2014 Capricorn Soul Forecast

After the Winter Solstice, the sun moved into Capricorn, which is a Cardinal earth sign. The cardinal signs are the most representative of their elemental essence, which means that Capricorn is the most deeply rooted and earthy of the Zodiacal signs. It’s ruled by practical, concrete Saturn making this a great time to focus on shoring up worldly concerns. Saturn has the opposite energy to the joyful, cheery Jupiter energy of last month. Saturn is serious and disciplined, controlled and responsible. The rollicking holiday gatherings are over, and now we are broke and faced with big bills from our generous gift giving. The days are short and cold and we begin to get itchy, feeling the restriction of being cooped up indoors.

When we hit New Year’s, we start looking back at the past year and making resolutions to improve ourselves, focusing all too often on our disappointments and how we’ve fallen short of our goals. Saturn asks us for discipline and commitment to loving structures and routines that can help bring our big ideas and dreams down to reality. But sometimes the fierce work ethic and grim determination with which it approaches the task of manifesting can be overwhelming. Partly, this is due a long history of bad examples of Saturn energy. We have had thousands of years of oppressive systems and structures forced upon us which makes us all wary of anything too rigidly ordered. Saturn is associated with the Father archetype and we have had a lot of bad examples that cloud our understanding of this energy. This If we look at the actual crystalline structure of the planet though, we will get a more hopeful glimpse of Saturn’s message. The planet Saturn is filled with beautiful crystalline geometries. Phi ratios abound in its magical rings, and there is even a Star of David that forms at it’s north pole. The structures that Saturn is directing us towards are the sacred life creating ones of triangles and phi spirals. But because we have frequently viewed it through a skewed historical lens, it has been associated with the cross and the square instead.

The cross in Saturn’s traditional glyph represents the world and all of its dense challenges. And it is true that where Saturn falls in your chart is where you may experience challenges and tests. Saturn rules the school of hard knocks. But these trials and tribulations mature us. They force us to find hidden strength and courage in order to overcome obstacles and reach a level of mastery that would never have been possible without that challenge. If you look at the first round of Saturn transits through the chart you can see how intimately its path is tied to our process of maturation. The first major Saturn aspect we experience is the square to your natal Saturn which happens around 7 years old. Playtime is over, and we have to go to school and learn to start fitting into society and following rules. The next major Saturn aspect is the opposition, which happens around 14 years of age. This is the aspect that in underpinning adolescence rebellion. It is where we resist and question the rules and resist the authorities who blindly enforce them. Then comes the second square which is around 22. This is another crossroad moment in life, often coinciding with completing college and taking career and relationships much more seriously. Finally, somewhere around 29 is the Saturn return. At this time, Saturn has gone all the way around your chart and come back to where it was when you were born. This is considered astrological adulthood, the point when your personality is fully mature, having gained precious wisdom from all of Saturn’s initiations .

Jan. 4 – New World Full Moon: The full moon with the Sun in Capricorn in the Moon in Cancer is aligned with the ongoing square between Pluto and Uranus. The full moon is calling loudly for transformation now. Pluto is about death and rebirth and what needs to die here are violent and self-protective ways of being. Uranus is in Aries on the collective south node, meaning we are cleaning out old karma that has to do with structures of power that involved control by violence and threat of violence. The Age of Aries was the Old Testament biblical period, and the peak of Greco-Roman and Egyptian excess. This aspect pattern is another chance to heal those bloody roots and take to the streets demanding a world of peace and equality. The most visible manifestation of this energy has been the outrage and protest over racism and police brutality and the continued injustice of our system. This is a chance when we can heal some of that great pain and move away from the Arian seeds of slavery and violence that began our western civilization. This is a great day to reflect on any aspects of our violent system that you have internalized and to dissolve them with love and compassion.

Jan. 8 - Gateway between the Worlds: There is an interesting alignment right now with Jupiter and the Moon in Leo opposite to Mars in Aquarius. In the big picture, we are just on the cusp of a New Age of Aquarius. And in the cosmic balancing act, there is a thread of connection between now and the Age of Leo, which peaked around 10,500 BC. The great pyramids of the Giza plateau mirror the sky of that time, and the Sphinx would have looked out at the constellation Leo on the eastern horizon on the spring equinox at that time as well. There is recent evidence that it is a least that old. And there are many other mysterious and megalithic fingers that point to this time of the age of Leo being a peak of an ancient technologically advanced civilization. For a full exploration, the books of journalist Graham Hancock are very consciousness expanding. The story that has trickled down of this civilization we know of as Atlantis is that it fell due to the sins of pride and selfishness. This hoarding of power and control is the Achilles heel of Leo, and now we are being given a chance to balance that karma and do things differently. We are beginning to build a new, Aquarian civilization where equality is the core value and where power is shared democratically. Look for technological wonders to come to the forefront as this bridge opens between the worlds. A Russian physicist recently replicated the low energy nuclear reaction in Andrea Rossi’s E-cat. It has the energy density of a nuclear reaction but produces no waste or radiation, and it uses cheap and plentiful raw materials. We are close to the flowering of such new technologies that will benefit all and make for a more peaceful and harmonious world.

Jan. 16 – Mystic Crystal Revelations: Mercury and Venus in Aquarius are making a harmonious Sextile aspect with Uranus in Aries. If we all stepped up to the plate on the 4th and resolved to shed some of our old negative energy, now is a time when we can see glimmers of a new way of being that is free from those old structures of pain and violence. Again, this is a prime aspect for technological breakthroughs, so keep an eye out for good news of novel solutions to our energy and environmental problems. Perhaps the LENR coverage will break into the mainstream. Uranus and Aquarius are associated with the 3rd eye, making this a great time for visions and dreams. Take advantage of this magical energy and visit your future self today. Spend some time with the future you and you may get some valuable insights into how you get there.