Chocolate Bliss Skin Care


Get Blissed out on Chocolate!  This February let me help you love your skin!  There is no better way to love your skin than to treat it to a healthy, pampering facial!  Thinking chocolate is only great tasting?  Think again! 

-Cocoa has powerful flavonoids that are antioxidants that help block the action of free radicals.

-Cocoa has linoleic acid that enhances the repair process by inhibiting inflammation.

-Cocoa has caffeine that acts as a diuretic and aids in releasing toxins to help firm the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Try our Chocolate Bliss Facial during the month of February at a great special price of $65 and our Chocolate Bliss Body Wrap for only $80.  You'll feel amazing and your skin will look delicious!  Call for an appointment 503.368.2112 or make an appointment online.