2015 Taurus Soul Forecast

This month the Sun is moving through the sign of Taurus. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, which means it is slow and steady. You may have noticed a relaxation in pace from the fiery spring mania that Aries brings. Taurus prefers a slow and sustainable pace, and it takes plenty of breaks to smell the roses and enjoy the journey. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which is associated with the heart chakra, and with all of the things that tug most intently at our heart strings: love, beauty, art and music. In the earthy garb of Taurus, Venus generates great love and nurturing for the physical plane. So it’s no accident that Earth day, the day we honor our Mother Earth and express our love for her, falls at the beginning of Taurus. Taurus is also associated with money and with our physical possessions, as how we spend our hard earned money gives a glimpse into the things we love and value. Venus has a sensual energy, and in earthy, Taurus it tends to luxuriate in the physical senses, indulging heavily in the pleasures of the flesh. In shadow, Taurus can go too far in this direction, exhibiting a kind of selfish materialism and getting lost in hedonistic pleasure seeking. On a deeper level, Taurus is about what we value, including how we value ourselves. This is why self-esteem is an often mentioned quality of Taurus. Because Taurus is a fixed earth sign, it also has a reputation for being stubborn. When the bull fixes on a target and prepares to charge, it is very hard to get it to change its course. Of course, this is connected to the fact that it is ruled by the heart chakra. When our hearts are set on something, it can be very difficult to let go. It is very hard to part a Taurus from their dreams!

The astrological age of Taurus can also give us a big picture sense of the energy of Taurus. It took place from 4400BC to 2000BC. This was Old Kingdom Egypt, which was marked by a peak of physical building activity that included great pyramids, very appropriate to a fixed earth sign. Hathor, a cow headed goddess was dominant, as was Mithras, a bull god. This time period also corresponded to the Harappan civilization in India where the sacred Cow was the most frequently featured beast on their hand made clay seals. As Venus was the predominant energy, sacred relationship was at the center of religious activity with sacred pairings like Isis and Osiris or Krisna and Rhada occupying the heart of our imaginations. Compared to the bloody Old Testament Greco-Roman age of Aries that followed, this was a time of relative peace and prosperity. The earth element is considered feminine and yin, receptive and nurturing. So Taurus is associated with patience and gentleness, and these qualities seem to pervade the civilizations of that age.

Taurus is also esoterically connected to the throat chakra, that blue ray of communication. Creative and artistic expression is favored in Taurus and the high vibration of singing is a great way to honor the its energy. If you have wanted to open your throat and let your heart sing, now is the time when the earth mother Venus will be there to support you. Sound healing is also associated with Taurus and the throat chakra. If you look at the work of Hans Jenny and Cymatics you will see in beautiful graphic ways how sound and vibration and their interference patterns can create physical forms. The Biblical story of Genesis may in fact be right on when it says that the “word” created the World. Of course it was a very complicated word! This idea that all of existence is created by vibration patterns is expressed in Hinduism as Nada Brahma, which means that “everything is sound”. So the principle of sound healing is to use resonance and entrainment to help break up dissonant frequencies and bring harmony back to our bodies. Your body is your song, and healing it is about learning to change your tune to be more harmonious.

April 22ndTransforming the Earth Day: Taurus kicks off this year with a strong alignment of planetary energies. Like a bull in full charge, Mars and the Sun in Taurus are making a harmonious trine aspect with Pluto in Capricorn. With all this earth energy aspecting transformative Pluto, this is a great time to change the Earth, particularly your own personal plot. If you have been meaning to start new routines and change to healthier habits, now is a time when you have the astrological backing to make good headway. Taurus is about self-love, and when we can all nurture and care for ourselves, our abundance of love will naturally overflow and contribute to the healing and balancing of the Earth.

May 3rd- Full Wesak Moon: In New Age circles, the first full moon in Taurus is celebrated in a festival called Wesak. It is about the energies of the Christ and the Buddha coming together and creating a New Age of peace. Taurus and Scorpio are both fixed signs, so when the bull and the phoenix face off it can get dramatic. This is the axis of the great mysteries of life (Taurus) and death (Scorpio) and when these two signs face off we can be in for a real metaphysical education. This full moon is a bridge linking heaven and earth, making is possible to bring the purest energy of spirit all the way into physical manifestation. So this is a great time for any kind of spiritual activity, particularly those that involve transformation. It is a good time to do a ritual of letting go or of bringing something new into being.  

May 17th – New Moon Blooming- The Sun and Moon are conjoined at the end of the fertile pasture of Taurus, making for a time of maximum manifestation. Seeds that you planted at the beginning of Aries should be bursting forth into full growth now. If this is the case, enjoy the fruits of your labors! If not, now is a time when any new projects or ventures that you start can be afforded maximum growth potential. If you’ve been waiting for the stars to align before you undertake a new adventure, now is the time to get started. Go forth and watch your creations multiply!