo, you may have taken some knocks and lost some confidence. Now the big open heart of Libra is here to give you some sweet relief, ushering in a softer energy of peace and acceptance.

Air signs all have to do with relationships, and Libra is most focused on intimate love relationships. Interestingly, there are statistically more weddings in October than average, so love is definitely in the air right now. This is a great time to share your heart with your loved ones and heal any wounds that are blocking your ability to love fully and deeply. This is also a great time to stretch the boundaries of your heart so you can better embrace those people who are hard for you to love. Libra is capable of great empathy. It has the ability to truly put itself in another’s place and understand and respect their perspective. We all share the same air, and when there is conflict, Libra is a master at balancing the scales and making a fair compromise that benefits everyone equally. So let this vibrant breath of shared air fill your lungs and give your heart the courage and understanding to connect empathetically and create harmony.

Venus works through magnetic attraction and resonance. Once it forms that empathetic connection, its sweet loving energy starts calming others and bringing out the best in them. When you express what you love in a heartfelt way, it is the most effective way to draw others to whatever cause is dear to your heart.  Thich Nhat Hanh said in his book Being Peace, “In the peace movement there is a lot of anger, frustration, and misunderstanding. The peace movement can write very good protest letters, but they are not yet able to write a love letter. We need to learn to write a letter to the congress or to the President of the United States that they will want to read, and not just throw away. The way you speak, the kind of understanding, the kind of language you use would not turn people off. The President is a person like any of us. Can the peace movement talk in loving speech, showing the way for peace? I think that will depend on whether the people in the peace movement can be peace. Because without being peace, we cannot do anything for peace. If we cannot smile, we cannot help other people to smile. If we are not peaceful, then we cannot contribute to the peace movement.”

So with that wisdom in mind, try to let the energy of Libra teach you how to be peace this month. Focus on building bridges of empathetic connection. Use art and beauty and the love in your heart to help remind yourself and everyone else that we are all in this together.

Some remarkable moments this month:

Sept 27th – Relationship Supermoon: Tonight’s full moon is taking place at the closest point to Earth in its orbit, and that makes it what has come to known as a Supermoon!  This means that it will be 14 percent larger and 33 percent brighter than when it is at its furthest point from Earth. There is also a lunar eclipse happening tonight, making this a rare display of Lunar magic. The Moon is associated with emotional energy and with the Moon in Aries and the Sun in Libra we will be feeling the our emotional tides rising as the Moon tugs a little harder than usual at our heart strings. The full moon is fundamentally a time of opposition and in this case it is shining its moonbeams on the age old misunderstandings between Mars ruled Aries and Venus ruled Libra. So this is a perfect time to hash out any conflict you may be engaged in between Martian and Venusian energy. Mars is about doing, while Venus is about being. Mars is caught up in pursuing its personal desires, while Venus is focused on satisfying other’s desires and building relationships. Mars is direct and forceful while Venus is indirect and diplomatic. Mars is raw and rough, while Venus is refined and soft. So you may notice yourself in caught up in some relationship drama today due to the amplification of these conflicting energies. Be careful to avoid projection! That is the one trap that can make oppositions impossible to resolve. If you use this moment instead to see those you are in conflict with as sacred mirrors reflecting your own disowned energies, you will be able to better understand and love both them and yourself. . As you integrate those lost aspects of your own personality, you will become more whole and balanced, and better able to love and understand everyone.

Oct 4th – Grand Crossroads – The Moon in Cancer today, square to the Sun in Libra, is briefly making a grand cross out of the ongoing square between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. The square between Pluto and Uranus has been giving the world and extreme makeover, but the intensity of their epic saga has been waning from its peak which took place between 2010 and 2014. But these big societal shifts take a long time to integrate, and our personalities can be slow to accept the new realities. Look for a lot of emotional and mental resistance to the great strides that have been made in the last several years. The regressive and reactionary personalities will be throwing bigger fits than usual wanting to turn back the clock to a idyllic time that never really existed outside of their imagination. Now that deal maker John Boehner is out of the way, we may see another rerun of dysfunctional Republican obstructionists trying to shut down the government for ideological reasons. It is much like a kid losing at a game who chooses to knock the board over and make it impossible to finish, instead of letting go and accepting defeat. Progress occurs in fits and starts, and features significant moments of resistance from entrenched interests. Pluto in Capricorn represents the status quo that tends to bitterly resist the reforms that will allow us to grow towards a greater unfolding. Uranus in Aries represents a new age of individual empowerment that can come from the democratization of power and the overthrow of Plutocracy.  The Sun is in Libra and the Moon is in Cancer though, so even though this is atense arrangement of energies, there is the possibility for harmonious compromise that can keep our dysfunctional American family hobbling along together.

Oct 12th – New Moon Mindfulness– The New Moon in Libra is taking place opposite to Uranus in Aries. Mercury is conjoined to the collective north node in Libra and Mars and Jupiter conjoined in Virgo making a harmonious trine to Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect pattern offers more hope of thoughtful solutions to whatever logjam happens on Oct 4th. Mercury has finally gone direct again, helping to improve the lines of communication and lessen misunderstanding. And there is a lot of harmonious relationship and service energy that can help overcome whatever ideological differences blocked progress and understanding. Collectively, we are learning how to disagree without being disagreeable. A basic level of respect is present now that makes the ground fertile for the growth of empathy and understanding. There is a desire to sit down and talk out whatever differences we have and problem solve solutions which can respect and honor everyone involved. If you need to make peace with someone, now is a good time to reach out and clear the air.