2014 Virgo Soul Forecast

The sun is now shining its light on the stars of Virgo, highlighting this earth sign ruled by Mercury. The sunshine fun of Leo is over, and it is time to leave our creative vacations and get back to our routines of school and work. Virgo is harvest time, a time when we can enjoy the fruits of our summer labors. It is also the time when we analyze and evaluate the seeds that we planted in the spring, determining which were the most fruitful. This seasonal process of sorting and evaluation is one way the divided, mental energy of Mercury expresses itself in the physical world. Other common manifestations of Mercury coming down to Earth are Virgo’s desire to clean, order, and organize. Virgo likes things to be thoughtfully and consciously arranged, and the extreme of Virgo energy can be that kind of OCD that can’t tolerate the messiness and chaos of existence, constantly battling to control it by shifting a picture frame or washing their hands obsessively. 

The symbol of Virgo is the Virgin, which is not about literal virginity, but more about a kind of ideal purity that Virgo strives to realize. Virgo is associated with health and diet, and Virgo’s are usually very conscious and careful about what they put in their bodies. They may be very picky about food and they may suffer from allergies and intolerances. Health and dietary supplements are definitely popular with Virgos. They love trying to create optimum conditions, and they enjoy working in health care, where they can fix and tweak the physical to their heart’s content. Virgo’s passion for tinkering makes them great mechanics or technicians. When they come upon methods that are effective, they will then try to get everybody to see the benefits of their systems and wisdom, which can get them in trouble with those who see their efforts as critical and meddling.

Virgos have an authentic desire to serve and can find their highest expression in the service industry, especially in positions that involve communication, something that is a priority for them with their strong mental energies. A job well done is something that makes a Virgo happy. And they are always looking for ways to do things more effectively, which can be frustrating for those who don’t share their idealism and see their fixing energy as judgmental and controlling. Virgo is mutable earth though, so it is capable of shifting its opinion if it sees strong evidence and practical results coming from another approach. But it does have a hard time letting go of its way of doing things for reasons that are based on emotions instead of logic.

Virgo’s Mercurial energy of constant questioning causes it to be one of the least confident astrological energies. They are often plagued by feelings of doubt and inadequacy. So it is not surprising that historically there have been many financial crises that originated in Virgo. Interestingly, in Sun Bear’s Earth Medicine Astrology, the animal totem for Virgo is the Bear. So we may see the beginning of a real “Bear Market” this month. Because our economy has become more and more divorced from reality and more and more entwined with psychology, Virgo may see a further erosion of confidence in our financial system.

Robin William’s recent passing has highlighted the tragic shadow side of Virgo, which can be relentlessly self-critical and self-destructive.  Virgo is the astrological sign most associated with suicide, and Robin’s south node was in Virgo, meaning he was coming from many lifetimes of being immersed in Virgo energy. And his Venus was in Virgo conjoined with his south node, which made it more challenging to detach from that energy. His soul path was about moving towards Pisces, about getting out of his critical mind and learning to live in the world of faith and magic and emotional flow that he helped create so masterfully in the movie What Dreams May Come. And his moon was in Pisces right on top of his north node, so he was able to go there through acting, surrendering into roles that embodied the Piscean place of compassion and peace that his soul was seeking. He brought such joy and laughter and inspiration to others, but deep in his heart (Venus) he obviously still harbored those dark depressing Virgo judgments that can cause us to lose hope and give up. It is so tragic how he could uplift others so magically as the compassionate healer in Awakenings and Patch Adams, but he couldn’t heal his own dark energy when facing similar mental and physical health challenges. Let’s send him love and light and visualize him finding himself inside the magic of the astral world of What Dreams May Come, with loving and persistent souls pulling him out of darkness and guiding him towards a happy Pisces ending.

August 25thRestless New Moon: This New Moon in Virgo is full of restless energy. Virgo’s normally hyperactive mind has a lot to worry about these days with beheadings and riots making it easy to go negative.  With Neptune in Pisces in opposition to this New Moon, there is a great longing for a more peaceful and harmonious world that makes the brutality and chaos of our current reality harder to bear. Currently the North Node is situated in Libra. This means that collectively, we are learning how to move out of the rough and rugged energy of Aries and toward the gentle sweetness of Libra. We are learning to stop fighting for self interest and start compromising for the sake of harmonious relationship. We are learning to move from animalistic fight or flight approaches to problems towards heart centered ways of creating lasting love and justice. There is a fixed square going on now as well between Venus in Leo and Mars and Saturn in Scorpio that underlines the classic opposition between Mars and Venus. The masculine energy in the world is being caught up in dark and violent power struggles while the feminine energy is trying to stay positive and creative, making for a great deal of relational tension. With Uranus in Aries making a tight trine to Venus, we would all do well to listen to the feminine wisdom that is present now. It is an intense and fiery lightning bolt, trying to wake us up and help us evolve to a New Age where all that masculine energy can be transformed and channeled in a healthier direction.

August 29th- Softening the Fire: The Moon is travelling through Libra and joining the collective north node. This is a brief healing portal where that soft peaceful Libra energy can enter and bring some much needed relief to those who have been engaged in Arian firefights. It is a good day to take a break and seek out beauty and healing. 

August 31st – Hades Moon: The Moon is touching on the Mars Saturn conjunction in Scorpio today that is at the root of the current violent power struggles. Look for an intensification of conflict and intractability, and watch out for hidden resentments and anger. The impulse of Scorpio is to transform, and the higher octave of this energy is a Pheonix. So this is a good day to look at our shadows and do the work of embracing and transforming the darkness within us, so we can move one step closer to global peace and healing.  

September 8th – Wounded Full Moon- This full moon is taking place with the Moon conjoined to Chiron in Pisces. Chiron is the energy of the wounded healer, and in this case it is in a sign that has to do with wounds around religion. Look for the spotlight to be on religious extremism and tensions to be high between the rationalists and the true believers. The best use of this opposition would be to use the dynamic tension to help us expand to a more holistic consciousness that can embrace both of these contradictory positions. If we can do that, we can heal some of our personal and collective wounds around religious intolerance and treat each other more humanely.

September 11th  Healing the Root- The moon has come full circle to conjoin Uranus and the south node in Aries. This is an opportunity to heal some of the rage and hurt at the root of our endless warring. With the visceral intensity of terrorism back in the forefront of our consciousness, it would be easy to fall into Aries fight or flight survival mode today and spend it defending and justify our aggressive actions. And it would not be surprising to see yet another tragic outburst of suicidal violence on this horrible anniversary. But our souls are being called to break the cycle of violence and move away from Aries and towards Libra. We will be happiest if we use the raw energy present today to motivate us to open our hearts and work harder to create a Libra world of peace and harmony.