2014 Aries Soul Forecast

On March 20, the spring equinox, the sun moved in Aries, which is ruled by the red planet Mars and associated with the deep red energy of first chakra. The first chakra is the root chakra, and its raw lava can be quite overpowering, as it is tied to our basic survival instincts, and our most intense and visceral physical desires and attachments.

Elementally, Aries is Cardinal fire, making it the most explosive, wild, and unrefined of the fire signs. Ideally, Aries’ wildfire outbursts are reserved for protecting us when we are truly threatened and need to fight for our survival. Actor Russel Crowe is an Aries, and he really came into his own embodying that fierce Aries warrior archetype in the movie Gladiator. Aries tends to be self-centered and competitive. Mars sees life in terms of winning and losing, and it wants to win at all cost. Many champion athletes carry this Aries energy or have a strong Mars.

It is in the realm of relationships where Aries is most challenged, as relationships require the attractive and balancing love energy of its polar opposite, Venus ruled Libra. When Aries’ warrior energy ventures into the interpersonal world, it can create a lot of pain and suffering in relationships. Aries is much more comfortable asserting and defending itself than with listening to another’s perspective or reflecting on its shortfalls. It tends to be divisive, trying to dominate or control the conversation, and knocking out those bridges of relationship in the process. It is also a hard energy to sustain, as it tends to burn so bright that it uses up all the oxygen and snuffs itself out.

So Aries tend to go through cycles, alternating between intense activity and burnout. But an Aries would definitely agree with the statement that “It’s better to burn out than fade away!” Aries has a restless questing energy that is best channeled into the archetype of the Explorer. Their relentless drive and determination can propel them to the tops of mountains and to the ends of the earth. But along the way, their lack of gentleness and sensitivity may cause them to lose touch with any relationships that can’t keep pace with their rough wanderlust.

Aries is a youthful energy that brings renewal and new beginnings. This is a time when we can start to break free from the doldrums of winter and start taking better care of our bodies, working them out and getting them out and about. Our big cultural ritual in Aries of course is Easter, which is all about the higher octave of Aries, that resurrecting energy of new beginnings. This is a time when new shoots push powerfully up through the ground to initiate the next cycle of life. Aries is there, prepared to fight for that new life, to protect and defend it against all threats.

This is an extra intense trip through Aries as the ongoing T square between Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter will be highlighted and intensified several times during the month. And the outlet point of the T-square is Uranus in Aries, intensifying the possibility of Aries flareups.

The Ukranian crises continues to escalate and intensify with Russia’s annexation of Crimea. This boundary crossing violation of international law has ignited a fire of righteous anger that is demanding some kind of retaliation. If serious economic sanctions against Russia are put in place, it could catalyze an economic Cold War that could negatively affect everyone on the globe. If sanctions inspire China and Russia to lash out in tandem and move away more dramatically from holding U.S. debt and utilizing the Petrodollar, there could be great economic pain inflicted on the West. That kind of action could tug at the threads of our unsustainable web of global debt and begin to topple the whole economic house of cards.After the crisis of 2008, people have already lost a lot of faith and confidence in the banking and political systems. Ultimately, our economies and governments are confidence games, and severe economic shockwaves could much more easily inspire runs on banks and outbreaks of lawlessness today. So we may be in for another wild ride, as Uranus and Pluto continue to vie for power, duking it out and creating great earthquakes of change on the ground.

March 24 – Hades T-square: The moon is combining forces with the Pluto end of the ongoing T-square today. Pluto in Capricorn is like the Godfather, getting what it wants mostly through the implied threat of violence. This fits well with the Russians moving in and consolidating control of Crimea based on fear and intimidation. With the moon here today there will be an intensification of emotions around this issue and around all similar structures that use old school bullying tactics to control others.

March 30 – New Moon Revolution: This new moon is very close to Uranus in Aries, the key release point for this ongoing T-square. Uranus is about empowerment, best represented by Prometheus bringing fire to the people and invoking the wrath of the gods who opposed him. In the great ongoing battle of the common people (Uranus in Aries) versus the powerful elite (Pluto in Capricorn), today may mark a significant victory for the people. Look for more eye-opening drips in the ongoing NSA surveillance saga, as well as more breakthroughs in new energy technology that can help free us from the tyranny of the centralized grid. People will be taking to the streets again today in protest, demanding a more Aquarian world of freedom and equality.

April 6 – Mother Love: Well it’s my mother’s birthday today, but it also happens to be the last pass this month of the moon over a key point in the ongoing T-square. Today, the moon will bring Jupiter in Cancer to the forefront. Cancer is about mothering and nurturing and is fed up with all this Arian battling. Look for the mamas of the world to stomp their feet and demand peace and healing today. Cancer appeals today to our basic humanity and challenges us with this eternal question “Can’t we get along, people?” Take a break from whatever drama you may have gotten caught up in and do something nurturing for yourself and others and you will make the most of this moment.