2015 Aries Soul Forecast

On March 21st, the Spring Equinox, the Sun has moved out of into the sign of Aries. Aries is ruled by the red planet Mars and is associated with the fight or flight survival energy of the 1st chakra. It is a Cardinal fire sign, making it the brightest burning of all the fire signs. It can be intense, but its energy is not as sustainable as some of the other fire signs. It tends to alternate between periods of burning passion and enthusiasm, and periods of burnout and recovery. Aries would definitely resonate with the motto “it’s better to burn out than fade away!” Aries is the beginning point of the zodiac and as such it is associated with youth and new beginnings. Mars and the first chakra govern the physical body and its vitality. Aries is attuned with our basic animal nature, our red pulsing blood and the needs and desires of our physical body. Like the Ram, its animal totem, Aries can be hard headed and single minded in the pursuit of their desires, battering anything that stands in their way. So Aries is a great time to spring forward and break free from the doldrums of winter. It is a perfect time to initiate new routines and start taking better care of our bodies, getting them out and about and working them out. Our big cultural ritual in Aries of course is Easter, which is all about the higher octave of Aries, the rebirth and resurrecting energy of new beginnings. It is about new shoots pushing their way up through the ground and initiating a new cycle of life.

This is an especially intense month of Aries, as the ongoing square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn is still quite close and will be highlighted and intensified several times during the month. This world changing square is in the final phase of its long transformative arc which began in 2010, so it is likely that this summer and fall we may see some dramatic conclusions to long running conflicts. The cycles of the European debt crisis have been closely tied to this ongoing Pluto Uranus square, and it is heating up again with the latest round of negotiations with Greece. The Syrzia party recently won a popular mandate based on its promise to renegotiate the brutal terms of its austerity agreements with its European creditors. If Greece defaults or end up leaving the Eurozone it could be the catalyst that starts to unravel the unsustainable web of global debt and topple the whole house of economic cards. People are beginning to trace their suffering to the corrupt banking and political systems that have been enacting policies that make the problem worse for the many while benefiting themselves. The global explosion of money printing and debt creation that was the institutional response to the financial crisis of 2008 has created great wealth for the asset class while doing nothing for those struggling in the real economy. In fact, those warped policies have created and even more fragile and unsustainable reality. If Aries starts to go rogue and the run on banks in Greece starts a panic where great numbers of Europeans begin to lose faith in the state and start to act independently, it could trigger another dramatic financial collapse.

Looking at the character of the Astrological age of Aries (around 1800 BC-360 AD) can give us an insight into the energy of Aries writ large. Think of the fire and brimstone of the Old Testament Bible, and its judgmental, combative, and jealous God Yaweh. Moses is a very Arian figure, embodying the Magician archetype as he leads his people to freedom though his many tricks. But just like an Aries he gets denied entry to the promised land because his ego gets the best of him and he takes credit for some of his magic. Interestingly, he also leads his people on a symbolic journey away from worshiping the Golden Calf (Age of Taurus) to a practice based on the sacrifice of rams. Just think of the rise of self-serving, hedonistic, war mongering Greco-Roman Empire, and you will see the bloody shadow of Aries. But we also see a dramatic increase in the empowerment of the individual through the birth of democratic ideals during this time, as well as an adventurous trend toward monotheistic unification that pushed the envelope of our spiritual understanding.

March 29th– Fire and hearthstone- There are interesting alignments today that will both intensify and stabilize the ongoing tension between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter and the Moon in Leo are making a harmonious trine to the Sun and Uranus in Aries, inflaming that Aries desire to make changes and create a brave new world. Uranus in Aries is Prometheus, bringing that flame of empowerment to the people. And right now the people are riled up and calling for all changes that increase freedom and equality. Normally during this ongoing square, Pluto in Capricorn would not tolerate that kind of insolence and would be doing its best to shut down and oppress that revolutionary flame. But right now, Venus is in its home sign of Taurus, making a harmonious trine to Pluto, bringing a heartfelt gentleness to that sometimes cold hard energy. So the powers that be may find themselves without the heart to do their usual reactionary dance, and we may see key concessions made by institutions to nurture the needs of the people. There is the chance right now for the powers that be to display a greater level of patience and generosity. This is around the time that Greece should be running out of cash to keep up with their onerous schedule of debt repayment, so it will be interesting to see if they are giving some greater degree of forgiveness or assistance under this energy.

April 4thFull Moon Standoff: On this anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, The full moon is taking place with the Sun in Aries and the moon in Libra right on top of Uranus in Aries. With all of the harsh reminders in the last year of the persistence of racist oppression and brutality, look for a strong burst of Aries fire today highlighting the need to keep fighting for freedom and equality. The Ferguson report shined some light on Pluto in Capricorn and the institutionalized structures of racial oppression that create the frustration and anger that bursts into flame in periodic flashes of Arian violence. Look for a more strident call to reform our dysfunctional institutions and enhance our individual rights against the power abuses of the military industrial state today.

April 8th – Reify the Dream- The Sun and Mercury are in Aries conjoined to Uranus today, calling for collective change and transformation. The Moon and Saturn are conjoined in Sagittarius and square to Neptune in Pisces adding to the tension of this moment. Saturn and Neptune are very opposite energies and it is a challenge now to blend dreams and reality. Great art is possible when the two can be brought together, but it is not an easy process. There is a longing today for a more idyllic world, but also a sense of great forces that are trying to blockade that progress. With Saturn in Sagittarius, religious fundamentalism and orthodoxy are the primary obstacles to the peace and harmony that Neptune is seeking. Watch out for high pitched religious fervor and intolerance. Try to find a peaceful retreat where you can be an artist and figure out how to make your creative dreams a reality.

April 11h – Shining a moonbeam in the dark- The moon in Capricorn is making a brief transit over the Pluto end of the Uranus Pluto square today. The Uranus end of the square has been strongest this month, making positive change and loving destruction of oppressive structures the most likely outcome of this round of cosmic squaring off. But today, Uranus may lose the battle, and we may feel like depressing and regressive energies have prevailed for the moment. Pluto is cold and dark and controlling,  and with this burst of moonshine amplifying its energy, we can all feel its creepy presence today. Because it is a moonbeam, we won’t necessarily see what Pluto has been up to behind the scenes to try to maintain its dark empire, but we will be able to feel it.