2014 Cancer Soul Forecast

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The sun is now travelling against the astrological backdrop of Cancer. Cancer is a Cardinal water sign, ruled by the Moon. The Moon and the element water are both associated with our emotional nature, our ever shifting moods and feelings. In the Charka system, the Moon is tied to the 2nd chakra, which creates the constantly changing rainbow colors of the 2nd layer of our energy field. Cancer has perfected nurturing and comforting and is associated with the Mother, or the more physically present and intimately involved parent. It rules the 4th house of home and family and has mastered all of the domestic tasks that keep a family happy: everything from cooking and cleaning to hugging and snuggling. Cancer is intuitively aware of everyone’s emotional needs, and is happiest when it is actively engaged in meeting those needs! The symbol for Cancer looks like the number 69 on its side, showing that intimate yin/yang bonding that is at the heart of Cancer energy. When Cancer is operating from its abundance of compassion, there is nothing more healing and nourishing than its loving Motherly care. But when Cancer is operating out of the dark waters of fear and worry we can see its shadow side. It can take that acute awareness of other’s emotions and use it to become manipulative and controlling. It can take that great ability to bond and merge and take it one step beyond into clingy codependency. Its natural desire to help others can become overbearing, and its mothering can turn to smothering.

The Astrological Age of Cancer was back around 64000-8400 BC. Interestingly, this was a time when goddess worship was prevalent and where society was tribal and matriarchic. This was also around the time of catastrophic flooding from the rapid melting of Ice Age Glaciers which correspond to countless stories of global deluge. The emotions of Cancer when they get flowing can be overwhelming. The religion of Cancer is definitely the religion of the Divine Mother. I have long been a follower of the Hindu teacher Ammachi, who is known in the West as the Hugging Saint. She embodies the energy of the Divine Mother and gives Darshan by hugging and kissing people which is much more intimate and Cancerian than the usual Shaktipat transmission from a distant guru. She also embodies the Cancerian spirit of nurturance and mothering by raising gigantic sums of money for charities. She has orphanages and schools and hospitals for the poor and housing projects all over India. She single handedly raised 23 million dollars to help the victims of the Tsunami. Cancer is also the sign of our inner child and being around the Divine Mother brings out the child in us that just wants to be loved. Amma sees all of us as her children and she asked that we worship her with that same openness and simplicity.

You can do charts for groups and larger entities, including nation states, using their moment of inception. America was born on the 4th of July and we have a tendency as a nation to go with our emotions more than our minds. And of course during our birthday month we make quite an over the top emotional show of our feelings for our country on July 4th. Cancer is most comfortable in small intimate groups, and this tribal consciousness makes this month a perfect time to learn to better support and nurture the various tribes we belong to. This is a great time to be with family and friends and nuture your emotional needs. Take a vacation and take a needed break to rest and recharge and get your home in order and you will make the most of this trip through Cancer.

June 21stStand Off Solstice: On this longest day of the year, the sun tiptoes gingerly into the raging rapids of Cancerian feeling. Unfortunately, the water is pretty icy at the moment. Cancer is also associated with mass hysteria and in this case seems to be manifesting in the wounded moon energy of all of the people in the Middle East who have recently devolved into the worst kind of tribal mob consciousness. The main energy still driving this violence and power grasping is the ongoing T-square between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries and Mars in Libra. Pluto can be ruthless in its pursuit of power, as a well as rigid and traditional in what it is fighting for. In this case it is trying to extend the life of the shadow side of Capricorn, the old woman hating hierarchy of masculine dominance. Ironically, it is carrying out this terror under the name of the Goddess herself, Isis. At least now, with the Sun in Cancer there is a chance to bring in the higher octave of mother love and balance out some of this mad separating energy. When Mars and Uranus oppose each other, the energy can be explosive and violent. And the signs involved Aries and Libra have to do with the classic balance between Masculine and Feminine energies. So now is a great time to work on that balance and harmony and break out of old habits and patterns that keep us separate and oppressed. If you have been tending to one extreme of Masculine or Feminine energy, now is a time when you can make the most of this stand off and love and integrate your opposite energies so that you can experience a greater sense of wholeness.

June 27th- New Moon Retreat: The New Moon in Cancer is making a harmonious trine to Neptune in Pisces. Both Neptune and the Moon are in their home signs, strengthening their sensitivity. Emotionally and spiritually, you may feel a strong urge to turn away from the violence and tension of world events and crawl into a little cave of safety and security. This is a healing energy where forgiveness and peace can be had. Try not to become too disconnected from the greater struggle though. The world needs this gentle energy very much now. If you are a Cancer or a Pisces, you can bring much solace and healing to the troubled souls now acting out. It may take great effort to leave your cave and engage with the world, but the universe will fill you right back up with anything that you give out now. Let your natural inclinations to help others move you into a position of leadership.

July 2th – Communication Backlog: Mercury is finally going direct today and in its home sign of Gemini. And the Moon is in Mercury ruled Virgo as well. So this is a great time to iron out any misunderstandings that festered during the retrograde of the last three weeks. As we all emerge from our subjective cocoons, this is a good time to reconnect and to mend fences and resolve any disagreements that may have arisen from crossed wires and brown outs.  The sun is opposite to Pluto now which makes this a good time to share things that you have been holding in because you have been uncomfortable confronting them. If you have a secret to tell, now is a time when you can share it in an atmosphere of empathy and compassion. Taking a risk on having an emotionally difficult conversation can really pay off today.

June 5th  Talking ‘em down from the Ledge- Today the Moon brings it’s watery embrace to Mars in Libra, softening it’s pointy behavior. The Sun in Cancer is making a T-square with the Pluto Uranus square, also balancing out their battles by bringing more compassion to the table. And Venus in Gemini is lending it’s softness through communication and diplomacy, trying to talk the out of control extremists down from their suicidal perches. If you have been stuck in a rut of angry protest and threatening to make a stupid self-defeating leap, now is a moment when you can quietly back down and let the compassionate crowd that surrounds you give you the hug you need.

July 13th  Being Peace- The North Node has been in Libra and Mars is perched on top of it today. Right now we are all learning how to evolve from being isolated and divided and fighting each other for survival to being unified and compromising and working together to thrive. We are learning to shift from a materialistic and militaristic mode of being into a spiritual and harmonious mode of being. Mars today challenges us today to embody the big hearted energy of Libra and put our love into action. When we can be peace, we will seed it where ever we go.