2015 Leo Soul Forecast

The sun is now travelling through the starry backdrop of Leo. The Sun rules Leo, and it shines most brightly when it is here in its happy zodiac home. Literally, August often has some of the hottest days here in the Northern Hemisphere. Leo is traditionally a time for vacation and play, and Leo excels at both of these activities. Just watch a cat relaxing on a sunny day and you will have a good picture of how Leo loves to luxuriate.

Leo is a fixed fire sign, so it is generally optimistic and positive even in the face of great challenges. The lion is courageous and it is very difficult to get the King of the jungle to back off when it picks up a scent and starts stalking its prey. When cornered, the cat can be fearsome enemy, as anyone who has tried to give one a pill knows. They prefer to avoid conflict, but when protecting themselves or others they can be intensely fierce.

In the chakra system, the Sun and Leo are associated with the bright yellow light of the 3rd chakra, which is the center of will, identity and creativity. So it is not a surprise that Leo’s are drawn to the spotlight to share their abundant creative energy. They like being the life of the party and filling their kingdom with smiles. They know who they are, and they are supremely confident in their gifts and abilities.

In shadow though, they can take this high self-esteem to extremes, and can become selfish or narcissistic. They can lack empathy and be insensitive and cruel to others if they are not in a healthy state. When cats get sick they tend to take it out on everyone else, and Leo’s in pain tend to lash out in a similar fashion.         

Interestingly, the astrological Age of Leo, which took place between 10,500 and 8500 BC was most likely a peak of human creativity and technological achievement. Cosmic author Graham Hancock, makes a very compelling case that the height of Atlantean culture took place around this time. If you would like to have your mind blown about human history you should check out his many books on the topic. The greatest evidence we have for this are the great mysteries of the Giza Plateau. The entry to the whole Giza complex is aligned with the star Regulus, the brightest star in Leo that forms its heart. In 10,500 BC, the beginning of the Age of Leo, the Giza Sphinx would have looked right out at the stars of Leo at sunrise on the Spring Equinox. Other researchers such as geologist Robert Schoch have pointed out that because of the extensive water weathering patterns on the Sphinx and it’s enclosure, it must be at least as old as 10,500BC.

And if you study the intricacies of the Great Pyramid, you will quickly come to the conclusion that it could only have been constructed by a much more technologically advanced culture than mainstream historians claim. Christopher Dunn is an engineer who has meticulously documented all of the evidence for advanced granite machining in the Giza pyramid and surrounding complexes. His research flies in the face of mainstream archeological explanations. In the story of Atlantis, their fall came as a result of their arrogance, taking technology too far and using it for control and for the satisfaction of selfish desires. Their fall came about during the glacial ice age flooding of the Age of Cancer, where Mother Earth gave us a big dose of humility. So be careful during this time to not get so caught up in your own brilliance that you lose sight of all of the other stars around you.

July 26th– Power of Positive Thinking- Mercury and the Sun are conjoined in Leo and trine to the moon in Sagittarius today. This is a day when we can dry out from the emotional super soaking of Cancer and really feel the Leo sunbeams shining in. Let your heart lighten and do something fun this Sun day. Fire is best honored by activity, so if you have been itchy to go adventuring, now is the time to break out and follow your Joy. Optimism and positivity can magnetically attract the experiences you want right now. Stay focused on what you want to manifest and let your excitement and desire create it into being. Cancel any Cancer pity parties by throwing a Big Leo festival!   

July 31stTransformational Full Moon: This full moon is taking place with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius. Also, today Mars in Cancer is close to being square with Uranus in Aries, and Mercury in Leo is close to being trine to it. So with the Aquarius Moon, and the aspects to Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, there is a lot of electricity in the air today. Uranus strikes like lightning, and can bring sudden and unexpected changes. Its intent is always to help us grow and change in a more holistic direction. And as it has been going through Aries, it has been sparking off a lot of revolutionary energy and inspiring people to become more personally empowered. The Age of Aquarius that we are moving towards is based on the principle of equality. Slowly but surely, over the next 2000 years, all of the institutions and power structures that stand in the way of this equality will fall and be replaced with more egalitarian and humanitarian frameworks. Look for lots of little victories for the little guys and gals today. If you are called to stand up and demand equality today, take heart in the knowledge that the stars are in your corner today.

Aug 6th  - Accentuate the Positive and Drain the Swamp – Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are all ganged up in Leo and squaring off with Saturn in Scorpio today. All that positive Leo energy has the upper hand here, and should be able to steamroll over the depressive and negative tendencies of Saturn and Scorpio. Give a happy blast to the dark swamp of your fears and resentments and you can steam off some of your deeply held negativities today. If you find yourself in conflict with a Debbie downer who is raining on your parade, go watch the movie Inside Out and remember how to integrate that sadness and keep it from draining your Joy. These are both fixed and intense energies that are squaring off so it may take a lot of work to get them to harmonize, but the payoff is great. We are learning how to have a light and happy heart without sacrificing our emotional depth. All the water we steam off today will come raining down again some other day, but the key thing we are learning here is how to keep it moving. It is when our emotions get stuck and stagnate that rotten things can grow and cause suffering. So use this ball of Joy today to challenge those negative thoughts and drain your swamps and keep the cycles of your emotional life moving!