2015 Cancer Soul Forecast

The sun is now travelling through the astrological backdrop of Cancer. Cancer is a Cardinal water sign, ruled by the Moon. Both the Moon and water are associated with the ever shifting tide of our moods and feelings. The Moon is all about what we find comforting, and Cancer is the master at providing that comfort.

It is associated with the parent who is more present and involved in the nitty gritty activities of daily nurturing, the parent who is doing the bulk of the mothering. It rules the 4th house of home and family and is passionate about managing all the domestic tasks that keep a family happy, from cooking and cleaning, to hugging and snuggling. Cancer is intuitively aware of everyone’s emotional needs, and is happiest when it is busy meeting those needs!

The symbol for Cancer looks like the number 69 on its side, which represents the deep spooning intimacy and bonding that is so central to Cancer. In medical astrology, Cancer is associated with the breasts, and their incredible power to nurture growth and life. When Cancer is operating from a balanced and abundant place, there is nothing more healing and nourishing than its loving, motherly care. But because the nurturing tasks that Cancer does are often taken for granted and because they are prone to sacrificing their own needs to provide for others, they also have a tendency to become enmeshed in patterns of codependency and resentment.

What is the last thing a codependent sees before they die? Someone else’s life passing before their eyes! When Cancer is operating out of these dark waters, they will show their shadow side of fear and control. They can use their acute awareness of other’s emotions to try to manipulate and control them. Their natural desire to help others can become overbearing and their mothering can turn to smothering.

The Astrological Age of Cancer was back around 64000-8400 BC. Interestingly, this was a time when goddess worship was prevalent and where society was tribal and matriarchic. This was also around the time of catastrophic flooding from the rapid melting of Ice Age Glaciers which correspond to countless stories of global deluge. The emotions of Cancer when they get flowing can be overwhelming. The religion of Cancer is definitely the religion of the Divine Mother.

A great example of the highest octave of Cancer energy is the Hindu teacher Ammachi, who is known in the West as the Hugging Saint. She embodies the energy of the Divine Mother and gives Darshan by hugging and kissing people which is much more intimate and Cancerian than the usual energetic Shaktipat transmission from a distant guru. She also embodies the Cancerian spirit of nurturance and mothering by raising gigantic sums of money for charities. She has orphanages and schools and hospitals for the poor and housing projects all over India.

You can do charts for groups and larger entities, including nation states, using their moment of inception. America was born on the 4th of July, giving our whole nation a Cancerian flavor. Culturally, we have a tendency to go with our emotional reactions more than what might be rational or reasonable. It will be interesting to see how the global markets react right now to the implosion of Greece. The lower octave of Cancer can be an over reactive, panicked mob consciousness.  At the root, our financial system is based on confidence, and if fear and hysteria start to ripple out they can easily create a positive feedback loop, knocking over more and more dominoes and feeding an accelerating downward spiral. On the positive side, a sense of shared crisis can also reignite our tribal consciousness and cause us to get back to first principles of community and learn to better support and nurture each other outside of abstract financial structures. In general, this is a great time to spend time with family and tribe and nuture your emotional needs. Take a vacations and give yourself a break to rest and recharge!

July 1stFull Pluto Moon: This full moon is taking place with the Moon very close to Pluto in Capricorn. The full moon is an opposition, and this one is happening with the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn. Oppositions are generally tense, bringing out lots of antagonistic us against them energy, and potentially feeding cycles of projection and blame. It is not surprising then, that there is an uptick in police calls and emergency room visits during this monthly standoff between the Sun and Moon. Both Cancer and Capricorn are parental, caregiving energies, but their modes of operation are as different as night and day. Cancer wants to let you stay at home forever and take care of you while Capricorn wants to push you to work harder and make the sacrifices it believes are required for you to achieve independence. Look for today to highlight those stark differences. For the last 7 years, Pluto has been travelling through Capricorn and bringing out its dark side, with the ultimate goal of overhauling our global systems. Its entry into Capricorn coincided with the beginning of the global financial collapse, exposing the unsustainability and corruption in the current financial scheme and precipitating its long, slow-motion implosion. Today marks another important moment in that process, as Greece finally takes an emotional Cancerian stand and gives the finger to the crippling austerity regime that was imposed by its rigid and controlling Capricornian creditors. If this leads to Grexit, it could be the catalyst for the next round of financial unravelling, creating a chain of events that will pop the artificial asset bubble that was blown up by the unprecedented central bank money printing of the last 7 years. A system that relies on ever expanding debt to keep from collapsing is inherently unsustainable and there are many signs now that another crisis is imminent. Global indebtedness has doubled since the last crisis, and there is no more room to manipulate interest rates to try to get out of this worldwide downward spiral. The old system has to die for a new one to be born, so try to look at the bright side of this mostly imaginary collapse. If we can create a more sustainable system based tied to more organic principles of growth and utilizing decentralizing technologies like the block chain of Bitcoin we will all be so much better off!

July 4th – Freedom to the People!: Venus and Jupiter are conjoined in Leo and making a harmonious trine to Uranus in Aires, making for a big fireball of excitement and enthusiasm. The Moon is also in freedom loving Aquarius, intensifying the wild and exciting energy. The fireworks will definitely be flying tonight! All this is giving Uranus the upper hand this month in its ongoing square with Pluto. The Uranian ideals of equality and democracy are currently triumphing over fear and Plutocracy, and we have recently seen both a historic marriage equality ruling and a successful defense of our recently expanded health care. Individual freedoms and rights are expanding, and we are making progress towards a more perfect union. Today is a great day to celebrate the triumph of love and unity over prejudice and separation. As the hash tag has been proclaiming: “Love wins!”

July 15th – Super Soak our Overlords- The Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury are all ganging up in Cancer in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Thought it may be emotionally intense, this is a gentle, evolutionary energy. The sensitive people of the world have had enough and they are going to come and love us all into submission. So don’t fight the love….it is futile right now! There is no standing in the path of this upwelling of the Divine Mother. If you try to stop the flow of compassion and kindness you may find yourself the target of a 4 billion mom march armed with buckets of tears, dousing your insensitivity with their emotional outpouring until you can’t help but expand your emotional awareness.  Look for whatever is happening in Greece to strike a chord with others who have put up with a lot of suffering at the hand of austerity policies. The emotions of compassion and kindness are flowing, and threaten to super soak all the crusty old power structures that have been perpetuating suffering. This is also a great time to huddle close to family and tribe and enjoy the intimacy and emotional bonding that is now available.