2015 Virgo Soul Forecast

The stark contrast between sunny, fun loving Leo and serious, thoughtful Virgo makes this astrological transition stand out. The last gasps of summer fun are over and we all are being called in from the wild excesses of recess and asked to go back into a quiet, inward work and school mode.  Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet that represents the mind. So thinking, organizing, and analyzing are the modes of activity that now shake us awake from the creative reveries of playful Leo. The license to freely follow our Leonine desires to whatever glorious vacation they take us on has expired. Virgo is an earth sign, so its mental activity tends to manifest through the practical, material world. This focus on fixing and tweaking the material world is the reason Virgo’s have a reputation for wanting the things around them to be clean and organized. They like to maximize and optimize, and efficiency and sustainability are principles that make them happy. Their task is to tidy up and tie up the loose ends we left when we went footloose and fancy free for Leo. The mind is inherently divided and two-sided, and the confidence and self-assuredness of Leo is now being replaced by endless questioning and testing. Virgo is happiest when you can keep it busy with tasks, so now is a great time to finish any projects you have that involve lots of devilish details. Just try not to go obsessive compulsive perfectionist extremes!

There is a lot of evidence right now that we are at the beginning of a global financial collapse, and historically these things tend to gain momentum under Virgo’s critical and questioning energy. The trigger for these events is ultimately psychological, as our economic system is fundamentally based on faith and trust. And sometimes, when the powers that be have been secretly cheating and manipulating, that faith is overinflated and misplaced. The artificial bubbles blown up by all the money and debt creation of the last 7 years are bound to pop eventually. And Virgo’s detailed and practical mind has just the kind of incisive rationality to pierce those bubbles and put a stop to irrational exuberance and monetary folly.  Virgo is a sobering energy and is the sign most likely to take away the punch bowl when drunken revelry has taken over. Virgo has a level of skill and mastery at working with concrete realities, and there are a lot financial shenanigans that have become untethered from reality. The corrective energy of Virgo is here to perform a reality check, and provide some much needed grounding. If you want to best weather the coming global challenges, it would be good to listen to Virgo’s wisdom and be cautious of things that seem too good to be true!

August 29th Disillusion Moon-  The Sun and Jupiter are conjoined in Virgo today, opposite to the Moon and Neptune in Pisces. This could lead to events that dramatize the oppositional tension between Pisces and Virgo. Look out for combative interactions where faith is pitted against reason, and fantasy is challenged by grim reality. This aspect definitely fits with a confidence popping economic death spiral.  But this full moon is also focused on relationships, as Mars and Venus are conjoined in Leo, and Mercury is atop the collective north node in heart centered Libra. A great use of this energy then would be to set aside some quality time to communicate your needs in your relationships. There is a window into each other’s worlds right now that can bring understanding and compassion. When we can raise our awareness of what each other really needs, we can use Virgo’s clever mind to figure out how to better meet those needs. The core unifying energy that underlies and informs both Pisces and Virgo is service. So don’t be surprised if you are called to serve in some way at this time. Virgo prefers to take care of the concrete details while Pisces prefers to serve more abstractly, contributing motivation or inspiration. Both signs desire in their hearts to make the world a better place, they just employ very different strategies to achieve their dream. If you can learn to better meet your partner’s needs and make peace in your relationships, and you can turn around and serve the world proud!

Sept 6th Turnaround of the Heart: Venus has been retrograde (appearing to move backwards through the signs) since July 25th. These periods of Venus retrograde are times when our hearts are more introspective. It is a time for reflection, for processing all that has gone on in recent years in our love lives. Since this one has been taking place in the sign of Leo, the big question on everyone’s minds may be how is this relationship working for ME? Does your relationship bring out the best in you? Does it inspire you to greater heights? If it does, you may have been feeling a building joy inside you. Now is a great time to share that fullness and shower your loved ones with love and appreciation. If your relationship has fallen short in your estimation, now is a great time to communicate that awareness and make some changes. Some communication and work may be all that is needed to increase your fulfillment.

Sept 12th New Moon Communication – The New Moon in Virgo brings an abundance of opportunities to communicate. It is taking place opposite to Chiron in Pisces which represents our wounds, so this is a good time to share about things that others have done that we felt hurt by. Healing and reconciliation are possible if the problem can be clearly expressed and identified.  In this case, the amends are likely to be more concrete than a simple apology. Words are important, but deeds are what are really being called for today.  If you have wronged someone, now is a time you can do something to make it right, that’s right DO something. Show that person you are serious about making it up to them and forgiveness can’t be too far behind. If you have been wronged, now is a time you can speak up and be heard. Mercury in Libra is square to Pluto in Capricorn as well, so now is a time when you can heal the deeper wounds in your relationships. If you can go deep and share about the serious issues, especially those involving power struggles, you can get the most relief and healing at this time.