2013 Libra Soul Forecast


by Michael Dinan, Astrologer

The Sun shifted into the constellation of Libra on September 22nd. Libra is an air sign ruled by the planet Venus. The goddesses Aphrodite and Kwan Yin are archetypes of this refined relational energy and they bring sweetness and light to whatever they touch. Love and beauty and art are hallmarks of Libra so this is a great time for all kinds of creative heart centered activity. During the critical and divided mental energy of Virgo, escalating rhetoric had us on the brink of war with Syria. Now the big open heart of Libra is here to give us some sweet relief and broker a deal that fosters that softer energy of peace. Air signs have to do with relationships, and Libra is most focused on love relationships. Interestingly, there are statistically more weddings in October than average, so love is definitely in the air right now, making this is a great time to focus on sharing your heart with your loved ones and healing any wounds that may be blocking the bridge of love. This is also a great time to try to stretch the boundaries of your heart and embrace people who are hard for you to love. We all share the same air and when there is conflict, Libra is a master at balancing the scales and making a fair compromise that benefits everyone. So let that vibrant breath of life fill your lungs and give your heart the mindfulness and courage to speak out only the peace and harmony that you would like to receive when you breathe back in.

Thich Nhat Hanh said in his book Being Peace, “In the peace movement there is a lot of anger, frustration, and misunderstanding. The peace movement can write very good protest letters, but they are not yet able to write a love letter. We need to learn to write a letter to the congress or to the President of the United States that they will want to read, and not just throw away. The way you speak, the kind of understanding, the kind of language you use would not turn people off. The President is a person like any of us.
Can the peace movement talk in loving speech, showing the way for peace? I think that will depend on whether the people in the peace movement can be peace. Because without being peace, we cannot do anything for peace. If we cannot smile, we cannot help other people to smile. If we are not peaceful, then we cannot contribute to the peace movement.”

So with that wisdom in mind, try to let sweet Libra lead the way to being peace this month. Focus on building those bridges of love. Use art and beauty and the love in your heart to help remind yourself and everyone else that we are all in this together.

Some remarkable moments this month:

Sept 27th – Moon kite: The kite aspect is a combination of the most harmonious aspect pattern there is, a Grand Trine (equilateral triangle), with the most challenging aspect there is, the opposition, which forms the spine of the kite. It is a very dynamic aspect pattern which takes that perfected energy of the Grand Trine and sends it in a particular direction, focusing it out through the tip of the kite pattern.  The Grand Trine that is still going on this month involves Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter in the water signs. Water has to do with emotional energy so this is about refining and expanding our emotional energy.  The transiting Moon in its home sign of Cancer gives this aspect pattern an extra emotional boost today. The tip of the kite is Pluto in Capricorn, so to opportunity here is to transform our dark emotions of resentment  pain and suffering.  As Howard Zinn demonstrated in his People’s History of the United States, the greatest cause of war throughout history is war. In the long run, violence solves nothing, and only perpetuates the cycle of violence. Pluto in Capricorn would love to control the world in the short term through force and threat of force. But there is a pool of healing water that is present now that can heal the root of our collective pain and suffering and give us the restraint we need to refrain from lashing out and feeding that vicious cycle of violence. Work with your emotional energy, particularly with the darker shades of emotion, and let them dissolve and transform in the presence of Libra’s peaceful heart.

Oct 4th – New Moon Peace Accord – The New Moon in Libra is today and it is making a T-square out of the ongoing square between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. The square between Pluto and Uranus goes from 2010 to 2014 and is the cosmic underpinning of the great shifts and changes that we have been seeing in the world.  This square between Pluto and Uranus is the next phase of the change wave that began in 1964-68, taking it to a higher octave. For example, freedoms and rights granted to African Americans in this country the 60’s are now being expanded to include gays and lesbians. This alignment offers great evolutionary opportunities, but because it is a square, it can be tense and rocky at times. Progess occurs in fits and starts and with significant moments of resistance from entrenched interests. Pluto in Capricorn represents the status quo of institutions like the too big to fail central banks that need to change and grow to allow for our greater unfolding, But too often they bitterly resist those needed changes. Uranus in Aries represents that energy of a new age of individual empowerment and technological advancement that would be coming much faster if it didn’t have to fight tooth and nail against the 1 percent that stands to lose from such a democratization of power.  With the New Moon in Libra making a brief T-square out of this square, we can breathe a momentary sigh of relief. There may be some sweet deals that Libra’s diplomacy can broker right now, that momentary ease the tension between those great opposing forces that have been squaring off.  Even those bitter rivalries between Democrat and Republican can find some common ground and plant the seeds of peace under this influence.  If we can be open we will be reminded now that love is all we need, that we are all interdependent, and that peace benefits us all.

Oct 18th – Full Moon  Lovers struggle– The full moon today is taking place with the Sun in Venus ruled Libra and the Moon in Mars ruled Aries. This moon is highlighting that difficult truth that Martians are from Mars and Venusians are from Venus. It is not always easy for astrological opposites to see eye to eye and many books have been written to try to help Mars and Venus get along. The opposition is the most difficult aspect, which is why emergency rooms and crisis lines are swamped during the full Moon, when the Moon and the Sun hit their monthly peak of opposition. What makes the opposition difficult is the tendency to project our issues out onto someone else. If we can use those people that rub us the wrong way as sacred mirrors, illuminating disowned parts of our own personalities, we will grow more whole and make the most of these times of opposition. So take extra care to listen to and understand those who are seemingly from another planet and you may discover a hidden aspect of your own energy that you had tucked away for some reason. When you can love that energy you judged in yourself, you will also be able to love and appreciate it in someone else.