2014 Leo Soul Forecast

The sun is now travelling through the starry backdrop of Leo. The Sun rules Leo, so it shines most brightly when it is here in its happy zodiac home. The long, hot “dog days” of August are a peak of solar energy here in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun is our star and our central point of creative radiance, the great I AM energy. Its light and warmth are the source of all life in our solar system, giving the Sun paramount astrological importance. The power and centrality of the Sun is why simple Sun Sign astrology can be so accurate in delineating our basic personality. You can think of our Sun as a lens or filter channeling the divine light into this dimension. Each of the different star clusters that are aligned with the Sun when we are born provide a different twist to the cosmic energy that the Sun beams into existence, giving us all our unique personalities.

            In the chakras, the Sun is associated with the 3rd chakra, which is situated appropriately in our solar plexus. The 3rd chakra is associated with our mental body and is the nexus of our ego identity. So the placement of the Sun shows what we identify with, the personal preferences that form the basic elements of our personality. The Sun is fire energy, making Leo primarily a spiritual energy. Fire is the element that can transform most rapidly. It blazes brightly, and excites all the other elements to accelerate their own processes and pick up the pace of changing their states.
          The sun and Leo are associated with creativity and play, and if you look around, you will see great displays of creative brilliance during this time. Summer Festivals like Burning Man exemplify this outpouring of creative intensity. Leo brings us summer fun and summer love. It is the last gasp of play and vacation before the serious and practical back to school energy of Virgo takes hold.
          Like the Sun, Leo’s like to share their light with the world, and they have no trouble being in the spotlight. So this is a great time for all of us to reach for the stars and increase our creative self-expression. We can look to our Leo friends for inspiration on how to do that. Their fire can lead us into a healthier state of ego fulfillment, that joyful state of universal co-creation the human potential movement dubbed “self- actualization”.
          Not surprisingly, the astrological Age of Leo, which took place between 10,500 and 8500 BC was actually a peak of human creativity and technological achievement. Cosmic author Graham Hancock, makes a very compelling case that the height of Atlantean culture took place around this time. Many megalithic structures mirror the skies of that specific time period. If you would like to have your mind blown about human history, you should check out his many well researched books. The greatest evidence we have for some ancient, technologically advanced civilization are the megalithic wonders of the Giza Plateau, the main pyramids of which are aligned to the belt stars of the constellation Orion. The entry to the whole Giza complex is aligned with the star Regulus. It is the brightest star in Leo, and the one that forms the heart of the Lion. In 10,500 BC, the beginning of the Age of Leo, the Giza Sphinx was looking out at the stars of Leo at sunrise on the Spring Equinox. Geologist Robert Schoch has argued that because of the extensive water weathering patterns on the Sphinx, the Sphinx must be at least as old as 10,500BC. And if you study the incredible precision of the Giza Pyramid, as mechanical engineer Christopher Dunn has, you will quickly come to the conclusion that it could only have been constructed by a much more technologically advanced culture than mainstream historians claim. Christopher has spent many years meticulously documenting all of the evidence for advanced granite machining in the construction of the Giza plateau and I would encourage you to check out his books and theories.  

It seems as though the wheels have been coming off globally with a lot of emotionally driven reactive conflicts breaking out during Cancer. These situations are likely to intensify in the fires of Leo, as its individualistic consciousness doesn’t lend itself well to compromise or surrender. Leo is a fixed fire, and it can be relentless in the pursuit of its personal agenda. In the legend of Atlantis, the fall of their great civilization was precipitated by pride, which fits well with egotistical shadow side of Leo. Let your creative energy shine, but keep an eye on the wily power games of your ego. Let yourself shine bright, but know that the creative force that flows through you is above and beyond your ego and don’t get attached to it or try to control it.


July 23 – Epic Battles – The Sun and Jupiter are conjoined in Leo today, making a hard square with Mars in Libra. That is a recipe for big time tension and conflict, as the Sun Jupiter and Leo all do things on a grand scale. Look for any conflict to intensify on July 25th when Mars moves forward into the fixed swampy waters of Scorpio. These fixed squares are particularly intense, and they require a lot of compromise and spiritual transformation to be resolved peacefully. So this is a good time to brush up on your spiritual yoga and learn to merge, or risk getting conscripted into one camp or another of these epic battles. Mercury is making a T-square out of the ongoing Pluto and Uranus square as well at this time, so there is an opportunity for insight into the transformative urge driving all of this conflict.  Karl Marx’s dialectical materialism theory about all forward progress coming through opposition and conflict will seem extra credible during this three day stretch. But there is a chance to glimpse beneath the surface of this material world and see the spiritual healing intention behind all of this violence and struggle.


Aug 1st-  Harvest Fest - Venus in nurturing Cancer and the Moon in sweet Libra are arriving in an ambulance today to help the wounded and soothe some of this tension and struggle. The Moon in Libra cries for peace and healing, and it is very close to the collective North Node in Libra. Collectively, we are learning right now the soul lessons of Libra. We are learning how to love in a way that creates and sustains harmonious relationships. We are learning to rise above the animalistic anger and self-centeredness of Aries and be more refined and peaceful and heart centered. On this Celtic holy day of Lammas, it would be good to take some time to rest and recharge and focus on gratitude. Venus and the Moon are there to hear your prayers for peace and healing today.   


Aug 7th – Black Whole – The Sun and Mercury in bright shiny optimistic Leo are squaring off with Saturn in cold dark Scorpio today. The moon is also joining Pluto in Capricorn to shine dark light on its clash of the Titans square with Uranus in Aries. This juxtaposition of darkness and light make for great contrast. If you can wrap your head around the whole spectacle, you just might get a flash of understanding, a glimpse of enlightened holistic thinking. This a good day to read the Tao Te Ching and meditate on the contradictions of existence. The co-existence of fullness and emptiness just might make sense today.  Or read “On Joy and Sorrow” from Kahil Gibran’s The Prophet, and you may get the depth of interconnection between seeming opposites in a way you previously hadn’t.


Aug 10th – Full New Age Moon – The bridge between the ancient Age of Leo and the coming Age of Aquarius is open for business today. This full moon with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius is in harmonious alignment with Uranus in Aries. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and it is filled with brilliant insights and futuristic visions that can help seed a new Age of peace and harmony if we heed them. There is a wild and inspired energy today that is ideal for creative activities. Leo and Aquarius both share a common theme of creativity, with Leo expressing more personally and Aquarius expressing more collectively. Make time and space for creative activity today and you will make the most of this energy.  Open your mind and you will see the presence of the future today.