2015 Aquarius Soul Forecast

On Jan 20th, the sun shifted into Aquarius, which is a fixed air sign. Air signs are associated with mental energy, so Aquarius is primarily concerned with our deeply held belief systems, the core ideas and ideals that hold different groups together.

It is co-ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is the planet that gives Capricorn its structured and grounded practicality. And Saturn’s influence gives Aquarius a serious streak here as well, but with Uranus in the mix, there is also an element of unpredictability and experimentation that is added. This combination of influences fits well with one of the archetypes most associated with Aquarius, the Scientist. The Scientist employs a rigorous method for collecting data and testing theories, but also understands that no theory is ever completely proven. This drives them to constantly seek deeper understandings, and makes them willing to throw out any theories that no longer fit with their latest observations. Uranus is open minded, and willing to take risks and experiment in its eteral quest for a more unifying theory.

Uranus is associated with the 3rd eye, the seat of the higher vision, and it often receives lightning bolts of inspired guidance that drive quantum leaps of understanding. Like Kekule dreaming up the structure of benzene, or Mendelev dreaming up the periodic table of elements, scientific breakthroughs often emerge suddenly from a place of expanded consciousness. The god Shiva of the Hindu pantheon is another Uranian archetype who engages in what we might call loving destruction. Shiva is always cutting away illusion and distraction and inviting us to step outside of our boxes and open our mind to larger possibilities. He leads us to that sacred cave of meditation and reflection where we can discover our limitless spirit. Uranus is a similarly revolutionary and evolutionary transformative energy that is always working to help us break free from limitation and increase our freedom. We are just beginning to get a taste of this burgeoning New Age of Aquarius, where our lives are guided into alignment with our highest dreams and visions.

The symbol of Aquarius is the human being, and humanitarianism will become the dominant philosophy of the Age Aquarius. Aquarians are very concerned about the good of the collective and they believe in the equality of all life. In the last century, we’ve already seen a dramatic expansion of freedom, democracy, and equality in the world. Interestingly, the character of the eras when the outer planets were discovered, have interesting correlations with the observed energies of those planets. It’s almost as if when the student is ready, the teaching planet arrives. The planet Uranus came into our consciousness right before the French and American revolutions and it carries that same revolutionary spirit of “Liberty, Egalite, Fraternity." My favorite book about Uranus is “Prometheus the Awakener” by Rick Tarnas. He argues that the mythological figure Prometheus is the best fit for the Uranus’ observed energy. Prometheus rebelled against the hierarchal orders of Zeus and stole fire and brought it to the mortals, an act of defiance for which he suffered greatly. This democratizing and decentralizing of power is a key aspect of Aquarius and we can expect more power to be brought to the people as this New Age moves forward.

Feb. 1– Imbolc: There is a lot of tight planetary alignment today, predominately consisting of tense aspects. The Moon is making a T-square out of the Pluto Uranus square. Venus and Neptune are conjoined in dreamy Pisces but making a friction filled square to realistic Saturn in Sagittarius. We may be wishing for a perfect world today but the reality of what we have is crammed in our face. Be careful not to nurture too much the desire to escape or indulge too heavily in the emotions of discouragement. There is magic here at this sacred day of the old Celtic Calendar. We are halfway between the solstice and the equinox, trying to redefine that balance between this world and the world of spirit. This is a good time to make a new choice and plant some seeds that you’d like to see blossom in spring. Mars in Pisces is calling us to take action to get up and overcome the density of this plane and do something to make our dreams into realities. Let the fiery goddess Brigid inspire you to bring your own feistiness to the table and break out of any icy holding patterns that have been keeping you from living your dreams.

Feb. 3- Full Moon Creation: This full moon is taking place with the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo. One underlying theme that these two opposite signs share is that of creativity. Leo is just more focused on person creation while Aquarius is more concerned with creating on a group level. I recently listened to an interview with one of the creators of a new dream tracking/journaling application called Shadow. Interestingly, he said that the first trend they have noticed in their slowly growing database of participants dream keywords is a marked uptick in violent and sexual dreams during full moons. So make a choice to honor your creative energy and find a healthy outlet for those energies, or you will risk them festering and becoming destructive. Of the many things that Hitler was, the one to remember today is that he was a failed painter. This moon is calling us to express those powerful creative energies and prevent them from becoming destructive. Get out there and make something beautiful!

Feb. 8 – Opening the Heart: The tension of Feb 1st is being revisited today, with the moon again making a tense T-square of the ongoingsquare between Pluto and Uranus. This time, the moon is in Libra and on top of the collective north node. The collective north node represents the spiritual lessons that the world is currently working on. Right now, we are all learning how to put down our Aries swords, see beyond our selves, and build those Libra bridges of connection, peace, and understanding. The moon is calling those feelings out today, and inviting us to wage peace. Do something unexpectedly sweet for someone, and do it in an anonymous sneaky way. If you have been fighting with a loved one, today is a good day to kiss and make up.

Feb. 14 – Valentine’s Oneness: Mars and Venus are conjoined today in unifying and romanticizing Pisces. So this should shape up to be an over the top Valentine’s Day with more romantic proposals and cosmic love connections than usual. Mars and Venus are very different energies, and often have a hard time understanding each other, but here in the boundary dissolving waters of Pisces, they can experience their underlying unity and merge deeply. This is a magical time, so shush your inner critic and take a chance on chasing after your fantasies! If you can let your love flow and express your emotions freely you can experience the rare gift of unity consciousness today. The lower octave of Pisces is rife with all manner of addiction and delusion, but the highest octave of this energy is the most divine and sacred union. Aim high today, and at the very least, unleashing your passion may help you attain escape velocity from some old notions that have kept you from chasing after your big dreams.