2015 Gemini Soul Forecast

On May 21st, the Sun moved into the Gemini. Gemini is an air sign, ruled by Mercury, the planet that represents the mind and communication. Its’ astrological glyph is the twins which represents the mind’s dualistic, divided consciousness. It’s also often associated with the fifth chakra, the throat chakra, as it is where our communication emanates from. In mythology, Mercury was the messenger of the gods, bridging the gap between the world of the gods and the world of mortals.

So Mercury can act as that bridge of connection between our practical mind and our higher mind. It is also the bridge of connection between us and others, as we all share the same air. Air signs, and in particular Gemini, are the social butterflies of the zodiac. They generally flit from flower to flower at parties and events, mixing and mingling without necessarily going too deep into any particular conversation. Their constant curiosity and mental shifting sometimes gets Gemini the reputation of being shallow and indecisive. They are always weighing all options, and their decisional balance can shift easily when the winds change and alter any of the variables in their equations. They are hard to pin down or commit to anything, as they are most in touch with the Buddhist concept of impermanence. How can they commit to anything when the world is ever changing?

Gemini’s are at their best in the world of the mind: reading, writing, analyzing, discussing, and debating. They are witty and clever and they love mysteries and puzzles and anything that exercises their grey matter. The biggest challenge for a Gemini is the inward quiet of meditation. They are restless by nature and they crave external stimulation and information, so it can be excruciating for them to sit through the silent vacuum of a meditation retreat. So, in general, this month is a great time to share the air with your fellow humans and enjoy lots of socializing. It is also a prime time to gather any facts and information you may need to make big decisions you are weighing.

This particular month of Gemini is especially powerful as it is mostly spent with Mercury in Gemini and in Retrograde:

May 20thMercury Retrograde: Mercury is strong in its home sign of Gemini, but it is going to be travelling backwards from its usual path in the sky for the next 3 weeks. This generally has the effect of turning everyone’s consciousness in a more inward direction. This is great for things like meditation or self-reflection, but it can wreak havoc on things that require interaction and external focus. This inward focus is at the root of Mercury Retrograde’s reputation for communication breakdowns, accidents, and all manner of misunderstandings. People are more lost in their own worlds, and just not paying as close of attention to each other during this time. So it may be wise to avoid making contracts and business deals right now. Anything with lots of devilish details that require crystal clear communication could be easily sabotaged by this confusing influence.

May 31st- Neptune Confusion: The Sun, Mars, and Mercury in Gemini are making a tense square aspect to Neptune in Pisces today, all right in the middle of this Mercury retrograde period. This aspect pattern will make clear and concrete communication even more difficult than it has already been. There is a great chance for us to fall prey to all manner of fantastic magical thinking under this energy. Be wary of being deceived by fraudulent schemes or people right now. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is! We may also convince ourselves now that things are better than they seem by wishful thinking and willful ignorance. Keeping as conscious as possible is highly recommended today. Avoid anything like drugs or alcohol that could further add to the confusion as the negative consequences of unconsciousness could be multiplied by this energetic pattern. The best use of this energy is for creative inspiration or meditative self-exploration. Take some time to daydream and let your imagination guide you in a new direction. Take a vacation from reality, and enjoy a fantasy or two, just make sure to maintain some grip on reality so you can come back when needed. Or take some time to go deep into your own psyche and discover the magical mysteries hiding in your dreams. If you focus on these activities you will be happier than if you try to create a legal contract or plan a big event.

June 13th – Mercury Direct- Mercury goes direct today after a couple of weeks of communication snafus and challenges, Mars and the Sun are conjoined in Gemini as Mercury goes direct today. This alignment makes this a good day to release the pent up frustration of a couple of accident prone weeks jam packed with communication snafus and challenges. Be direct today and clear up any misunderstandings that festered beneath the obfuscating fog of the last 3 weeks. Talk it out and take the time to soothe the raw nerves and you will make the most of this energy.