2013 Capricorn Soul Forecast


On the Solstice, the sun moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn, which is a cardinal earth sign.

The cardinal signs are the most representative of their element, which means that Capricorn is the most deeply rooted and earthy of the zodiac signs. It’s ruled by practical, concrete Saturn, making this a great time to focus on shoring up the foundations of our lives.

The transition from Sagittarius to Capricorn can be dramatic, as their ruling planets Jupiter and Saturn are quite opposite in character. They are considered to be the two teaching planets of the zodiac, making the holiday season a rich time for spiritual growth.

Both planets can teach us a lot about mastery of energy as they both magically radiate almost three times more energy out than they absorb from the sun, a true cosmic mystery. They only differ in the method to their magic. Jupiter teaches us the law of attraction, while Saturn teaches us the equally important law of subtraction. Jupiter tends toward jolly optimistic idealism while Saturn tends towards Grinchy, penny-pinching realism. Jupiter tends to give us opportunities to expand and multiply, while Saturn tends to bring us opportunities to subtract and simplify. Jupiter tends to be extroverted and liberal while Saturn tends to be introverted and conservative.

Interestingly, this dichotomy is mirrored in the actual physical planets. Jupiter is expansive and gassy, while Saturn is much more compact and crystalline.

Saturn’s astrological symbol has a cross it, which is a symbol of the Earth with all its heaviness and density. Historically, Saturn has been known as a “malefic” planet and has a reputation of being a stern taskmaster. In Vedic astrology, you are advised to do lots of purification ceremonies called pujas when Saturn comes to visit. But if we look again at the actual planet for guidance, we can see that the structure of the wisdom it is trying to impart is anything but square. The Cassini probe recently got a much clearer picture of the mysterious hexagonal storm that persists at Saturn’s North Pole. In Sacred Geometry and Astrology, this Star of David, or Star Tetrahedron in 3-D is the most harmonious form.

In fact, in Nassim Haramein’s exciting new Unified Field Theory, the geometry of the Star Tetrahedron is fundamental to the structure of the universe and essential to his solution to Einstein’s field equations. And the Golden Mean Phi ratio of 1.618 that is also an integral aspect of the structure of reality is found as well throughout the patterns in the beautiful rings of Saturn.

Because we’ve had a limited understanding of the true workings of the world to this point, the templates and traditions that have been handed down for Saturn have been ill-fitting. Old hierarchies full of stern authority figures have created a lot of suffering from forcing these ill-fitting structures on society with little rationale beyond “because I said so”. This legacy of bad Saturn translation has given the planet a bad rap. But Saturn is still there, transmitting its beautiful “loving” structure, waiting us to get it right. If we study its geometric message, we can learn how to have healthy boundaries and how to live in sustainable harmony.

But because we haven’t all mastered the physics of the Earth plane just yet, the transition into Capricorn can still be a challenging time. After the fun filled gatherings of Christmas wrap up, there are often big bills to pay. The reality of our family interactions may have fallen quite short of our hopes and dreams. The days are short and we being to feel the restriction of being cooped up indoors.

When we hit New Year’s, we start looking back at the past year and making resolutions to improve ourselves, focusing all too often on our disappointments and how we’ve fallen short of our goals. Saturn asks us for discipline and commitment to loving structures that can bring our big ideas and dreams down to reality. The hard work that is before us can be overwhelming.

I recently came upon this inspiring article about some Italian goats making death-defying climbs up a dam. The goat is the animal totem of Capricorn, and their breathtaking mastery of climbing exemplifies the highest octave of the sign. Their perilous journey to the rarefied air at the top of their climb is made one simple concrete leap at a time.

No matter how lofty the goal, Saturn’s patient and steady energy can get you there. Try to discipline yourself and make friends with Saturn during this time, and you can start making lots of tiny strides towards your own high perch of achievement.

Dec. 21, Black Hole Solstice – Keeping the fire alive: The magical moment of the solstice has been honored by great stone monuments all over the world. These megaliths mark the end of our darkest hours, the great tipping point when the sun stands still and quiet before finally beginning to move higher in the sky, kicking off another solar cycle of life. We are near the middle of a 35-year period when the solstice sun is closely aligned with the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy, which is one of the factors that contributed to the excitement surrounding the 2012 solstice. During this solstice, Mercury, the messenger of the gods, is very close to that dark rift in the Milky Way that marks the mysterious center of our galactic wheel. It is also making a harmonious trine aspect with the Moon in fiery Leo. So this is a great time to receive personal spiritual messages from that Great Mystery about the next step to take in our journey towards creative self-actualization (Leo). There is also a tense T-square going on between Mars, Pluto, and Uranus that demands that we take some action (Mars) to honor our spiritual path (Pluto and Uranus) and transform ourselves. Have faith that the ideas that come to you this solstice are divinely inspired, and put that fire to use burning through anything that keeps you out of alignment with your spirit. If you surrender those impediments and shed them consciously, you can save yourself the pain of having them gobbled up unconsciously by the supermassive Black Hole that is looming over us now.

Jan. 1, Saturn’s New Moon Crossroads – The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto are all in Capricorn and are part of a Grand Cross with Uranus in Aries, Mars in Libra, and Jupiter in Cancer. The Grand Cross is the most tension-filled of astrological arrangements, so don’t be surprised if there is an increase in stand offs and battles during this time. Collectively, this is Saturn knocking on our door and giving us the option to turn ourselves in and get disciplined about our spiritual evolution (Pluto and Uranus square) or face the school of hard knocks where Saturn’s cold gusts make our house of cards come falling down around us. We are just past the midpoint of the long squaring off between Pluto and Uranus that is the primary astrological energy driving these transformative times. This cosmic cycle began when Pluto and Uranus were conjoined from 1964 to 1968, and we are now riding the crest of the second great wave of this extreme planetary makeover. These Grand Cross moments in this long process mark spiritual crossroads, choice points where our mettle is collectively tested. We can grow and evolve to lighter beings, or we can dig in and fight against the tide of history. Uranus in Aries is inviting every individual to increase their freedom and power and Pluto in Capricorn is insisting that old, ill-fitting structures die and be reborn in more harmonious forms. The ongoing health care overhaul and the NSA security scandal exemplify this tension between the needs of individuals and the needs of systems. If ever there was a New Year’s for resolutions, this one is it. But be sure to think big picture, and try to make your lists from that still quiet place of meditation that is expansive enough to capture your soul’s grand path. If you have been ignoring the whisperings of your spirit and suffering, now is the time that you can change course and start moving towards the things that bring you joy and happiness. If you keep neglecting the pull of Spirit it will visit you more and more loudly until you finally take the path that honors your soul’s calling. If you are already solidly on the road home and in tune with your soul, now is a time when you can really be a Bodhisattva and help the many who are suffering and burdened by the weight of this Cardinal Cross. We need teachers now who can help us all to transcend our suffering and ascend to the next level of connection and unity!

Jan. 5 – Healing Waters : The Moon in sensitive Pisces and Saturn in intense Scorpio are making a harmonious kite aspect out of the Grand Cross right now. That aspect pattern is softening the hard edges of the Grand Cross and offering healing opportunities for any hard feelings that may have arisen during the conflicts around the New Moon. Pisces offers a break from the rigid energy of Saturn, making this a good time to apologize and forgive and work to repair the bridges of relationship. This is a good time to take a bath or go to a sweat lodge and detox from any post-traumatic stress fight or flight energy that may have taken place under this Cardinal Cross. The Dalai Lama has a kite aspect like this one in his natal chart with the grand trine in the water signs. Think of his boundless compassion and apply it to your own and others failings. Take a break from fear and anger and separation and dissolve in the healing waters.

Jan. 14 – Softening the Cross: The Moon is in Cancer now, conjoined to Jupiter and giving a boost to the watery aspects are still softening the harshness of the Grand Cross. The Moon rules Cancer, and with Jupiter expanding its influence there should be an up welling of nurturing energy to help offset any coldness that went before. Let your guard down be vulnerable and the Divine Mother will be present to kiss your wounds and console your soul.

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