2014 Sagittarius Soul Forecast

On Nov 22, the Sun moved into the sign Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, which means that it is a flame that is always changing, like a softly flickering candle flame. It is not as bold and bright as the fire generated by Leo and Aries, but it still burns with an extroverted desire to express itself.

It is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the most massive planet in our solar system. So Sagittarius likes to do things on a grand scale. Jupiter’s giant gassy mass is 10 times the diameter of Earth, which fits with its astrological associations of expansion and abundance.

Collectively, we kick off Sagittarius with Thanksgiving, a feast of abundance and excess that also embodies the highest octave of Sagittarius flame, that spirit of deep gratitude and gratefulness. In 12 step recovery, the roots of addiction lie in resentment. The magical antidote to this is learning to have an attitude of gratitude. It’s amazing how simply focusing on gratitude can magnetize and bring forward the best in every situation. In Dr. Masura Emoto’s work studying how different vibrations create different water crystals, the words “Love” and “Gratitude” made some the most beautiful crystals. Even the essence of our mass shopping spree on “Black Friday” is really about putting our gratitude into action on the earth plane by showering our loved ones with generosity and abundance.

Ho-Ti, the laughing Buddha, is a great example of this happy-go-lucky Sagittarian energy, as is our jolly Santa Claus, with his rosy cheeks and his big sack brimming with goodies. Spiritual faith is a characteristic of Sagittarius, and the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a classic of this Sagittarian season that exemplifies the mountain moving power of faith. When we can look at our lives through Jupiter’s eyes, we can find the silver linings and the bright side of whatever we are struggling with. In the chakras, Jupiter associated with the third eye, the center of higher vision that can penetrate through the disturbing surface of things to reveal their beautiful shimmering essence, the flickering candle flame of Spirit.

Magic and synchronicity are the ways that this Jupitarian third eye consciousness works in the world. When we tune into our inner vision and knowing and let Jupiter run the show, things tend to fall into place easily and effortlessly. In one of Robert Moss’ many excellent books about dreaming, "The Three Only Things," he delineates three critical third eye guidance functions of our higher selves that are typically dismissed in Western culture to our detriment. People say it’s “only” a dream or “only a coincidence” or “only your imagination”. But when we pay attention to these three “only” things and follow their guidance, our lives can glide to success on a Jupiterian magic carpet. In the midst of these economic hard times, surrounded by the energy of lack and limitation, we need to be constantly reminded that what we see as empty space is actually brimming with limitless energy. Abundance is right there in the palm of our hands if we can just let go of the trance of limitation and master the power of our imagination.

Sagittarius culminates with the Winter Solstice, the time of the greatest extremes of darkness and light in our solar cycle. One of the things that makes this particular solstice special is that we are in the middle of a window of about 30 years where the solstices line up closely with the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. Sagittarius brings divine communication, and what could be more divinely enlightening than having this window insight into the mysterious singularity at the center of our galaxy? One of the archetypes for Sagittarius is the yogi in the cave, so this is a great time for meditation. Take some quiet time to tap into your divine mind and you can receive great guidance! After the transformational turmoil of Scorpio, we can settle down now and tune into that still small voice within that will help us rebuild our world in greater alignment with Spirit. Sagittarius’ one pointed arrows of fire will always hit the bull’s eye, as they are guided by our Higher Mind. We need only learn how to trust our inner knowing and fire away!

Nov. 27 – Thanksgiving creativity. The cosmic weather is interesting today, and should provide for lots of creative engagement at family gatherings. There is a strong fire presence, with the Sun and Venus in Sagittarius aligning with Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries to give us all a big boost in spiritual energy. With all the fires burning, there should be less sleeping and more spirited and engaged conversations than usual this holiday. And if we can step down and take some breaks from our passionate soap boxes, and really listen to each other’s impassioned beliefs, we just might come to know and appreciate each other on a deeper level. The only curve ball to watch out for is Mercury and Saturn conjoined in Scorpio, which is sort of like the grumpy drunk uncle on Saturday Night Live, constantly throwing a wet blanket of darkness and negativity over anyone’s positive expressions. But you may even find some love for those bludgeoning curmudgeons at your table today. The outlet point of all this fire energy is the moon in Aquarius, so today, we can be more grateful than usual for all the weird and wonderful points of view that make up the diverse patchwork of our family and culture. If all goes well, you may find yourself seeing the brightest side of that rag tag group of misfits you call family. Like the Bad News Bears, you may find their antics a little more endearing than usual. You may find them getting under your skin and pulling at your heartstrings in a new way. If we use this magic gratitude to find better ways of getting along and supporting each other on a small scale, we will be doing our part towards healing the large scale divisions that humanity is facing.

Dec. 5. - Gather ‘Round the Heart Fire. The Sun and Mercury are conjoined in Sagittarius today making a close harmonious trine with Uranus in Aries. There is a new hope and optimism that is present now in the cosmic weather. After the emotional storms of Scorpio, we can settle into the gentle warmth of Sagittarius now and get down to our spiritual center. Sagittarius can cut through the busy, complicated surface of things and get at the simple essential truths that warm our hearts like the glowing coals of a well stoked fire. If you have been struggling with dark thoughts and feelings, now is a time when you can more easily change your mind. It is easier now to hear that still small voice of spirit that is constantly whispering positive things. And Mars in Aquarius is trine to the Moon in Gemini, so this is a great time to reach out and share that positive commentary that is coming to you with the ones that you love. Communication from the heart is bound to hit the mark and spark off a great wave of paying that warm love forward. If we can be brave enough to express our deepest selves, it will help call forth the most authentic parts of others. If we all put our love and gratitude into action, we can start a great trend of generosity and giving. Instead of cultivating the withdrawn, detached energy of “cool”, we can start a new catch phrase and strive for and affirm engaged, supportive “warm” energy instead.

Dec. 11 – Holiday Bonfire. The fire energy continues to build crackling peak today, making a great bonfire of joy. Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius are now closely trine to Jupiter and the Moon in Leo, making this a great time for holiday parties and celebrations. Even the hardest of frozen hearts will find it hard not to be thawed out by the warm glow of hope that is present today. Even the most pinched and grinchy hearts may find themselves growing a few sizes and becoming more generous and positive. This is a let the good times roll steamroller of positive energy that can bring the spirit of hope to even the darkest corners of suffering. Like Patch Adams embodying that healing medicine of laughter and happiness, we can all shake off some of our heaviness and be more enlightened and lighthearted today, no matter how grave our external circumstances. Let yourself follow this bouncing fireball as it teaches us how to pronounce a new mantra of radiant happiness!