2013 Scorpio Soul Forecast


Scorpio is a uniquely deep and intense sign. It is a water sign, so it is emotional in nature, but it is fixed water, so it doesn’t always flow smoothly. When Scorpio’s strong emotions get blocked they can become toxic like the waters of a stagnant swamp or frozen and cold like the face of an icy glacier.  When we cling to our anger or sadness, it can harden and darken into bitter resentment, which is the lowest octave of Scorpio’s emotional nature. But Scorpio has a dual planetary rulership which gives it a complex and multi-layered energy. The lower octave of Scorpio is ruled by the strong, confrontational planet Mars, which is represented by the poisonous stingy Scorpion. The higher octave of Scorpio is ruled by the intense and transformative planet Pluto, which is represented in the sign’s other animal totem, the Phoenix. Pluto is the planet most associated with that elusive energy we call Soul, that expansive spirit that transcends the limitations of this physical existence. This Plutonian influence gives Scorpio an air of mystery and a larger than life quality. Pluto’s obsessive drive and determination gives Scorpio a reputation for doing the distance. If there is one sign that can get to the bottom of things and figure out the hidden roots of a situation it is Scorpio. Pluto was recently demoted to dwarf planet status, but that hasn’t diminished its otherworldly astrological power. In fact, Pluto prefers to work in secret, doing its soul magic quietly in the shadows. Power is a key aspect of this sign and there is no accident that Pluto forms the root of both Plutotocracy and Plutonium. Pluto has the soul power to create great magic, both black and white.

 Our big cultural ritual at the beginning of Scorpio is of course, Halloween. Halloween grants us all a chance to embrace our Shadow side, to allow ourselves to express the suppressed and repressed energies of our dark side in a safe and playful way. Two big energies that get more free expression during Scorpio’s time are sex and death. So push yourself beyond your usual edges and out of your comfort zone and you will make the most of this trip through Scorpio. Pluto was the lord of the underworld in mythology, and this is a time when veil is thinnest between this world and the world of spirit. So this is a metaphysical time when we can contact the other side and have insight into the great mystery beyond the physical.

This trip through Scorpio’s waters is bound to be especially intense and transformative, as the collective north node has been moving through Scorpio. The North Node points to the direction of our collective soul growth, and it has been giving our collective spiritual lessons a Scorpionic edge. Pluto is still squaring off and battling with Uranus as seen in the dramatic displays of frustration and gridlock that led to a government shutdown. We are learning intense lessons, ones that come through loss and through trusted structures falling apart. This is a time for Institutions and systems that are not working to die so that new ones can emerge Phoenix-like from the ashes. Of course, as we have seen, we often fight against our need to die and transform. Scorpio’s metaphysical energy is opposite to Taurus which is associated with attachment to the forms of the material world. We are now being forced to face the hard reality that our debt based monetary system is unsustainable. We keep trying to kick the can down the road,  and rearrange the deck chairs on this sinking Titanic system. But Scorpio is giving us a reality check. If we can let go of old capitalistic and materialistic ways of approaching our problems, Scorpio can now give us the spiritual strength to go deep and discover new ways of doing business that meet our collective needs in a more creative and unified way.

October 24th – One Cow Shy of a Grand Sextile: There is a remarkable and rare alignment today where the Moon and Mars are briefly making out of the ongoing sextiles between Saturn Neptune and Pluto a grand harmonious aspect pattern that is just one planet short of what is considered the most harmonious astrological alignment, the Grand Sextile. The Grand Sextile is a Star of David pattern consisting of two interpenetrating Grand Trines in complementary elements. In this case, the elements involved are water and earth. So think of this as a time of divine harmony when the perfect balance can be struck between emotional and practical needs. Our feelings can inspire us to take concrete action (earth) and build new structures that better meet our emotional needs.  The missing link to finish the aspect pattern is Taurus, so for all of you Taurus’ the opportunity is there for you to be a divine instrument and offer your service to the collective as a grounding rod for this big energy. You may feel overwhelmed, but try to be yourself and remain calm like the eye of the hurricane. Your patience and gentleness and heart centered desire for a more peaceful world can be critical right now in dissipating the tensions in the air and keeping us moving forward toward concrete solutions.

October 29th – Wedge Issues: There is a similar energy to that of the 24th today, but it is less dramatic and expansive. Only half of a grand sextile is present today, so you could choose to look at the world as either half full of harmony or half full of chaos. The harmonious side involves the Moon and Mars in Virgo, the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn, and Neptune in Pisces. There is a critical edge to this energy which can create division, but if we can listen to the constructive criticism of the Virgos in our midst and do some deep and serious self-reflection (Scorpio), we can make some progress in understanding the roots of our difficulties and transforming ourselves and our world (Pluto). Neptune is there in its Pisces home like a big tuning fork ringing out that high vibration of unity consciousness and reminding us all of what is possible when we see through the veil of separation and grasp our soul nature.

November 3rd  – New Moon Extreme Scorpio Makeover: The New Moon is taking place today in conjunction with Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio. If ever there was a time to collectively “get it” and have that “ah ha” moment about the root of our problems this is it. Both Saturn and the North Node are teachers, and in Scorpio they are giving us the straight dope whether we want it or not. Scorpio can teach us through hard lessons that poke holes in our ego and knock us down to size. If we can embrace both our limitations and our interdependence with humility today, we can hit our collective bottom and start moving on towards our Pheonix future. Resentment may reach a fever pitch right now, but if we can let all that rage and pain air itself out, we just may avert further catastrophe. The key with Scorpio is to keep those emotions moving, so put on some music, breath deep, and keep going with the flow. If we can all wring out our stagnant emotional energy, we can make sacred space for some beautiful new feelings to come through.

November 11th  – Go with the New Flow: Jupiter in nurturing Cancer and the Moon in compassionate Pisces are softening and harmonizing the Scorpio flow. This pattern can bring needed emotional healing after the brutal intensity of the 3rd. This extra boost of emotional energy is there to keep things moving and to fill those empty spaces that you made during the New Moon. Nurture others and allow yourself to receive nurturing. Share your dreams and ideals and we can take the extreme intensity of the Scorpio energy and put it into a kinder gentler framework of emotional connection and wholeness.