2014 Gemini Soul Forecast

    We are now moving into the month of Gemini. Gemini is an air sign, ruled by Mercury, the  planet that represents the mind and communication. Its symbol is the twins which represents the mind’s dualistic two sided consciousness. Gemini’s are known for embodying the duality of our human experience, having a fluid decentralized identity that can easily flip from a Jekyll to a Hyde. It’s also often associated with the fifth chakra, the throat chakra, the center of our verbal communication. In mythology, Mercury was the messenger of the gods, bridging the gap between the world of the gods and the world of mortals. So Mercury can acts as that bridge between our practical mind and our higher mind. It is also a key player in creating those bridges of connection between us and others.

    Air signs are the social butterflies of the zodiac. They generally flit from flower to flower at parties and events, mixing and mingling without necessarily going too deep into any particular conversation. This constant curiosity and mental activity sometimes gets Gemini the reputation of being shallow and indecisive. They are always weighing all options, and their decisional balance can shift easily when the winds of change alter any of the variables in their complicated equations. It is hard to pin them down and get them to commit to anything, as they are the sign most in touch with the Buddhist concept of impermanence. How can they commit to anything when the world is ever changing?

    Gemini is at its best in the world of the mind: reading, writing, analyzing, discussing, and debating. They are witty and clever and they love mysteries and puzzles and anything that exercises their grey matter. The biggest challenge for a Gemini is entering the realm of the higher mind that is governed by Sagittarius, it’s astrological opposite. It is difficult for them to sit     still and quiet enough to reach that deep state of meditation where insight comes in flashes of unifying universal truth. They are restless by nature and they crave external stimulation and information and it can be especially agonizing for them to sit in the silent vacuum of a Vipassana retreat. But that more general kind of meditation practice called Mindfulness meditation, that is more about infusing a level of presence into our everyday interactions is a practice that they can relate to and master. At its best, Gemini is acutely aware and present in the moment, able to pick up and interpret little details that would make Sherlock proud. So this is a great time for letting your mind wander and allowing your curiosity to lead you to make new connections with your fellow beings. It is a time for increased communication and for gathering the facts and information your rational mind needs to make its decisions.

    This particular trip through Gemini is especially powerful, as it features a powerful T-square that is highlighting again the ongoing squaring off between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Prepare to have your mind blown repeatedly this month by the quickening winds of change.  Uranus in Aries is bringing power to the people, and holds the torch of New Fire to lead us toward a New Age of peace and freedom. Last year in Gemini, an independent 3rd party report was published that validates Andrea Rossi’s E-cat, showing that is producing energy that is at least an order of magnitude greater than any known chemical source. And it does so consuming only small amounts of cheap abundant nickel and hydrogen and without producing any dangerous radiation or radioactive waste! There are rumors that a new study that was more rigorous and longer term will be released this June that will address all of the criticisms and limitations of the first study. Uranus brings lightning like flashes of inspiration, and stories of new technological breakthroughs are popping up every day. Recently, a story broke about a battery breakthrough by Power Japan Plus called the Ryden battery, which was interestingly enough named after the Shinto god of lightning. It addresses many limiting factors of the ubiquitous lithium ion batteries, making them safer, greener, longer lasting, and orders of magnitude quicker to recharge. We are at the threshold of new technologies which promise to lift us to another level of personal freedom and liberate us from our long dependence on centralized energy and political structures.

    But against this backdrop of excitement, Pluto in Capricorn casts its threatening shadow, and reminds us not to stray too far from our places. Pluto is like the archetype of the Godfather, or the Smoking Man in the X-files. The last thing these centralized power structures want is for people to become empowered and independent, and they are desperately trying to maintain the staus quo and control this change wave through covert and overt force. But transformation is coming whether they fight it or not. The light is shining on all their dark practices and illuminating all of the unconstitutional and fraudulent schemes they have used to maintain their grip on the 99 percent.

    The old world order simply cannot hold in this modern era of interconnection and individual empowerment. Russia and China just signed the biggest natural gas deal ever and for once, it will not involve using the U.S. Petrodollar. The consequences of our showdown in the Ukraine and our imposition of sanctions against Russia have triggered the beginning of the end of U.S. global dominance. The U.S. empire has been made possible through the economic power granted by the near universal use of the Petrodollar. But as the world moves inevitably away from centralized control and toward decentralized peer to peer connections, old empires and antiquated systems like that of the Petrodollar will crumble, and new more organic and egalitarian systems will spring up to replace them.

    Glenn Greenwald has hinted that he will be releasing a story  sometime in the next two months that he feels is the most significant of all the shocking NSA revelations, the story of who specifically the US Government was targeting in their domestic spying. He believes this story will most shape how people view the morality of the US Government vs the morality of Edward Snowden. The internet and increased awareness of corruption at the highest levels of government has made it impossible for the government and corporate criminals to keep a lid on the truth and to keep their shadow masquerades going. Uranus is here to plant the seeds of a New Age of peace based on Aquarian principles of freedom and humanism. Those that try to fight this progressive energy will be eventually swept into the dustbin of history.

May 24th– Bloody Moon : The Moon in Aries is conjoining with Uranus in Aries as a part of the ongoing T-square between Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter. Aries and Uranus together can be explosive, and this could be a day of increased flare ups in any ongoing struggles around the world. Be wary of uncompromising wild fire in yourself and others. Freedom is the key word here and if you notice someone has caught fire give them lots of space and let them rage. Getting in their way will just get the flamethrower directed your way and prolong the agony. If it is you that is burning with passion, make sure you have a healthy outlet and try to own your feelings and channel them into constructive action. Aries burns brightly and with frightening intensity, but it tends to burn itself out quickly as well. Keep that in mind today and be patient as this great transformational process continues to unfold. If you can look past sometimes brutal and ugly delivery, there is a powerful message about equality and freedom that is trying to speak. Nurture that seed when the fits are over.

May 28th- New Moon Communication: Whatever hornet’s nest got stirred up on the 24th, today there is a chance to reach a deeper level of understanding, particularly of those with viewpoints diametrically opposed to ours. The Moon and Sun in chatty Gemini are trine to Mars in diplomatic Libra and square to Neptune in spiritual Pisces.  So there is a lot of good energy for talking over differences and reaching a spiritual peace where we can agree to disagree. With work, you can make compromises that will stick and create serenity, because they are based on a solid understanding of the needs of both parties. Keep talking it through, and as they say in recovery, don’t give up before the miracle happens!

May 31st  –Let Go and Let Mom: The quicksilver lunar tide has shifted as the Moon conjoins the Jupiter in Cancer end of the T-square, tipping the energetic scales in the direction of nurturing and healing. The Moon and Jupiter are making a harmonious trine to Saturn in Scorpio as well, so there is a deep well of collective wisdom that is present at the moment. It is helping us to shepherd this transformation along while generating the least amount of suffering. Scorpio is helping us to loosen our attachments and  “let go” while Cancer is helping us to step up our nurturing power and “let Mom”. The divine feminine energy is present to help us find that emotional common ground where healing and integration can take place.  Let yourself be a vessel for the Divine Mother and help the wounded soldiers today.

June 8th – Mercury Retrograde- Mercury turns retrograde today which means it will appear to be moving backward through the zodiac from our vantage point. It will be retrograde until June 30th. Mercury retrograde tends to turn our consciousness inward, making this an excellent time for meditation and reflection. Because we are all more inwardly focused though, it makes it more difficult to build those bridges of connection with others or pay that mindful attention to the details of the external world that Mercury is normally known for. If you are journaling, or dreaming up a creative project, or looking for some healing insight into your habits and patterns, you will find this time to be rich with gifts. If you are trying to get things done in the objective external world, however, you may find yourself pulling out your hair in frustration. It is more difficult to get on the same page with others and communicate clearly and concretely, as everyone’s attention is focused more inwardly. This gives Mercury retrograde its reputation for communication snafus, contractual difficulties, accidents, etc. If you need to get some things done during this time that involve a lot of complicated communications, take extra time and care to make sure everyone understands each other. It will pay off in the long run.

June 17th – Fight for Peace- Jupiter has moved out of orb of being in a T-square with Pluto and Uranus, while Mars in Libra has slipped back into place to form this same tense aspect pattern. This idea of fighting for peace is the paradox of inherent in belligerent Mars visiting peace loving Libra. If we can figure out what the way of the peaceful warrior really means, we can do some good under this influence. The Sun and Mercury are conjoined in Gemini are giving us the level of genius we need to be able figure out this conundrum. I think of what Thich Nhat Hanh says that he writes love letters to politicians as a way of understanding this confusing bundle of energy. Be fierce in sharing and speaking about the things that you love and wish to protect and you will have the best shot at being a peaceful warrior.