2014 Taurus Soul Forecast

On April 20th,  the Sun moved into the sign of Taurus. Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by the planet Venus. Its fixed nature gives Taurus its reputation for being stubborn. When the bull charges, it is very hard to change its course. The flip side of this energy is a patient persistence that makes Taurus able to go the distance. Think of a cow slowly chewing grass and then mulling it over through 7 stomachs until it is thoroughly and completely digested and you will have a picture of how Taurus does its business. Slow and steady, their tortoise-like pace can be frustrating for rabbits of the zodiac, but they can accomplish great things just plodding along putting one hoof in front of the other. There was a great explosion of pyramid creation during the astrological Age of Taurus (4400 to 2000 BC), and that is one endeavor that requires the patience of a saint!

 Taurus’ ruling planet Venus is associated with the heart chakra; with love, beauty, art and music. In the earthy garb of Taurus, Venus generates great love and nurturing for the physical plane. So it’s no accident that Earth day, the day we honor our mother earth and express our love for her, falls at the beginning of Taurus. Venus focusing on the material world also gives Taurus it’s associations with money and with physical possessions. Venus is a sensual energy, and in Taurus it revels in pleasures of the flesh. At its highest octave, Taurus can get us to slow down to smell the flowers and appreciate the wonders of incarnation. It invites us to join the slow food movement and relax into a more sustainable pace that nurtures our humanity. In shadow, Taurus can go too far an exhibit a kind of selfish materialism and over indulge in those sensual pleasures, developing unhealthy attachments and dulling its connection to the more ephemeral world of spirit. On a deeper level, Taurus is about what we value, including how we value ourselves, which is why self-esteem is an often mentioned quality of Taurus.

April 21st-23rd Grand Cross: All this week, Mars in Libra is lining up with the ongoing T-square between Jupiter in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aries to make a rare aspect pattern called a Grand Cross. There has been a lot of anticipation about this alignment, because the Grand Cross is the most tension filled aspect pattern there is. Its component parts, oppositions and squares, are the hardest energies to balance and resolve. Energetically, if you have a personal planet that is in this aspects crosshairs, it is like being compressed from every direction. And when all that pent up tension finds a point of release, the energy can be explosive, which is why earthquakes, terror attacks, and financial collapses are all talked about as increased possibilities during this transit. Hopefully we avoid large catastrophes, but we may still find ourselves stuck in loops of projection and blame (opposition) and wracking our brains trying to understand the validity of each other’s viewpoints (squares). This Grand Cross marks another crossroads moment for humanity, when we are tested and called to raise our collective vibration. Other aspect patterns ask us politely to change, but this lineup gets in our face and straight up demands that we change. If we can step up to the plate and sacrifice our egos and compromise for the sake of peace and harmony, these squares can make great building blocks for our evolutionary progress. If we dig in and fight against the projections of our fears, however, these squares can turn into hurled stones that shatter the fragile glass of society and send us devolving back into our fight or flight animalistic past. The situation in the Ukraine seems to be the most obvious manifestation of this great crossing. Civil war is the essence of opposition, and the U.S. and Russia are so different culturally and historicall that their squaring off around this conflict comes as little surprise. The only hopeful aspect of this cross is that Mars is retrograde (appearing to move backwards in the sky) and in its detriment in Libra, which weakens it and softens its usual appetite for rash and destructive action. Libra wants the rule of law and is willing to compromise to create peaceful diplomatic solutions. So it is possible that the grand bargain which has suddenly appeared on the table this week could be hashed out and solidified under this influence. But it will definitely be a challenge to achieve, as it is hard to make peace in the midst of all of this fiery revolutionary energy. The main players in this great global change wave are Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. Mars and Jupiter are right now intensifying and energizing the awkward square dance between these two archetypes, but essentially we are still dealing with the same core conflicts. Pluto in Capricorn is transforming the world by offering us rare glimpses into the darkness at the heart of many of our trusted structures. Snowden’s revelatory leaks about the NSA have made us all more aware of the current state of Big Brother’s bad behavior. This great recession has raised our awareness of the shadowy gambling habits of Wall Street and Banksters, and the suffering they shower down on Main Street. The collapse of our debt based financial system seems more likely than ever, and more people are exploring alternative systems of exchange like Bitcoin and good old fashioned trade and barter. Uranus in Aries is lighting the way to new solutions and birthing social change movements like Occupy Wall Street that offer ways to empower us and free us from ancient hierarchical systems of oppression.  But the governmental and corporate powers that are currently on Pluto’s chopping block are not going to surrender their stranglehold on power without a fight.   

April 28th- New Mooooon – The new moon in Taurus today is giving us a little break from the stress of last week’s Grand Cross. It is making a softer wedge aspect out of the opposition between Pluto and Jupiter, bringing a gentle heart energy that can help entice all the extremists to come down from their ledges. Take a break from the grind today and sow the seeds of a new peace. Do something to honor your physical body. Get a massage, eat a gourmet treat, take a leisurely stroll and breathe! Incarnation on this plane can be exhausting, and we all need Taurus’ gentle nurturing from time to time. Taurus is esoterically connected to the throat chakra as well, so singing and playing music is a great way to bring in this harmonious energy. Let the music soothe and calm your heart!

May 4th – Big Momma – The moon is briefly conjoining with Jupiter in Cancer today to give a boost of emotion to that leg of the Grand Cross. All the major players are still within orb so this moment is about collectively processing emotionally the turmoil of the last weeks, and releasing the pent up emotions from astrological PTSD.  Cancer is all about nurturing and caretaking and there is a lot of emotional cleanup to do, making the Divine Momma quite busy at this time. Give yourself the space to grieve any losses from unexpected changes. Hugs are definitely encouraged!

May 11th – People…Can’t We Get Along? The moon is making one last pass over the Mars end of the slowly separating Grand Cross. This can offer us a glimpse at the soft and vulnerable wounding behind Mars’ recent angry outbursts. And there is another ardent and emotional appeal here for Libra’s causes of peace, justice, and relationship. Venus in Aries is close to Uranus and opposite to Mars, and all of the stress of these big shifts may have taken its toll on intimate relationships. Martians and Venusian have been bearing this cross in very different ways and today is a good day to try to understand the other and appreciate the strengths of your opposite. There is an opportunity to heal those broken bridges of relationship today.

May 14th – Wesak Full Moon – In New Age circles, the full moon in Taurus is celebrated today in special ceremonies that center around sacred sound.  It is about bringing together the energy of Christ with the energy of Buddha, so this is a powerful time for spiritual expansion. This full moon is taking place very close to Saturn in Scorpio, so if you have surrendered to the Grand Cross the karma you were meant to release and heal, now you can feel a new freedom and peace. This is a great time for healing gatherings of all kinds.