2015 Capricorn Soul Forecast

After the solstice, the sun moved in Capricorn, which is a Cardinal earth sign. The cardinal signs are the most representative of their element, which means that Capricorn is the most deeply rooted and earthy of the Zodiac signs. It is ruled by practical Saturn, making this a great time to focus on getting all the concrete details in order. Saturn’s energy is opposite to that of Jupiter, the happy go lucky Sagittarius energy that we are shifting out of from last month. Jupiter rules expansion and Saturn rules contraction. Jupiter is jolly and Saturn is serious. Both are considered teacher planets, and both can teach us a lot, but their methods are very different. Jupiter tends to teach by adding things, by offering opportunities. Saturn tends to teach us by subtracting things, taking away the things that no longer serve us. Interestingly, the forms of the actual planets mirror these astrological concepts. Jupiter is big and gassy and expansive, while Saturn is much smaller and ordered with its crystalline rings.

Saturn’s astrological symbol has a cross in it, which symbolizes the dense challenges of earthly incarnation. Where falls in your chart tends to be where you’ll have to go to the school of hard knocks. Saturn deepens and matures us, forcing us to find hidden strength to overcome the obstacles that it places in our path. If you look at the first round of Saturn transits through the chart, you can see how intimately its path is tied to the process of maturation. The first major Saturn aspect we experience is the square to our natal Saturn, which happens around 7 years old. Playtime is over and we have to go to school and learn how to fit into society and follow rules. The next major Saturn aspect is the opposition, which happens around age 14. This is the aspect that fuels our adolescence rebellion. We fight passionately against external restrictions and limitations. Saturn is associated with the archetype of Father, so we often focus this rebellious energy against the rules and structures imposed by our fathers and other authority figures. After that comes the second square, which is around 21. Here we see more rites of passage, often coinciding with completion of college and taking career and relationships much more seriously. Finally somewhere around 28 or 29 is the Saturn return which means that Saturn has gone all the way around your chart and come back to where it was when you were born. This is considered astrological adulthood, a point when your personality is fully mature from having withstood all of Saturn’s testing and initiation.

The transition from the giddy festivity of Sagittarius to the grim realities of Capricorn can be depressing. Fun filled gatherings are over, and there are big bills to pay off. The days are short and dark, and we start to feel the restriction of being cooped up indoors. We hit New Year’s and we start looking back at the past year and making resolutions to improve ourselves focusing all too often on our disappointments and how we’ve fallen short of our goals. Saturn asks us for discipline and commitment to loving structures that can bring our big ideas and dreams down to reality. It is the spirit of hard work and determination that dominates these days. Saturn can help us get down to business and get serious about our dreams. It can give us the strength to make the sacrifices we need to make to accomplish our long term goals.  Try to make friends with Saturn, and work with its energy and you will be become a much more stable and grounded Earthling.  

December 27thHeart Surgery: There is an interesting alignment today where Jupiter in Virgo is trine to Mercury in Capricorn and sextile to Venus in Scorpio. The outlet point of this pattern, Venus in Scorpio is about transformation of the heart. It is not always pretty when Scorpio is involved, so there may be some painful surgical procedures involved. This is a time to let go of old habits in relationships that are causing suffering. It is a time to be willing to go outside of your comfort zone and talk about difficult issues. If you can bring your shadows into the light and talk about what is going on underneath the surface manifestations, there is a great opportunity for healing and soul growth right now. With Jupiter in communicative Virgo making a harmonious trine to Mercury, the lines of communication are wide open. With all of this supportive earth energy, it is possible to talk things through and find solutions for whatever difficulties are uncovered. Let yourself go deep and clean out your psychic closets and any grinchy energy in your heart will grow three sizes today!

January 6-23rd- Mercury Retrograde: Mercury Retrogrades are the periods when Mercury appears to be moving backward in the sky, and as Mercury rules communication, they are generally times when direct communication is more difficult. Mercury Retrograde periods are associated with all kinds of communications snafus, and it is generally recommended to avoid making big contracts and commitments under this influence as there can easily be misunderstandings and erroneous assumptions. These are great times for mediation and reflection and inward journeys though, so focus on self-exploration and discovery if you want to make the most of this time. Make extra effort to be clear and detailed in your communications with others if you need to get a message across. Check and double check and make sure that everyone is on the same page. Understanding and comprehension is less likely to happen naturally right now, so taking those extra steps can save a lot of trouble and confusion down the road.

January 7th- Winter Fire: The Moon, Venus, and Saturn are all conjoined today in fiery Sagittarius making a trine with Uranus in Aries, which itself is still square to the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. We may have  to face some dark and disturbing challenges in the world, but there is a fire of hope and optimism today that can help us focus on finding solutions and keep us from giving in to cynicism and despair. Let yourself be inspired to do something to support a New Age of peace and prosperity today. Let the fire of your spirit shine and your passion will ignite the same flame in the hearts of others. When we are aligned with that fire of spirit, we can take down the old oppressive structures and start fresh, building a more perfect union. This is a critical growth period for humanity, and today is a great day to focus on what we do want to create. Forget terrorism, and think of the historic Paris accord on climate change. Forget the violence and suffering in the world and be inspired that Michael Moore’s new documentary is turning away from picking on problems to focus completely on solutions. As the new Star Wars movie has given us fans new hope for the franchise, use your imagination and water your baby dream seeds so you can make your contribution to a more positive future where dark and light are kept in perfect balance and wholeness.

Jan 9thNew Moon Resolution: This new moon in Capricorn is taking place right on top of Pluto. If you didn’t participate in the collective resolution making tradition of New Year’s, you may want to rethink things today, as Pluto is here to add a little more forcefulness to the necessity for change. If you did make some resolutions, you may find your commitment severely tested today. This is a powerful energy of discipline. Ghandi had a really strong Pluto energy and you may want to call on him to accomplish your own goals today. It may feel like you are taking a beating but if you can find the soul power to stick it out and stick to your plan you will be richly rewarded in two weeks when the full moon comes to reap the seed you sew today. If you give in and go back to old habits you may find the results to be even more destructive and disappointing than usual. So make those changes and support those loving structures! Now is a time when deep and lasting change is possible.