2014 Scorpio Soul Forecast

Scorpio is a uniquely deep and intense sign. Elementally, it is water, so it is emotional in nature. But it is fixed water so it does not always flow very easily. Think of a stagnant pond, a murky swamp or an icy glacier where strong emotions can become toxic or frozen because they have nowhere to go. When we cling to hard feelings and don’t allow our emotional energy to flow, those dark feelings can harden into resentments which are associated with Scorpio.

Scorpio has a dual planetary rulership which gives it its complicated, multi-layered energy. On the lower octave, Scorpio is ruled by the strong, confrontational planet Mars. This prickly energy is exemplified by the stingy Scorpion. On a higher octave, it is ruled by the intense and transformative planet Pluto, which is exemplified by its other animal totem, the Phoenix.

All of Scorpio’s poking and prodding generally has this larger point in mind. Scorpio understands the deep wisdom of transformation. It knows that some things need to die for others to be born. And it is not afraid to go into the dark and shadowy places to root out the demons that stand in the way of our personal and collective transformation. But when Pluto energy gets stuck though, it can be incredibly ugly. A frustrated Pluto can lead to obsessive and compulsive energies that feed into the black holes of shame and addiction. Stalkers, serial killers, and Plutocrats all share this sense of powerlessness that feeds their twisted drive for power over others. But when Pluto’s relentless soul power is channeled in a transformative direction, it can change even the most intractable of situations. Ghandi had many personal planets in Scorpio and exemplified the kind of positive transformation that take place when Pluto’s full force is channeled in a positive direction.

As I write this, we are in the midst of a wild storm, complete with torrential downpours and flooding, a very appropriate backdrop for Scorpio. Our big cultural ritual at the beginning of Scorpio is of course, Halloween. This is a time to embrace our Shadow side and allow ourselves to play around with the suppressed and repressed energies belonging to our dark side. Two big energies that get more free expression during Scorpio are sex and death. Just look around at the costumes people don during this holiday and you will see an effort to integrate and celebrate these powerful primal energies. Pluto was the lord of the underworld in mythology, and this is a time when veil is thinnest between this world and the world of spirit. So this is a special metaphysical time when we can contact the other side and have insight into the great mystery beyond the physical. Scorpio has the tenacity to go deep and get to the bottom of cosmic mysteries. If you are open, you can have great insights now into the hidden spiritual forces driving this reality.

Oct. 25 – In Deep: This trip though Scorpio starts out powerfully with a big collection of energy in Scorpio. The Sun and Venus are conjoined in Scorpio and trine to Neptune in Pisces today, making this a powerful time for both intense emotion and creative imagination. The Moon is conjoined to Saturn in Scorpio leading to a feeling of emotional. Scorpio rules those deep waters of grief and loss, and this is a time when the intractable and uncomfortable realities of things like terrorism and ebola will be felt deeply on a collective level. Make time and space to process strong emotions and keep that flow going and you will make the most of this time.

Oct. 27 – Direct Communication: Mercury Retrograde is over, which is good news for anyone who likes to communicate with others. Mercury Retrograde is a great time for meditation and introspection, but because our attention is focused inward, it can be frustrating to try and communicate clearly with others. People are just not paying as close attention to the external world, which can lead to all sorts of snafus and debacles. If you are an extrovert who has been suffering through this period, take heart. It should be easier to make those connections and get the clear direct communication you are seeking again.

Nov. 2 -  Dredging Wedge: Mars and Pluto are conjoined to form the tip of a wedge aspect involving the Sun and Venus in Scorpio and Neptune the Moon and Chiron in Pisces. This is a great configuration for healing old wounds (Chiron) that have been keeping our relationships (Mars and Venus) from growing and evolving. It may feel like a rehashing of old hurts at first, but if we can expand our level of forgiveness and acceptance, this can be a time when those wounds are truly shifted in a positive direction. Scorpio is here to transform old patterns and habits by digging in and getting to the root of the problem and dredging the swamp of old negative emotions. And Pisces is there with unconditional love to dissolve the rot and give some pleasant aromatherapy to those old emotional waters. If there are any problems that you have been putting off dealing with in your relationships, now is a great time to dig in and do some dredging so the flow of energy can get going again.

Nov. 6 - Dark Light Sides of the Full Moon: Every planet other than Uranus and Mercury is involved in an interesting aspect pattern today during this Scorpio full moon. Saturn and Venus are conjoined to the Sun in Scorpio and on the side of the opposition, Jupiter in Leo is making a T-square aspect with the axis of the full moon that intensifies the tension of the opposition. Scorpio can be about things falling apart and dying, and both Leo and Taurus would like everything to live forever just the way it likes it. So look for resistance to dying into the dark recycling energies of today from your sunny and optimistic side. But on the other side of the full moon axis, Mars and Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron in Pisces are making a harmonious bucket aspect that relieves on half of the tension of the full moon. So our bucket is half full of juicy transformation and healing if we can let go of the way we want things to be and accept them as they are.

Nov. 11  – Incarnation Veteran’s Day: There is a powerful alignment of planets today amplifying the ongoing square between Pluto and Uranus that is pushing us slowly, kicking and screaming towards a new age of peace. Mars is conjoined to Pluto in Capricorn giving the dark lord and his military industrial forces even more bite than usual. And the Moon in Cancer is opposite to those two, causing the nurturing forces of the Divine Mother to be even more emotional than usual at the destruction and pain we cause to each other in our dance of separation. Uranus in Aries is there to offer us new opportunities. If we can open our minds to its lightning insights, we will be gifted with the keys for shifting our thinking and actions towards innovative solutions. The earth is a dense and heavy planet to be incarnated on, and today is a good day to meditate on the challenges of existence and give yourself and others extra love. Everyone who has fought and suffered their way through this dense existence can relate on some small level to the post-traumatic stress disorders our Veteran’s endure. Take that compassion and let it inspire you to do some small acts of loving kindness today for a fellow veteran of the earth plane. It will help make the world a more peaceful and loving place.