2014 Libra Soul Forecast

The Sun shifted into the constellation of Libra on September 22nd, the autumnal equinox. Libra’s symbol is the scales of justice, and it is fitting that it begins on this day of perfect balance between light and dark. It is an air sign ruled by the planet Venus. In the chakras, Venus is associated with the heart chakra, the green, glowing center of our energetic system. The goddesses Aphrodite and Kwan Yin are archetypes of this beautiful, heart centered energy, encouraging us to appreciate and nurture the world, and luxuriate in its beauty. The symbol for the planet Venus derives from the Egyptian Ankh, the source of life wielded by another cosmic Goddess, Isis.  

Libras are sweet and gentle, and their greatest motivation is to create peace and harmony. Love and beauty and art are hallmarks of Libra, so this is a great time for all kinds of creative activity. During the critical and divided mental energy of Virgo, escalating world tensions brought us to a new level of violence and conflict. Now, the big open heart of Libra is here to hopefully offer some sweet relief and bridge building opportunities.

All air signs have to do with relationships, and Libra’s specialty is love relationships. We often associate love with the element of water, because of the powerful emotional bonding that takes place in intimate relationships. But Libra’s unconditional love is more open and airy. It involves a depth of acceptance that is as boundless and omnipresent as the air we breathe. We often take air for granted because it is so light and transparent, just as the power of Libra’s love may go unnoticed because of its sweet subtlety.

Interestingly, there are statistically more weddings in October than average, so love is definitely in the air right now, making this is a great time to focus on sharing your heart with your loved ones and healing any wounds that may be blocking that bridge of love. This is also a great time to try to stretch the boundaries of your heart and embrace people who are hard for you to love. We all share the same air and when there is conflict, Libra is a master at balancing the scales and making a fair compromise that benefits everyone a little bit. So let that vibrant breath of life fill your lungs and give your heart the mindfulness and courage to speak out only the peace and harmony that you would like to receive when you breathe back in.

Thich Nhat Hanh said in his book Being Peace, “without being peace, we cannot do anything for peace. If we cannot smile, we cannot help other people to smile. If we are not peaceful, then we cannot contribute to the peace movement.” So with that wisdom in mind, let sweet Libra lead your heart towards peace. Focus on building those bridges of love. Use art and beauty and loving kindness to help remind yourself and everyone else of the unifying truth that we all share the same air and we are all in this together.

Sept 23rd - New Moon Bloom – The seed of Libra energy is planted today as the Moon and Sun conjoin in the beginning degrees of Libra. This is a good time to take action to plant seeds of peace, love and beauty in the garden of your own heart. If you nurture that gentle, loving energy over the next two weeks, it will bloom into something exquisite with the arrival of the full moon. Do something nice for someone and don’t be afraid to be a fool for love!

Oct 8th- Full Moon Fire Kite- Today, coinciding with the full moon is a rare astrological alignment called a kite. This consists of a grand trine (triangle) of planets with one of them locked in an opposition with a fourth planet. This forms a pattern of lines that looks like a kite. This kite involves Mars and Jupiter trine to Uranus and the Moon in the fire signs. Fire is outwardly expressive and can be angry and explosive when you add Uranus and Mars into the mix. Jupiter adds to the conflagration cocktail, making everything bigger and more intense. Uranus has been on the collective south node in Aries, so old conflicts like Arab vs Israeli, Christian vs Muslim, etc. have been flaring up and intensifying in order to ultimately bring collective healing. The outlet point for the pent up energy of the fire trine is the tip of the kite which is in Libra. Healing and transformation of the burning fires of rage is much more possible today with the Sun and Venus teaming up in Libra near the collective north node to oppose all this wildfire. The calm cooling love that Libra is bringing offers opportunities to cease firing and find common ground and compromises. Libra is the sign of the diplomat, and now is a time when gaps can be bridged and progress can be made towards peace and harmony.  This is a brief window, but if you have been meaning to repair a relationship that has been damaged by out of control fires, now is a great time to attempt to make amends.

Oct 13th – Whatever oppositional healing process was initiated during the full moon of the 8th can find a sense of resolution and completion today. The Sun and Venus are closely conjoined to the collective North Node in Libra today, teaching us all how to live in harmony and love more unconditionally. If we stepped up to the plate on the 8th and worked on reigning in and refining our wildfires, we can enjoy a few days of peaceful serenity now. This alignment is just one planet short of the most harmonious arrangement of planets called the Grand Sextile, which is a Star of David Pattern of two interlocking triangles. With the Moon in Gemini sparking lots conversation, this is a perfect day to get past your wounds and limitations and speak the truth of your heart. Any kind of healing activity is favored today. Make love, make music, make art! Do your part to create heaven on Earth!