2014 Libra Soul Forecast

The Sun shifted into the constellation of Libra on September 22nd, the autumnal equinox. Libra’s symbol is the scales of justice, and it is fitting that it begins on this day of perfect balance between light and dark. It is an air sign ruled by the planet Venus. In the chakras, Venus is associated with the heart chakra, the green, glowing center of our energetic system. The goddesses Aphrodite and Kwan Yin are archetypes of this beautiful, heart centered energy, encouraging us to appreciate and nurture the world, and luxuriate in its beauty. The symbol for the planet Venus derives from the Egyptian Ankh, the source of life wielded by another cosmic Goddess, Isis.  

Libras are sweet and gentle, and their greatest motivation is to create peace and harmony. Love and beauty and art are hallmarks of Libra, so this is a great time for all kinds of creative activity. During the critical and divided mental energy of Virgo, escalating world tensions brought us to a new level of violence and conflict. Now, the big open heart of Libra is here to hopefully offer some sweet relief and bridge building opportunities.

All air signs have to do with relationships, and Libra’s specialty is love relationships. We often associate love with the element of water, because of the powerful emotional bonding that takes place in intimate relationships. But Libra’s unconditional love is more open and airy. It involves a depth of acceptance that is as boundless and omnipresent as the air we breathe. We often take air for granted because it is so light and transparent, just as the power of Libra’s love may go unnoticed because of its sweet subtlety.

Interestingly, there are statistically more weddings in October than average, so love is definitely in the air right now, making this is a great time to focus on sharing your heart with your loved ones and healing any wounds that may be blocking that bridge of love. This is also a great time to try to stretch the boundaries of your heart and embrace people who are hard for you to love. We all share the same air and when there is conflict, Libra is a master at balancing the scales and making a fair compromise that benefits everyone a little bit. So let that vibrant breath of life fill your lungs and give your heart the mindfulness and courage to speak out only the peace and harmony that you would like to receive when you breathe back in.

Thich Nhat Hanh said in his book Being Peace, “without being peace, we cannot do anything for peace. If we cannot smile, we cannot help other people to smile. If we are not peaceful, then we cannot contribute to the peace movement.” So with that wisdom in mind, let sweet Libra lead your heart towards peace. Focus on building those bridges of love. Use art and beauty and loving kindness to help remind yourself and everyone else of the unifying truth that we all share the same air and we are all in this together.

Sept 23rd - New Moon Bloom – The seed of Libra energy is planted today as the Moon and Sun conjoin in the beginning degrees of Libra. This is a good time to take action to plant seeds of peace, love and beauty in the garden of your own heart. If you nurture that gentle, loving energy over the next two weeks, it will bloom into something exquisite with the arrival of the full moon. Do something nice for someone and don’t be afraid to be a fool for love!

Oct 8th- Full Moon Fire Kite- Today, coinciding with the full moon is a rare astrological alignment called a kite. This consists of a grand trine (triangle) of planets with one of them locked in an opposition with a fourth planet. This forms a pattern of lines that looks like a kite. This kite involves Mars and Jupiter trine to Uranus and the Moon in the fire signs. Fire is outwardly expressive and can be angry and explosive when you add Uranus and Mars into the mix. Jupiter adds to the conflagration cocktail, making everything bigger and more intense. Uranus has been on the collective south node in Aries, so old conflicts like Arab vs Israeli, Christian vs Muslim, etc. have been flaring up and intensifying in order to ultimately bring collective healing. The outlet point for the pent up energy of the fire trine is the tip of the kite which is in Libra. Healing and transformation of the burning fires of rage is much more possible today with the Sun and Venus teaming up in Libra near the collective north node to oppose all this wildfire. The calm cooling love that Libra is bringing offers opportunities to cease firing and find common ground and compromises. Libra is the sign of the diplomat, and now is a time when gaps can be bridged and progress can be made towards peace and harmony.  This is a brief window, but if you have been meaning to repair a relationship that has been damaged by out of control fires, now is a great time to attempt to make amends.

Oct 13th – Whatever oppositional healing process was initiated during the full moon of the 8th can find a sense of resolution and completion today. The Sun and Venus are closely conjoined to the collective North Node in Libra today, teaching us all how to live in harmony and love more unconditionally. If we stepped up to the plate on the 8th and worked on reigning in and refining our wildfires, we can enjoy a few days of peaceful serenity now. This alignment is just one planet short of the most harmonious arrangement of planets called the Grand Sextile, which is a Star of David Pattern of two interlocking triangles. With the Moon in Gemini sparking lots conversation, this is a perfect day to get past your wounds and limitations and speak the truth of your heart. Any kind of healing activity is favored today. Make love, make music, make art! Do your part to create heaven on Earth!

2014 Virgo Soul Forecast

The sun is now shining its light on the stars of Virgo, highlighting this earth sign ruled by Mercury. The sunshine fun of Leo is over, and it is time to leave our creative vacations and get back to our routines of school and work. Virgo is harvest time, a time when we can enjoy the fruits of our summer labors. It is also the time when we analyze and evaluate the seeds that we planted in the spring, determining which were the most fruitful. This seasonal process of sorting and evaluation is one way the divided, mental energy of Mercury expresses itself in the physical world. Other common manifestations of Mercury coming down to Earth are Virgo’s desire to clean, order, and organize. Virgo likes things to be thoughtfully and consciously arranged, and the extreme of Virgo energy can be that kind of OCD that can’t tolerate the messiness and chaos of existence, constantly battling to control it by shifting a picture frame or washing their hands obsessively. 

The symbol of Virgo is the Virgin, which is not about literal virginity, but more about a kind of ideal purity that Virgo strives to realize. Virgo is associated with health and diet, and Virgo’s are usually very conscious and careful about what they put in their bodies. They may be very picky about food and they may suffer from allergies and intolerances. Health and dietary supplements are definitely popular with Virgos. They love trying to create optimum conditions, and they enjoy working in health care, where they can fix and tweak the physical to their heart’s content. Virgo’s passion for tinkering makes them great mechanics or technicians. When they come upon methods that are effective, they will then try to get everybody to see the benefits of their systems and wisdom, which can get them in trouble with those who see their efforts as critical and meddling.

Virgos have an authentic desire to serve and can find their highest expression in the service industry, especially in positions that involve communication, something that is a priority for them with their strong mental energies. A job well done is something that makes a Virgo happy. And they are always looking for ways to do things more effectively, which can be frustrating for those who don’t share their idealism and see their fixing energy as judgmental and controlling. Virgo is mutable earth though, so it is capable of shifting its opinion if it sees strong evidence and practical results coming from another approach. But it does have a hard time letting go of its way of doing things for reasons that are based on emotions instead of logic.

Virgo’s Mercurial energy of constant questioning causes it to be one of the least confident astrological energies. They are often plagued by feelings of doubt and inadequacy. So it is not surprising that historically there have been many financial crises that originated in Virgo. Interestingly, in Sun Bear’s Earth Medicine Astrology, the animal totem for Virgo is the Bear. So we may see the beginning of a real “Bear Market” this month. Because our economy has become more and more divorced from reality and more and more entwined with psychology, Virgo may see a further erosion of confidence in our financial system.

Robin William’s recent passing has highlighted the tragic shadow side of Virgo, which can be relentlessly self-critical and self-destructive.  Virgo is the astrological sign most associated with suicide, and Robin’s south node was in Virgo, meaning he was coming from many lifetimes of being immersed in Virgo energy. And his Venus was in Virgo conjoined with his south node, which made it more challenging to detach from that energy. His soul path was about moving towards Pisces, about getting out of his critical mind and learning to live in the world of faith and magic and emotional flow that he helped create so masterfully in the movie What Dreams May Come. And his moon was in Pisces right on top of his north node, so he was able to go there through acting, surrendering into roles that embodied the Piscean place of compassion and peace that his soul was seeking. He brought such joy and laughter and inspiration to others, but deep in his heart (Venus) he obviously still harbored those dark depressing Virgo judgments that can cause us to lose hope and give up. It is so tragic how he could uplift others so magically as the compassionate healer in Awakenings and Patch Adams, but he couldn’t heal his own dark energy when facing similar mental and physical health challenges. Let’s send him love and light and visualize him finding himself inside the magic of the astral world of What Dreams May Come, with loving and persistent souls pulling him out of darkness and guiding him towards a happy Pisces ending.

August 25thRestless New Moon: This New Moon in Virgo is full of restless energy. Virgo’s normally hyperactive mind has a lot to worry about these days with beheadings and riots making it easy to go negative.  With Neptune in Pisces in opposition to this New Moon, there is a great longing for a more peaceful and harmonious world that makes the brutality and chaos of our current reality harder to bear. Currently the North Node is situated in Libra. This means that collectively, we are learning how to move out of the rough and rugged energy of Aries and toward the gentle sweetness of Libra. We are learning to stop fighting for self interest and start compromising for the sake of harmonious relationship. We are learning to move from animalistic fight or flight approaches to problems towards heart centered ways of creating lasting love and justice. There is a fixed square going on now as well between Venus in Leo and Mars and Saturn in Scorpio that underlines the classic opposition between Mars and Venus. The masculine energy in the world is being caught up in dark and violent power struggles while the feminine energy is trying to stay positive and creative, making for a great deal of relational tension. With Uranus in Aries making a tight trine to Venus, we would all do well to listen to the feminine wisdom that is present now. It is an intense and fiery lightning bolt, trying to wake us up and help us evolve to a New Age where all that masculine energy can be transformed and channeled in a healthier direction.

August 29th- Softening the Fire: The Moon is travelling through Libra and joining the collective north node. This is a brief healing portal where that soft peaceful Libra energy can enter and bring some much needed relief to those who have been engaged in Arian firefights. It is a good day to take a break and seek out beauty and healing. 

August 31st – Hades Moon: The Moon is touching on the Mars Saturn conjunction in Scorpio today that is at the root of the current violent power struggles. Look for an intensification of conflict and intractability, and watch out for hidden resentments and anger. The impulse of Scorpio is to transform, and the higher octave of this energy is a Pheonix. So this is a good day to look at our shadows and do the work of embracing and transforming the darkness within us, so we can move one step closer to global peace and healing.  

September 8th – Wounded Full Moon- This full moon is taking place with the Moon conjoined to Chiron in Pisces. Chiron is the energy of the wounded healer, and in this case it is in a sign that has to do with wounds around religion. Look for the spotlight to be on religious extremism and tensions to be high between the rationalists and the true believers. The best use of this opposition would be to use the dynamic tension to help us expand to a more holistic consciousness that can embrace both of these contradictory positions. If we can do that, we can heal some of our personal and collective wounds around religious intolerance and treat each other more humanely.

September 11th  Healing the Root- The moon has come full circle to conjoin Uranus and the south node in Aries. This is an opportunity to heal some of the rage and hurt at the root of our endless warring. With the visceral intensity of terrorism back in the forefront of our consciousness, it would be easy to fall into Aries fight or flight survival mode today and spend it defending and justify our aggressive actions. And it would not be surprising to see yet another tragic outburst of suicidal violence on this horrible anniversary. But our souls are being called to break the cycle of violence and move away from Aries and towards Libra. We will be happiest if we use the raw energy present today to motivate us to open our hearts and work harder to create a Libra world of peace and harmony. 

2014 Leo Soul Forecast

The sun is now travelling through the starry backdrop of Leo. The Sun rules Leo, so it shines most brightly when it is here in its happy zodiac home. The long, hot “dog days” of August are a peak of solar energy here in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun is our star and our central point of creative radiance, the great I AM energy. Its light and warmth are the source of all life in our solar system, giving the Sun paramount astrological importance. The power and centrality of the Sun is why simple Sun Sign astrology can be so accurate in delineating our basic personality. You can think of our Sun as a lens or filter channeling the divine light into this dimension. Each of the different star clusters that are aligned with the Sun when we are born provide a different twist to the cosmic energy that the Sun beams into existence, giving us all our unique personalities.

            In the chakras, the Sun is associated with the 3rd chakra, which is situated appropriately in our solar plexus. The 3rd chakra is associated with our mental body and is the nexus of our ego identity. So the placement of the Sun shows what we identify with, the personal preferences that form the basic elements of our personality. The Sun is fire energy, making Leo primarily a spiritual energy. Fire is the element that can transform most rapidly. It blazes brightly, and excites all the other elements to accelerate their own processes and pick up the pace of changing their states.
          The sun and Leo are associated with creativity and play, and if you look around, you will see great displays of creative brilliance during this time. Summer Festivals like Burning Man exemplify this outpouring of creative intensity. Leo brings us summer fun and summer love. It is the last gasp of play and vacation before the serious and practical back to school energy of Virgo takes hold.
          Like the Sun, Leo’s like to share their light with the world, and they have no trouble being in the spotlight. So this is a great time for all of us to reach for the stars and increase our creative self-expression. We can look to our Leo friends for inspiration on how to do that. Their fire can lead us into a healthier state of ego fulfillment, that joyful state of universal co-creation the human potential movement dubbed “self- actualization”.
          Not surprisingly, the astrological Age of Leo, which took place between 10,500 and 8500 BC was actually a peak of human creativity and technological achievement. Cosmic author Graham Hancock, makes a very compelling case that the height of Atlantean culture took place around this time. Many megalithic structures mirror the skies of that specific time period. If you would like to have your mind blown about human history, you should check out his many well researched books. The greatest evidence we have for some ancient, technologically advanced civilization are the megalithic wonders of the Giza Plateau, the main pyramids of which are aligned to the belt stars of the constellation Orion. The entry to the whole Giza complex is aligned with the star Regulus. It is the brightest star in Leo, and the one that forms the heart of the Lion. In 10,500 BC, the beginning of the Age of Leo, the Giza Sphinx was looking out at the stars of Leo at sunrise on the Spring Equinox. Geologist Robert Schoch has argued that because of the extensive water weathering patterns on the Sphinx, the Sphinx must be at least as old as 10,500BC. And if you study the incredible precision of the Giza Pyramid, as mechanical engineer Christopher Dunn has, you will quickly come to the conclusion that it could only have been constructed by a much more technologically advanced culture than mainstream historians claim. Christopher has spent many years meticulously documenting all of the evidence for advanced granite machining in the construction of the Giza plateau and I would encourage you to check out his books and theories.  

It seems as though the wheels have been coming off globally with a lot of emotionally driven reactive conflicts breaking out during Cancer. These situations are likely to intensify in the fires of Leo, as its individualistic consciousness doesn’t lend itself well to compromise or surrender. Leo is a fixed fire, and it can be relentless in the pursuit of its personal agenda. In the legend of Atlantis, the fall of their great civilization was precipitated by pride, which fits well with egotistical shadow side of Leo. Let your creative energy shine, but keep an eye on the wily power games of your ego. Let yourself shine bright, but know that the creative force that flows through you is above and beyond your ego and don’t get attached to it or try to control it.


July 23 – Epic Battles – The Sun and Jupiter are conjoined in Leo today, making a hard square with Mars in Libra. That is a recipe for big time tension and conflict, as the Sun Jupiter and Leo all do things on a grand scale. Look for any conflict to intensify on July 25th when Mars moves forward into the fixed swampy waters of Scorpio. These fixed squares are particularly intense, and they require a lot of compromise and spiritual transformation to be resolved peacefully. So this is a good time to brush up on your spiritual yoga and learn to merge, or risk getting conscripted into one camp or another of these epic battles. Mercury is making a T-square out of the ongoing Pluto and Uranus square as well at this time, so there is an opportunity for insight into the transformative urge driving all of this conflict.  Karl Marx’s dialectical materialism theory about all forward progress coming through opposition and conflict will seem extra credible during this three day stretch. But there is a chance to glimpse beneath the surface of this material world and see the spiritual healing intention behind all of this violence and struggle.


Aug 1st-  Harvest Fest - Venus in nurturing Cancer and the Moon in sweet Libra are arriving in an ambulance today to help the wounded and soothe some of this tension and struggle. The Moon in Libra cries for peace and healing, and it is very close to the collective North Node in Libra. Collectively, we are learning right now the soul lessons of Libra. We are learning how to love in a way that creates and sustains harmonious relationships. We are learning to rise above the animalistic anger and self-centeredness of Aries and be more refined and peaceful and heart centered. On this Celtic holy day of Lammas, it would be good to take some time to rest and recharge and focus on gratitude. Venus and the Moon are there to hear your prayers for peace and healing today.   


Aug 7th – Black Whole – The Sun and Mercury in bright shiny optimistic Leo are squaring off with Saturn in cold dark Scorpio today. The moon is also joining Pluto in Capricorn to shine dark light on its clash of the Titans square with Uranus in Aries. This juxtaposition of darkness and light make for great contrast. If you can wrap your head around the whole spectacle, you just might get a flash of understanding, a glimpse of enlightened holistic thinking. This a good day to read the Tao Te Ching and meditate on the contradictions of existence. The co-existence of fullness and emptiness just might make sense today.  Or read “On Joy and Sorrow” from Kahil Gibran’s The Prophet, and you may get the depth of interconnection between seeming opposites in a way you previously hadn’t.


Aug 10th – Full New Age Moon – The bridge between the ancient Age of Leo and the coming Age of Aquarius is open for business today. This full moon with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius is in harmonious alignment with Uranus in Aries. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and it is filled with brilliant insights and futuristic visions that can help seed a new Age of peace and harmony if we heed them. There is a wild and inspired energy today that is ideal for creative activities. Leo and Aquarius both share a common theme of creativity, with Leo expressing more personally and Aquarius expressing more collectively. Make time and space for creative activity today and you will make the most of this energy.  Open your mind and you will see the presence of the future today. 




2014 Cancer Soul Forecast

Cancer, zodiac sign - dailyinspired.jpg

The sun is now travelling against the astrological backdrop of Cancer. Cancer is a Cardinal water sign, ruled by the Moon. The Moon and the element water are both associated with our emotional nature, our ever shifting moods and feelings. In the Charka system, the Moon is tied to the 2nd chakra, which creates the constantly changing rainbow colors of the 2nd layer of our energy field. Cancer has perfected nurturing and comforting and is associated with the Mother, or the more physically present and intimately involved parent. It rules the 4th house of home and family and has mastered all of the domestic tasks that keep a family happy: everything from cooking and cleaning to hugging and snuggling. Cancer is intuitively aware of everyone’s emotional needs, and is happiest when it is actively engaged in meeting those needs! The symbol for Cancer looks like the number 69 on its side, showing that intimate yin/yang bonding that is at the heart of Cancer energy. When Cancer is operating from its abundance of compassion, there is nothing more healing and nourishing than its loving Motherly care. But when Cancer is operating out of the dark waters of fear and worry we can see its shadow side. It can take that acute awareness of other’s emotions and use it to become manipulative and controlling. It can take that great ability to bond and merge and take it one step beyond into clingy codependency. Its natural desire to help others can become overbearing, and its mothering can turn to smothering.

The Astrological Age of Cancer was back around 64000-8400 BC. Interestingly, this was a time when goddess worship was prevalent and where society was tribal and matriarchic. This was also around the time of catastrophic flooding from the rapid melting of Ice Age Glaciers which correspond to countless stories of global deluge. The emotions of Cancer when they get flowing can be overwhelming. The religion of Cancer is definitely the religion of the Divine Mother. I have long been a follower of the Hindu teacher Ammachi, who is known in the West as the Hugging Saint. She embodies the energy of the Divine Mother and gives Darshan by hugging and kissing people which is much more intimate and Cancerian than the usual Shaktipat transmission from a distant guru. She also embodies the Cancerian spirit of nurturance and mothering by raising gigantic sums of money for charities. She has orphanages and schools and hospitals for the poor and housing projects all over India. She single handedly raised 23 million dollars to help the victims of the Tsunami. Cancer is also the sign of our inner child and being around the Divine Mother brings out the child in us that just wants to be loved. Amma sees all of us as her children and she asked that we worship her with that same openness and simplicity.

You can do charts for groups and larger entities, including nation states, using their moment of inception. America was born on the 4th of July and we have a tendency as a nation to go with our emotions more than our minds. And of course during our birthday month we make quite an over the top emotional show of our feelings for our country on July 4th. Cancer is most comfortable in small intimate groups, and this tribal consciousness makes this month a perfect time to learn to better support and nurture the various tribes we belong to. This is a great time to be with family and friends and nuture your emotional needs. Take a vacation and take a needed break to rest and recharge and get your home in order and you will make the most of this trip through Cancer.

June 21stStand Off Solstice: On this longest day of the year, the sun tiptoes gingerly into the raging rapids of Cancerian feeling. Unfortunately, the water is pretty icy at the moment. Cancer is also associated with mass hysteria and in this case seems to be manifesting in the wounded moon energy of all of the people in the Middle East who have recently devolved into the worst kind of tribal mob consciousness. The main energy still driving this violence and power grasping is the ongoing T-square between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries and Mars in Libra. Pluto can be ruthless in its pursuit of power, as a well as rigid and traditional in what it is fighting for. In this case it is trying to extend the life of the shadow side of Capricorn, the old woman hating hierarchy of masculine dominance. Ironically, it is carrying out this terror under the name of the Goddess herself, Isis. At least now, with the Sun in Cancer there is a chance to bring in the higher octave of mother love and balance out some of this mad separating energy. When Mars and Uranus oppose each other, the energy can be explosive and violent. And the signs involved Aries and Libra have to do with the classic balance between Masculine and Feminine energies. So now is a great time to work on that balance and harmony and break out of old habits and patterns that keep us separate and oppressed. If you have been tending to one extreme of Masculine or Feminine energy, now is a time when you can make the most of this stand off and love and integrate your opposite energies so that you can experience a greater sense of wholeness.

June 27th- New Moon Retreat: The New Moon in Cancer is making a harmonious trine to Neptune in Pisces. Both Neptune and the Moon are in their home signs, strengthening their sensitivity. Emotionally and spiritually, you may feel a strong urge to turn away from the violence and tension of world events and crawl into a little cave of safety and security. This is a healing energy where forgiveness and peace can be had. Try not to become too disconnected from the greater struggle though. The world needs this gentle energy very much now. If you are a Cancer or a Pisces, you can bring much solace and healing to the troubled souls now acting out. It may take great effort to leave your cave and engage with the world, but the universe will fill you right back up with anything that you give out now. Let your natural inclinations to help others move you into a position of leadership.

July 2th – Communication Backlog: Mercury is finally going direct today and in its home sign of Gemini. And the Moon is in Mercury ruled Virgo as well. So this is a great time to iron out any misunderstandings that festered during the retrograde of the last three weeks. As we all emerge from our subjective cocoons, this is a good time to reconnect and to mend fences and resolve any disagreements that may have arisen from crossed wires and brown outs.  The sun is opposite to Pluto now which makes this a good time to share things that you have been holding in because you have been uncomfortable confronting them. If you have a secret to tell, now is a time when you can share it in an atmosphere of empathy and compassion. Taking a risk on having an emotionally difficult conversation can really pay off today.

June 5th  Talking ‘em down from the Ledge- Today the Moon brings it’s watery embrace to Mars in Libra, softening it’s pointy behavior. The Sun in Cancer is making a T-square with the Pluto Uranus square, also balancing out their battles by bringing more compassion to the table. And Venus in Gemini is lending it’s softness through communication and diplomacy, trying to talk the out of control extremists down from their suicidal perches. If you have been stuck in a rut of angry protest and threatening to make a stupid self-defeating leap, now is a moment when you can quietly back down and let the compassionate crowd that surrounds you give you the hug you need.

July 13th  Being Peace- The North Node has been in Libra and Mars is perched on top of it today. Right now we are all learning how to evolve from being isolated and divided and fighting each other for survival to being unified and compromising and working together to thrive. We are learning to shift from a materialistic and militaristic mode of being into a spiritual and harmonious mode of being. Mars today challenges us today to embody the big hearted energy of Libra and put our love into action. When we can be peace, we will seed it where ever we go. 

2014 Gemini Soul Forecast

    We are now moving into the month of Gemini. Gemini is an air sign, ruled by Mercury, the  planet that represents the mind and communication. Its symbol is the twins which represents the mind’s dualistic two sided consciousness. Gemini’s are known for embodying the duality of our human experience, having a fluid decentralized identity that can easily flip from a Jekyll to a Hyde. It’s also often associated with the fifth chakra, the throat chakra, the center of our verbal communication. In mythology, Mercury was the messenger of the gods, bridging the gap between the world of the gods and the world of mortals. So Mercury can acts as that bridge between our practical mind and our higher mind. It is also a key player in creating those bridges of connection between us and others.

    Air signs are the social butterflies of the zodiac. They generally flit from flower to flower at parties and events, mixing and mingling without necessarily going too deep into any particular conversation. This constant curiosity and mental activity sometimes gets Gemini the reputation of being shallow and indecisive. They are always weighing all options, and their decisional balance can shift easily when the winds of change alter any of the variables in their complicated equations. It is hard to pin them down and get them to commit to anything, as they are the sign most in touch with the Buddhist concept of impermanence. How can they commit to anything when the world is ever changing?

    Gemini is at its best in the world of the mind: reading, writing, analyzing, discussing, and debating. They are witty and clever and they love mysteries and puzzles and anything that exercises their grey matter. The biggest challenge for a Gemini is entering the realm of the higher mind that is governed by Sagittarius, it’s astrological opposite. It is difficult for them to sit     still and quiet enough to reach that deep state of meditation where insight comes in flashes of unifying universal truth. They are restless by nature and they crave external stimulation and information and it can be especially agonizing for them to sit in the silent vacuum of a Vipassana retreat. But that more general kind of meditation practice called Mindfulness meditation, that is more about infusing a level of presence into our everyday interactions is a practice that they can relate to and master. At its best, Gemini is acutely aware and present in the moment, able to pick up and interpret little details that would make Sherlock proud. So this is a great time for letting your mind wander and allowing your curiosity to lead you to make new connections with your fellow beings. It is a time for increased communication and for gathering the facts and information your rational mind needs to make its decisions.

    This particular trip through Gemini is especially powerful, as it features a powerful T-square that is highlighting again the ongoing squaring off between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Prepare to have your mind blown repeatedly this month by the quickening winds of change.  Uranus in Aries is bringing power to the people, and holds the torch of New Fire to lead us toward a New Age of peace and freedom. Last year in Gemini, an independent 3rd party report was published that validates Andrea Rossi’s E-cat, showing that is producing energy that is at least an order of magnitude greater than any known chemical source. And it does so consuming only small amounts of cheap abundant nickel and hydrogen and without producing any dangerous radiation or radioactive waste! There are rumors that a new study that was more rigorous and longer term will be released this June that will address all of the criticisms and limitations of the first study. Uranus brings lightning like flashes of inspiration, and stories of new technological breakthroughs are popping up every day. Recently, a story broke about a battery breakthrough by Power Japan Plus called the Ryden battery, which was interestingly enough named after the Shinto god of lightning. It addresses many limiting factors of the ubiquitous lithium ion batteries, making them safer, greener, longer lasting, and orders of magnitude quicker to recharge. We are at the threshold of new technologies which promise to lift us to another level of personal freedom and liberate us from our long dependence on centralized energy and political structures.

    But against this backdrop of excitement, Pluto in Capricorn casts its threatening shadow, and reminds us not to stray too far from our places. Pluto is like the archetype of the Godfather, or the Smoking Man in the X-files. The last thing these centralized power structures want is for people to become empowered and independent, and they are desperately trying to maintain the staus quo and control this change wave through covert and overt force. But transformation is coming whether they fight it or not. The light is shining on all their dark practices and illuminating all of the unconstitutional and fraudulent schemes they have used to maintain their grip on the 99 percent.

    The old world order simply cannot hold in this modern era of interconnection and individual empowerment. Russia and China just signed the biggest natural gas deal ever and for once, it will not involve using the U.S. Petrodollar. The consequences of our showdown in the Ukraine and our imposition of sanctions against Russia have triggered the beginning of the end of U.S. global dominance. The U.S. empire has been made possible through the economic power granted by the near universal use of the Petrodollar. But as the world moves inevitably away from centralized control and toward decentralized peer to peer connections, old empires and antiquated systems like that of the Petrodollar will crumble, and new more organic and egalitarian systems will spring up to replace them.

    Glenn Greenwald has hinted that he will be releasing a story  sometime in the next two months that he feels is the most significant of all the shocking NSA revelations, the story of who specifically the US Government was targeting in their domestic spying. He believes this story will most shape how people view the morality of the US Government vs the morality of Edward Snowden. The internet and increased awareness of corruption at the highest levels of government has made it impossible for the government and corporate criminals to keep a lid on the truth and to keep their shadow masquerades going. Uranus is here to plant the seeds of a New Age of peace based on Aquarian principles of freedom and humanism. Those that try to fight this progressive energy will be eventually swept into the dustbin of history.

May 24th– Bloody Moon : The Moon in Aries is conjoining with Uranus in Aries as a part of the ongoing T-square between Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter. Aries and Uranus together can be explosive, and this could be a day of increased flare ups in any ongoing struggles around the world. Be wary of uncompromising wild fire in yourself and others. Freedom is the key word here and if you notice someone has caught fire give them lots of space and let them rage. Getting in their way will just get the flamethrower directed your way and prolong the agony. If it is you that is burning with passion, make sure you have a healthy outlet and try to own your feelings and channel them into constructive action. Aries burns brightly and with frightening intensity, but it tends to burn itself out quickly as well. Keep that in mind today and be patient as this great transformational process continues to unfold. If you can look past sometimes brutal and ugly delivery, there is a powerful message about equality and freedom that is trying to speak. Nurture that seed when the fits are over.

May 28th- New Moon Communication: Whatever hornet’s nest got stirred up on the 24th, today there is a chance to reach a deeper level of understanding, particularly of those with viewpoints diametrically opposed to ours. The Moon and Sun in chatty Gemini are trine to Mars in diplomatic Libra and square to Neptune in spiritual Pisces.  So there is a lot of good energy for talking over differences and reaching a spiritual peace where we can agree to disagree. With work, you can make compromises that will stick and create serenity, because they are based on a solid understanding of the needs of both parties. Keep talking it through, and as they say in recovery, don’t give up before the miracle happens!

May 31st  –Let Go and Let Mom: The quicksilver lunar tide has shifted as the Moon conjoins the Jupiter in Cancer end of the T-square, tipping the energetic scales in the direction of nurturing and healing. The Moon and Jupiter are making a harmonious trine to Saturn in Scorpio as well, so there is a deep well of collective wisdom that is present at the moment. It is helping us to shepherd this transformation along while generating the least amount of suffering. Scorpio is helping us to loosen our attachments and  “let go” while Cancer is helping us to step up our nurturing power and “let Mom”. The divine feminine energy is present to help us find that emotional common ground where healing and integration can take place.  Let yourself be a vessel for the Divine Mother and help the wounded soldiers today.

June 8th – Mercury Retrograde- Mercury turns retrograde today which means it will appear to be moving backward through the zodiac from our vantage point. It will be retrograde until June 30th. Mercury retrograde tends to turn our consciousness inward, making this an excellent time for meditation and reflection. Because we are all more inwardly focused though, it makes it more difficult to build those bridges of connection with others or pay that mindful attention to the details of the external world that Mercury is normally known for. If you are journaling, or dreaming up a creative project, or looking for some healing insight into your habits and patterns, you will find this time to be rich with gifts. If you are trying to get things done in the objective external world, however, you may find yourself pulling out your hair in frustration. It is more difficult to get on the same page with others and communicate clearly and concretely, as everyone’s attention is focused more inwardly. This gives Mercury retrograde its reputation for communication snafus, contractual difficulties, accidents, etc. If you need to get some things done during this time that involve a lot of complicated communications, take extra time and care to make sure everyone understands each other. It will pay off in the long run.

June 17th – Fight for Peace- Jupiter has moved out of orb of being in a T-square with Pluto and Uranus, while Mars in Libra has slipped back into place to form this same tense aspect pattern. This idea of fighting for peace is the paradox of inherent in belligerent Mars visiting peace loving Libra. If we can figure out what the way of the peaceful warrior really means, we can do some good under this influence. The Sun and Mercury are conjoined in Gemini are giving us the level of genius we need to be able figure out this conundrum. I think of what Thich Nhat Hanh says that he writes love letters to politicians as a way of understanding this confusing bundle of energy. Be fierce in sharing and speaking about the things that you love and wish to protect and you will have the best shot at being a peaceful warrior.

2014 Taurus Soul Forecast

On April 20th,  the Sun moved into the sign of Taurus. Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by the planet Venus. Its fixed nature gives Taurus its reputation for being stubborn. When the bull charges, it is very hard to change its course. The flip side of this energy is a patient persistence that makes Taurus able to go the distance. Think of a cow slowly chewing grass and then mulling it over through 7 stomachs until it is thoroughly and completely digested and you will have a picture of how Taurus does its business. Slow and steady, their tortoise-like pace can be frustrating for rabbits of the zodiac, but they can accomplish great things just plodding along putting one hoof in front of the other. There was a great explosion of pyramid creation during the astrological Age of Taurus (4400 to 2000 BC), and that is one endeavor that requires the patience of a saint!

 Taurus’ ruling planet Venus is associated with the heart chakra; with love, beauty, art and music. In the earthy garb of Taurus, Venus generates great love and nurturing for the physical plane. So it’s no accident that Earth day, the day we honor our mother earth and express our love for her, falls at the beginning of Taurus. Venus focusing on the material world also gives Taurus it’s associations with money and with physical possessions. Venus is a sensual energy, and in Taurus it revels in pleasures of the flesh. At its highest octave, Taurus can get us to slow down to smell the flowers and appreciate the wonders of incarnation. It invites us to join the slow food movement and relax into a more sustainable pace that nurtures our humanity. In shadow, Taurus can go too far an exhibit a kind of selfish materialism and over indulge in those sensual pleasures, developing unhealthy attachments and dulling its connection to the more ephemeral world of spirit. On a deeper level, Taurus is about what we value, including how we value ourselves, which is why self-esteem is an often mentioned quality of Taurus.

April 21st-23rd Grand Cross: All this week, Mars in Libra is lining up with the ongoing T-square between Jupiter in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aries to make a rare aspect pattern called a Grand Cross. There has been a lot of anticipation about this alignment, because the Grand Cross is the most tension filled aspect pattern there is. Its component parts, oppositions and squares, are the hardest energies to balance and resolve. Energetically, if you have a personal planet that is in this aspects crosshairs, it is like being compressed from every direction. And when all that pent up tension finds a point of release, the energy can be explosive, which is why earthquakes, terror attacks, and financial collapses are all talked about as increased possibilities during this transit. Hopefully we avoid large catastrophes, but we may still find ourselves stuck in loops of projection and blame (opposition) and wracking our brains trying to understand the validity of each other’s viewpoints (squares). This Grand Cross marks another crossroads moment for humanity, when we are tested and called to raise our collective vibration. Other aspect patterns ask us politely to change, but this lineup gets in our face and straight up demands that we change. If we can step up to the plate and sacrifice our egos and compromise for the sake of peace and harmony, these squares can make great building blocks for our evolutionary progress. If we dig in and fight against the projections of our fears, however, these squares can turn into hurled stones that shatter the fragile glass of society and send us devolving back into our fight or flight animalistic past. The situation in the Ukraine seems to be the most obvious manifestation of this great crossing. Civil war is the essence of opposition, and the U.S. and Russia are so different culturally and historicall that their squaring off around this conflict comes as little surprise. The only hopeful aspect of this cross is that Mars is retrograde (appearing to move backwards in the sky) and in its detriment in Libra, which weakens it and softens its usual appetite for rash and destructive action. Libra wants the rule of law and is willing to compromise to create peaceful diplomatic solutions. So it is possible that the grand bargain which has suddenly appeared on the table this week could be hashed out and solidified under this influence. But it will definitely be a challenge to achieve, as it is hard to make peace in the midst of all of this fiery revolutionary energy. The main players in this great global change wave are Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. Mars and Jupiter are right now intensifying and energizing the awkward square dance between these two archetypes, but essentially we are still dealing with the same core conflicts. Pluto in Capricorn is transforming the world by offering us rare glimpses into the darkness at the heart of many of our trusted structures. Snowden’s revelatory leaks about the NSA have made us all more aware of the current state of Big Brother’s bad behavior. This great recession has raised our awareness of the shadowy gambling habits of Wall Street and Banksters, and the suffering they shower down on Main Street. The collapse of our debt based financial system seems more likely than ever, and more people are exploring alternative systems of exchange like Bitcoin and good old fashioned trade and barter. Uranus in Aries is lighting the way to new solutions and birthing social change movements like Occupy Wall Street that offer ways to empower us and free us from ancient hierarchical systems of oppression.  But the governmental and corporate powers that are currently on Pluto’s chopping block are not going to surrender their stranglehold on power without a fight.   

April 28th- New Mooooon – The new moon in Taurus today is giving us a little break from the stress of last week’s Grand Cross. It is making a softer wedge aspect out of the opposition between Pluto and Jupiter, bringing a gentle heart energy that can help entice all the extremists to come down from their ledges. Take a break from the grind today and sow the seeds of a new peace. Do something to honor your physical body. Get a massage, eat a gourmet treat, take a leisurely stroll and breathe! Incarnation on this plane can be exhausting, and we all need Taurus’ gentle nurturing from time to time. Taurus is esoterically connected to the throat chakra as well, so singing and playing music is a great way to bring in this harmonious energy. Let the music soothe and calm your heart!

May 4th – Big Momma – The moon is briefly conjoining with Jupiter in Cancer today to give a boost of emotion to that leg of the Grand Cross. All the major players are still within orb so this moment is about collectively processing emotionally the turmoil of the last weeks, and releasing the pent up emotions from astrological PTSD.  Cancer is all about nurturing and caretaking and there is a lot of emotional cleanup to do, making the Divine Momma quite busy at this time. Give yourself the space to grieve any losses from unexpected changes. Hugs are definitely encouraged!

May 11th – People…Can’t We Get Along? The moon is making one last pass over the Mars end of the slowly separating Grand Cross. This can offer us a glimpse at the soft and vulnerable wounding behind Mars’ recent angry outbursts. And there is another ardent and emotional appeal here for Libra’s causes of peace, justice, and relationship. Venus in Aries is close to Uranus and opposite to Mars, and all of the stress of these big shifts may have taken its toll on intimate relationships. Martians and Venusian have been bearing this cross in very different ways and today is a good day to try to understand the other and appreciate the strengths of your opposite. There is an opportunity to heal those broken bridges of relationship today.

May 14th – Wesak Full Moon – In New Age circles, the full moon in Taurus is celebrated today in special ceremonies that center around sacred sound.  It is about bringing together the energy of Christ with the energy of Buddha, so this is a powerful time for spiritual expansion. This full moon is taking place very close to Saturn in Scorpio, so if you have surrendered to the Grand Cross the karma you were meant to release and heal, now you can feel a new freedom and peace. This is a great time for healing gatherings of all kinds. 

2014 Aries Soul Forecast

On March 20, the spring equinox, the sun moved in Aries, which is ruled by the red planet Mars and associated with the deep red energy of first chakra. The first chakra is the root chakra, and its raw lava can be quite overpowering, as it is tied to our basic survival instincts, and our most intense and visceral physical desires and attachments.

Elementally, Aries is Cardinal fire, making it the most explosive, wild, and unrefined of the fire signs. Ideally, Aries’ wildfire outbursts are reserved for protecting us when we are truly threatened and need to fight for our survival. Actor Russel Crowe is an Aries, and he really came into his own embodying that fierce Aries warrior archetype in the movie Gladiator. Aries tends to be self-centered and competitive. Mars sees life in terms of winning and losing, and it wants to win at all cost. Many champion athletes carry this Aries energy or have a strong Mars.

It is in the realm of relationships where Aries is most challenged, as relationships require the attractive and balancing love energy of its polar opposite, Venus ruled Libra. When Aries’ warrior energy ventures into the interpersonal world, it can create a lot of pain and suffering in relationships. Aries is much more comfortable asserting and defending itself than with listening to another’s perspective or reflecting on its shortfalls. It tends to be divisive, trying to dominate or control the conversation, and knocking out those bridges of relationship in the process. It is also a hard energy to sustain, as it tends to burn so bright that it uses up all the oxygen and snuffs itself out.

So Aries tend to go through cycles, alternating between intense activity and burnout. But an Aries would definitely agree with the statement that “It’s better to burn out than fade away!” Aries has a restless questing energy that is best channeled into the archetype of the Explorer. Their relentless drive and determination can propel them to the tops of mountains and to the ends of the earth. But along the way, their lack of gentleness and sensitivity may cause them to lose touch with any relationships that can’t keep pace with their rough wanderlust.

Aries is a youthful energy that brings renewal and new beginnings. This is a time when we can start to break free from the doldrums of winter and start taking better care of our bodies, working them out and getting them out and about. Our big cultural ritual in Aries of course is Easter, which is all about the higher octave of Aries, that resurrecting energy of new beginnings. This is a time when new shoots push powerfully up through the ground to initiate the next cycle of life. Aries is there, prepared to fight for that new life, to protect and defend it against all threats.

This is an extra intense trip through Aries as the ongoing T square between Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter will be highlighted and intensified several times during the month. And the outlet point of the T-square is Uranus in Aries, intensifying the possibility of Aries flareups.

The Ukranian crises continues to escalate and intensify with Russia’s annexation of Crimea. This boundary crossing violation of international law has ignited a fire of righteous anger that is demanding some kind of retaliation. If serious economic sanctions against Russia are put in place, it could catalyze an economic Cold War that could negatively affect everyone on the globe. If sanctions inspire China and Russia to lash out in tandem and move away more dramatically from holding U.S. debt and utilizing the Petrodollar, there could be great economic pain inflicted on the West. That kind of action could tug at the threads of our unsustainable web of global debt and begin to topple the whole economic house of cards.After the crisis of 2008, people have already lost a lot of faith and confidence in the banking and political systems. Ultimately, our economies and governments are confidence games, and severe economic shockwaves could much more easily inspire runs on banks and outbreaks of lawlessness today. So we may be in for another wild ride, as Uranus and Pluto continue to vie for power, duking it out and creating great earthquakes of change on the ground.

March 24 – Hades T-square: The moon is combining forces with the Pluto end of the ongoing T-square today. Pluto in Capricorn is like the Godfather, getting what it wants mostly through the implied threat of violence. This fits well with the Russians moving in and consolidating control of Crimea based on fear and intimidation. With the moon here today there will be an intensification of emotions around this issue and around all similar structures that use old school bullying tactics to control others.

March 30 – New Moon Revolution: This new moon is very close to Uranus in Aries, the key release point for this ongoing T-square. Uranus is about empowerment, best represented by Prometheus bringing fire to the people and invoking the wrath of the gods who opposed him. In the great ongoing battle of the common people (Uranus in Aries) versus the powerful elite (Pluto in Capricorn), today may mark a significant victory for the people. Look for more eye-opening drips in the ongoing NSA surveillance saga, as well as more breakthroughs in new energy technology that can help free us from the tyranny of the centralized grid. People will be taking to the streets again today in protest, demanding a more Aquarian world of freedom and equality.

April 6 – Mother Love: Well it’s my mother’s birthday today, but it also happens to be the last pass this month of the moon over a key point in the ongoing T-square. Today, the moon will bring Jupiter in Cancer to the forefront. Cancer is about mothering and nurturing and is fed up with all this Arian battling. Look for the mamas of the world to stomp their feet and demand peace and healing today. Cancer appeals today to our basic humanity and challenges us with this eternal question “Can’t we get along, people?” Take a break from whatever drama you may have gotten caught up in and do something nurturing for yourself and others and you will make the most of this moment.

2014 Pisces Soul Forecast


The Sun moved into Pisces on Feb. 19. Pisces is a mutable water sign ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is the largest planet, and so Pisces is associated with massive expanses of water, especially Neptune’s home, the oceans.

Water is the element of our emotions, so with Pisces there is always an ocean of emotion. And being mutable in nature, the tides of Piscean feeling are constantly ebbing and flowing. Emotional energy can be particularly intense and extreme during this time.

The symbol of Pisces, the two fish swimming in different directions, represents the yin and yang flow of our emotions, from the height of bliss and ecstasy to the depths of despair and depression. Because Pisces is about unity consciousness, it necessarily stretches like a great yogi to include these extremes.

The glyph for the planet Neptune looks like Neptune’s trident, but it can also be seen as a divine tuning fork, which is why the soul activating vibrations of music and poetry are associated with Pisces.

In the chakra system, Pisces fits best with the energy of the crown chakra, the thousand petal lotus of enlightened consciousness. At its highest vibration, Pisces can embody this Christ Consciousness. It can experience unity with everything and create astonishing beauty. It can dissolve the ego and fuse into oneness with everyone, showing boundless compassion for the poor and suffering and channeling the music of the spheres.

At the lowest vibration though, Pisces can surrender its will to anything and everything and become a hopeless addict, a hungry ghost trapped in the shadows. Pisces rules the 12th house, which has been called the house of “self-undoing”. It is also associated with prisons, hospitals, and institutions, and the sick and helpless people who live at the margins.

The 12th house is a place where we can dissolve our karma through selfless service and return to wholeness by embracing the “other” and realizing our unity with all beings. In the ever spinning zodiac wheel of change, Pisces is the final resting place where we die to our former lives and prepare for the next cycle of identity that will be born when we spring forward into Aries.

One of our cultural rituals that takes place in Pisces is the Academy Awards. Acting is definitely a Neptunian art. Actors learn to surrender their identity and merge with their characters, creating for us the illusion that they are someone else. They draw upon unity consciousness to understand and inhabit a completely different personality. Acting is a great metaphor for the spiritual realities of this incarnation game. We all take on different bodies and roles and play them to the hilt on this very convincing world stage. Then we start to wake up to the illusion of they play and free ourselves from identifying so narrowly with one ego and one personality and develop soul consciousness.

The big astrological energy this trip through Pisces is an expansion and transformation of the ongoing square between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries into a tense T-square alignment by Jupiter in Cancer. Jupiter is one of the rulers of Pisces, and it definitely resonates with the slogan “go big or go home.” So look for an intensification of emotional extremism in the ongoing tug of war between progressive New Age Uranus in Aries and regressive Old School Pluto in Capricorn. With Jupiter in Cancer stirring up the emotions behind the friction filled square, there is the opportunity for both emotional breakdowns and breakthroughs in understanding. The spotlight on gay rights that the Olympics is providing is a good example of this clashing of planets.

The Sun in Pisces further intensifies the emotional energy and provides glimpses of potential unification. Jupiter in Cancer is positive and nurturing, pleading for us all get along. And the high minded unifying side of Pisces is also present to remind us of our shared humanity and open the door for peace and healing.

Feb. 23 – Universal Tuning: The Pisces Sun is conjoined to its planetary Ruler Neptune today, shining its spotlight on all things Neptunian. This is a great day to make unifying music and art. It is also an ideal time for healing and forgiveness. Practice surrendering your ego and channeling your higher self and you may be in for some pleasant surprises today. If you are stuck in a cycle of addiction and surrendering to lower powers though, this energy could take you down to an equally extreme and unpleasant bottoming out. Pisces is trying to get us all in tune today, but we may have to be stripped of some big illusions and distractions before we can hear its subtle tune.

March 3 – Healing and Wounding T-Square: The ongoing T-square between Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, and Jupiter in Cancer is getting a boost of juicy emotional energy from the transiting moon in Aries which crosses the crucial outlet point of the T today. Aries in Uranus is all about the empowerment and freedom of the individual, so look for a general restlessness with the status quo today.

Uranus is a wild electric energy, and people ought to be a little more unpredictable and fiery today. This can be a revolutionary energy, so things may be heating up in all those global hotspots today. This is a good day for sending Piscean beams of peace and healing to all of the people who are angry and hurting in the world. If you have been feeling restrained and you are itching to have an outburst, try to check in to see if there is a healthier outlet than throwing a fit like a flaming baby. It is advisable to DO something, but your first impulse may not be the healthiest. Make sure you are acting in alignment with your higher self before doing taking actions that could have negative long term consequences.

March 6 – Double Trouble: There is a second tense T-square added to the mix today between the Moon in Taurus, Saturn in Scorpio and Mercury in Aquarius. These are all fixed signs so though it is a brief aspect pattern, it should be very intense and intractable. This could be an entrenching energy related to fallout from whatever took place on the 3rd. There may be some strong fixed opinions and lots of taking sides. Taurus wants a peaceful revolution of the heart, while Scorpio is not afraid to get down and dirty in the trenches and get blood on its hands fighting for what it believes. Aquarius is the referee here trying to get everybody to communicate and come together but it isn’t easy.

March 10 – Soothing the Wounds: The Moon has moved on top of Jupiter in Cancer to boost the emotional energy of the ongoing revolutionary T-square again, this time in a much more nurturing and peaceful way. This is a chance to clean up any damage that occurred during the challenging aspects proceeding todays big water works. If you can let those emotions flow today, good things can happen. There can be a Piscean happy ending full of forgiveness and healing. As they say in recovery, don’t give up before the miracle happens. The Moon is in its home of Cancer and Jupiter gives it even greater resilience and strength in its quest to nurture the world. The Divine Mother is definitely present today, and if you need help, now is a great time to ask for her assistance.

March 16 – Full Moon: This full moon is with the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo, highlighting their two very different approaches. Look for dynamic tension between sloppy, holistic, visionary approaches and detailed, reductionist, critical ones. Saturn is making a wedge aspect of the opposition offering some stabilizing influence. Saturn in Scorpio can provide that safe space for venting that can eventually help both sides understand each other’s positions better. Together Pisces and Virgo can perfect the world and create great things, but it isn’t easy for them to play well with each other. Use this dynamic dance of opposition to help get your own mind and heart together on the same page and you will make the most of today’s energy.

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2014 Aquarius Soul Forecast

Aquarius (1).jpg

We’re moving into Aquarius now, which is a fixed air sign. The Air element is mental, and Aquarius is primarily about the deep fixed belief systems that we share, the core ideas and ideals that hold our society together. It’s co-ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus.

We talked about Saturn last month, with Capricorn and its structure and rules and grounded practicality. Uranus is about taking those traditional structures and transforming them to a higher level with lightning bolts of inspired insight. It is the revolutionary and evolutionary transformer. It is progressive and visionary, and it is willing to destroy Saturn’s traditional forms in order to create new structures that fit the collective better and
allow for greater freedom.

Uranus rules the 3rd eye, the seat of the soul’s vision. We are just beginning to get a clear vision of this New Age of Aquarius where our lives are guided by our highest dreams and visions.

The symbol of Aquarius is the human being, and humanitarianism will become the dominant philosophy of the Age Aquarius. Aquarians are very concerned about the good of the collective and they believe in the equality of all life. In the last century, we’ve already seen a dramatic expansion of freedom, democracy, and equality in the world.

The character of the eras when the outer planets were discovered have interesting correlations with the observed character of those planets. It’s almost as if when the student is ready, the teaching planet arrives.

The planet Uranus was discovered right before the French and American revolutions and it carries that same revolutionary spirit of “Liberty, Egalite, Fraternity”.

My favorite book about Uranus is “Prometheus the Awakener” by Rick Tarnas. He argues the the mythological figure Prometheus is a better fit for the Uranus’ observed energy than the God it was named after. Prometheus rebelled against the hierarchal orders of Zeus and stole fire and brought it to the mortals, an act of defiance for which he suffered greatly. This democratizing and decentralizing of power is a key aspect of Aquarius and we can expect more power to be brought to the people as this New Age moves forward.

Uranus is the mad scientist of the zodiac, and technological innovation is one of the gifts it brings.  Eccentric and eclectic are two key words for Aquarius, and Uranus is willing to experiment with new ideas and try new things in the pursuit of progress.

The internet is a great Aquarian innovation, making information more readily available and acting as a great equalizing force. This lifting of age old restrictions on information has accelerated our understanding of the great mysteries of creation.

One of my favorite shows is Ancient Aliens on H2. It is focused on evidence of alien influences on ancient culture, and of evidence of ancient technologically advanced earth civilizations that worked in collaboration with alien civilizations. Interestingly enough, the show is produced by a company called “Prometheus Entertainment”. Aquarius is about really getting at the big picture of the Universe, and the further we get into the Age of Aquarius, the more we will enjoy an expanded understanding of the larger galactic and universal families to which we belong.

In particular, these years from 2010 to 2016 when Uranus and Pluto are locked in their great tranformational square dance hold the promise of quantum leaps for humanity, similar to the leaps we made from 1964 to 1968 when Uranus and Pluto were conjoined. Under the conjunction, we took a giant leap for mankind to the moon and we greatly expanded civil rights and personal freedoms.

It is fitting that we now have an African American president as we transit through this next phase of extreme planetary makeover. Obama is an especially effective leader for this New Age as he has an Aquarius south node, and thus has many lifetimes of Aquarian experience to draw on to help us create this New Age.

This time we are poised for another quantum technological leap into a new era of cheap, clean energy that will change everything. There have been many behind the scenes breakthroughs in the field of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions in the last two years, and I believe that we will see it finally break into mainstream awareness this year.

We are finally beginning to understand the Unified Field we live in to begin to tap into its limitless power. Andrea Rossi, one of the innovators in the field of LENR, has even trademarked the phrase “new fire” for his E-cat reactor. Again, we see Prometheus bringing a new flame of power to the people and leading the way towards a New Age.

Jan 28th- Tea Square Party: The ongoing Square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn is being made into a tense T-square by Jupiter in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn. The outlet point of the T-square is where the energy can release, but it doesn’t move easily. In this case the end result of the energy will be empowering (Aries) to the people (Uranus), but before this can happen we need to resolve the opposition between the parental archetypes of Cancer and Capricorn. Jupiter in Cancer is generous and nurturing and wants to give health care and subsidies to everyone, while Pluto in Capricorn is reserved and conservative and thinks such behavior is fiscally irresponsible and bound to create a nanny state dependency and a disincentive to work. This recurring fight over these principles is bound to crop up again under this T-square, and today Venus and the Moon are lined up on top of Pluto to give a boost to Capricorn’s arguments. Look for more opposition and intransigence and hostage taking as our dysfunctional government gears up to bring us yet another debt ceiling fiscal cliff debacle.  Another aspect of this energy pattern is the ongoing revelations about the NSA and their privacy invasions. Uranus in Aries values individual freedom and liberty above all else while Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn are more worried and defensive and would tend to sacrifice a degree of personal freedom for greater security. But then both of those signs like their privacy and boundaries, so those sacrifices are very uneasy. When we get it all sorted out, we will hopefully find some creative ways forward that can help us all to better preserve our personal privacy in the electronic realm.

Jan 30th – New Age Moon: The New Moon is taking place today with the Sun and Moon closely sextile to Uranus in Aries. In the cosmic tug of war between Uranus and Pluto, the energy leans today towards Uranus end of the debate. The Braveheart cry for freedom will resonate with the collective on an emotional level and may instigate a quiet rebellion against the system. We may also get a wave of information about technological breakthroughs that boosts our collective spirits and reignites the idea of creating a more perfect union.

Feb 3rd  – The New Fire: We are revisiting the T-square again while the Moon moves on to conjoin Uranus in Aries and really ignite a new fire in us. The Moon and Cancer rule mass consciousness and so some wild futuristic utopian ideas may really sweep through our collective consciousness and ignite some serious New Age idealism. Whatever standoff and opposition happened last week, the energy has now found a way to ground and is shooting out like a lightning bolt and transforming the land. Pay attention to your dreams tonight. Both Aries and Uranus are pioneering energies and you can reach some high vibration peaks today. When your hair stands on end and you break out in goosepimples, you know you are on the right track, riding the lightning towards your Higher Self.

Feb 14th  – Big Love: This is shaping up to be a real heart quaking Valentine’s day with the full moon taking place at the end of Aquarius. Mercury is also conjoined to the Sun in Aquarius and Mars is trine to them both in Libra so there is a lot of intense mental energy concentrated here. Aquarius is always thinking big picture, dreaming of idea society and the grand unifications that can take us there. Libra is sweet and gentle but not always good at following through with its heartfelt wishes. With Mars there in Libra to give it focus there can be an outpouring of altruistic activism today. Think of Jesus with his sacred flaming heart, and take all of that new fire you gathered this month and bring it to the people. This is a time for big love, love that springs from recognition of our ultimate oneness. This is a day for that enlightened awareness of unity captured by the Mayan phrase “InLakech”, which loosely translates as “you are another myself.” Having the oppositional energy of the full moon fall on this day that celebrates the dance of relationship is fitting. Relationships are full of sacred mirroring where we project and disown and judge until love helps us introspect and embrace and integrate. By loving all of the “others”, we expand our sense of self and slowly return to wholeness. Take a break today from separation and argument and projection and become one with the liquid singing star water that Aquarius is showering down upon us!

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2013 Capricorn Soul Forecast


On the Solstice, the sun moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn, which is a cardinal earth sign.

The cardinal signs are the most representative of their element, which means that Capricorn is the most deeply rooted and earthy of the zodiac signs. It’s ruled by practical, concrete Saturn, making this a great time to focus on shoring up the foundations of our lives.

The transition from Sagittarius to Capricorn can be dramatic, as their ruling planets Jupiter and Saturn are quite opposite in character. They are considered to be the two teaching planets of the zodiac, making the holiday season a rich time for spiritual growth.

Both planets can teach us a lot about mastery of energy as they both magically radiate almost three times more energy out than they absorb from the sun, a true cosmic mystery. They only differ in the method to their magic. Jupiter teaches us the law of attraction, while Saturn teaches us the equally important law of subtraction. Jupiter tends toward jolly optimistic idealism while Saturn tends towards Grinchy, penny-pinching realism. Jupiter tends to give us opportunities to expand and multiply, while Saturn tends to bring us opportunities to subtract and simplify. Jupiter tends to be extroverted and liberal while Saturn tends to be introverted and conservative.

Interestingly, this dichotomy is mirrored in the actual physical planets. Jupiter is expansive and gassy, while Saturn is much more compact and crystalline.

Saturn’s astrological symbol has a cross it, which is a symbol of the Earth with all its heaviness and density. Historically, Saturn has been known as a “malefic” planet and has a reputation of being a stern taskmaster. In Vedic astrology, you are advised to do lots of purification ceremonies called pujas when Saturn comes to visit. But if we look again at the actual planet for guidance, we can see that the structure of the wisdom it is trying to impart is anything but square. The Cassini probe recently got a much clearer picture of the mysterious hexagonal storm that persists at Saturn’s North Pole. In Sacred Geometry and Astrology, this Star of David, or Star Tetrahedron in 3-D is the most harmonious form.

In fact, in Nassim Haramein’s exciting new Unified Field Theory, the geometry of the Star Tetrahedron is fundamental to the structure of the universe and essential to his solution to Einstein’s field equations. And the Golden Mean Phi ratio of 1.618 that is also an integral aspect of the structure of reality is found as well throughout the patterns in the beautiful rings of Saturn.

Because we’ve had a limited understanding of the true workings of the world to this point, the templates and traditions that have been handed down for Saturn have been ill-fitting. Old hierarchies full of stern authority figures have created a lot of suffering from forcing these ill-fitting structures on society with little rationale beyond “because I said so”. This legacy of bad Saturn translation has given the planet a bad rap. But Saturn is still there, transmitting its beautiful “loving” structure, waiting us to get it right. If we study its geometric message, we can learn how to have healthy boundaries and how to live in sustainable harmony.

But because we haven’t all mastered the physics of the Earth plane just yet, the transition into Capricorn can still be a challenging time. After the fun filled gatherings of Christmas wrap up, there are often big bills to pay. The reality of our family interactions may have fallen quite short of our hopes and dreams. The days are short and we being to feel the restriction of being cooped up indoors.

When we hit New Year’s, we start looking back at the past year and making resolutions to improve ourselves, focusing all too often on our disappointments and how we’ve fallen short of our goals. Saturn asks us for discipline and commitment to loving structures that can bring our big ideas and dreams down to reality. The hard work that is before us can be overwhelming.

I recently came upon this inspiring article about some Italian goats making death-defying climbs up a dam. The goat is the animal totem of Capricorn, and their breathtaking mastery of climbing exemplifies the highest octave of the sign. Their perilous journey to the rarefied air at the top of their climb is made one simple concrete leap at a time.

No matter how lofty the goal, Saturn’s patient and steady energy can get you there. Try to discipline yourself and make friends with Saturn during this time, and you can start making lots of tiny strides towards your own high perch of achievement.

Dec. 21, Black Hole Solstice – Keeping the fire alive: The magical moment of the solstice has been honored by great stone monuments all over the world. These megaliths mark the end of our darkest hours, the great tipping point when the sun stands still and quiet before finally beginning to move higher in the sky, kicking off another solar cycle of life. We are near the middle of a 35-year period when the solstice sun is closely aligned with the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy, which is one of the factors that contributed to the excitement surrounding the 2012 solstice. During this solstice, Mercury, the messenger of the gods, is very close to that dark rift in the Milky Way that marks the mysterious center of our galactic wheel. It is also making a harmonious trine aspect with the Moon in fiery Leo. So this is a great time to receive personal spiritual messages from that Great Mystery about the next step to take in our journey towards creative self-actualization (Leo). There is also a tense T-square going on between Mars, Pluto, and Uranus that demands that we take some action (Mars) to honor our spiritual path (Pluto and Uranus) and transform ourselves. Have faith that the ideas that come to you this solstice are divinely inspired, and put that fire to use burning through anything that keeps you out of alignment with your spirit. If you surrender those impediments and shed them consciously, you can save yourself the pain of having them gobbled up unconsciously by the supermassive Black Hole that is looming over us now.

Jan. 1, Saturn’s New Moon Crossroads – The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto are all in Capricorn and are part of a Grand Cross with Uranus in Aries, Mars in Libra, and Jupiter in Cancer. The Grand Cross is the most tension-filled of astrological arrangements, so don’t be surprised if there is an increase in stand offs and battles during this time. Collectively, this is Saturn knocking on our door and giving us the option to turn ourselves in and get disciplined about our spiritual evolution (Pluto and Uranus square) or face the school of hard knocks where Saturn’s cold gusts make our house of cards come falling down around us. We are just past the midpoint of the long squaring off between Pluto and Uranus that is the primary astrological energy driving these transformative times. This cosmic cycle began when Pluto and Uranus were conjoined from 1964 to 1968, and we are now riding the crest of the second great wave of this extreme planetary makeover. These Grand Cross moments in this long process mark spiritual crossroads, choice points where our mettle is collectively tested. We can grow and evolve to lighter beings, or we can dig in and fight against the tide of history. Uranus in Aries is inviting every individual to increase their freedom and power and Pluto in Capricorn is insisting that old, ill-fitting structures die and be reborn in more harmonious forms. The ongoing health care overhaul and the NSA security scandal exemplify this tension between the needs of individuals and the needs of systems. If ever there was a New Year’s for resolutions, this one is it. But be sure to think big picture, and try to make your lists from that still quiet place of meditation that is expansive enough to capture your soul’s grand path. If you have been ignoring the whisperings of your spirit and suffering, now is the time that you can change course and start moving towards the things that bring you joy and happiness. If you keep neglecting the pull of Spirit it will visit you more and more loudly until you finally take the path that honors your soul’s calling. If you are already solidly on the road home and in tune with your soul, now is a time when you can really be a Bodhisattva and help the many who are suffering and burdened by the weight of this Cardinal Cross. We need teachers now who can help us all to transcend our suffering and ascend to the next level of connection and unity!

Jan. 5 – Healing Waters : The Moon in sensitive Pisces and Saturn in intense Scorpio are making a harmonious kite aspect out of the Grand Cross right now. That aspect pattern is softening the hard edges of the Grand Cross and offering healing opportunities for any hard feelings that may have arisen during the conflicts around the New Moon. Pisces offers a break from the rigid energy of Saturn, making this a good time to apologize and forgive and work to repair the bridges of relationship. This is a good time to take a bath or go to a sweat lodge and detox from any post-traumatic stress fight or flight energy that may have taken place under this Cardinal Cross. The Dalai Lama has a kite aspect like this one in his natal chart with the grand trine in the water signs. Think of his boundless compassion and apply it to your own and others failings. Take a break from fear and anger and separation and dissolve in the healing waters.

Jan. 14 – Softening the Cross: The Moon is in Cancer now, conjoined to Jupiter and giving a boost to the watery aspects are still softening the harshness of the Grand Cross. The Moon rules Cancer, and with Jupiter expanding its influence there should be an up welling of nurturing energy to help offset any coldness that went before. Let your guard down be vulnerable and the Divine Mother will be present to kiss your wounds and console your soul.

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2013 Sagittarius Soul Forecast


On Nov 21st, the Sun moves into Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, which means that it is always changing, flickering like a soft candle flame. It is not as bold and bright as the fire of Leo or Aries, but it still burns with a desire to express itself. It is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system. So Sagittarius likes to do things on a grand scale. Jupiter’s giant gassy mass is 10 times the diameter of Earth, which fits with its astrological associations of expansion and abundance. Collectively, we kick off Sagittarius with Thanksgiving, a feast of abundance and excess that also embodies the highest octave of Sagittarius flame, that spirit of deep gratitude and gratefulness. In 12 step recovery, the roots of addiction lie in resentment. The magical antidote to this is learning to have an attitude of gratitude. It’s amazing how simply focusing on gratitude can magnetize and bring forward the best in every situation. In Dr. Masura Emoto’s work studying how different vibrations create different water crystals, the words “Love” and “Gratitude” made some the most beautiful crystals. Even the essence of our mass shopping spree on “Black Friday” is really about putting our gratitude into action on the earth plane by showering our loved ones with generosity and abundance. Ho-Ti, the laughing Buddha is a great example of this happy go lucky Sagittarian energy, as is our jolly Santa Claus, with his rosy cheeks and his big sack brimming with goodies. Spiritual faith is a characteristic of Sagittarius, and the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a classic of this Sagittarian season that exemplifies the mountain moving power of faith. When we can look at our lives through Jupiter’s eyes, we can find the silver linings and the bright side of whatever we are struggling with. In the chakras, Jupiter associated with the 3rd eye, the center of higher vision that can penetrate through the disturbing surface of things to reveal their beautiful shimmering essence, the flickering candle flame of Spirit.

Magic and synchronicity are the ways that this Jupitarian 3rd eye consciousness works in the world. When we open our 3rd eye and let Jupiter run the show, things tend to fall into place easily and effortlessly. In one of Robert Moss’ many excellent books about dreaming, the 3 Only Things, he delineates three critical 3rd eye guidance functions of our higher selves that are typically dismissed in Western culture to our detriment. People say it’s “only” a dream or “only a coincidence” or “only your imagination”. But when we pay attention to these 3 “only” things and follow their guidance, our lives can glide to success on Jupiterian auto pilot. In the midst of these economic hard times, surrounded by the energy of lack and limitation, we need to be constantly reminded that what we see as empty space is actually brimming with limitless energy. Abundance is right there in the palm of our hands if we can just let go of the trance of limitation and master the power of our imagination.

Sagittarius culminates with the Solstice, the time of the greatest extremes of darkness and light in our solar cycle.  One of the things that makes this particular solstice special is that we are in the middle of a window of about 30 years where the solstices line up closely with the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. Sagittarius brings divine communication, and what could be more divinely enlightening than having this window insight into the mysterious singularity at the center of our galaxy? One of the archetypes for Sagittarius is the yogi in the cave, so this is a great time for meditation. Take some quiet time to tap into your divine mind and you can receive great guidance! After the emotional intensity and destruction of Scorpio, now we can find that still small voice within that will help us rebuild our world in greater alignment with Spirit. Sagittarius’ one pointed arrows of fire will always hit the bull’s eye, as they are guided by our Higher Mind. We need only learn to trust our inner knowing and fire away!

November 21st – There’s a Leonard Cohen lyric that is apt for the aspect pattern at this beginning of Sagittarius: “There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” There is still a lot of intense and dark emotional energy present now. Mercury and Saturn are conjoined in Scorpio and trine to the Moon and Jupiter which are also conjoined in Cancer. But as the Sun edges into Sagittarius today, there is a crack in the emotional onslaught that may offer us some insight into the benefits of all the purging of the last month. If you did your emotional house cleaning and liberated yourself from old resentments, you should feel a lightness of being starting to grow today. With all the earth and water that’s been going on, it has been easy to be attached to the world of form and feeling grief at the losses we experience on that level. But there is a light at the end of that tunnel today, as we are reminded to look up to the eternal world of spirit, where everything we are missing exists in limitless abundance.

November 25th – That little light is fighting to grow stronger today, like the fragile match up against the wind and cold in Jack London’s “To Light a Fire” The Sun’s little glimmer of Sagittarian faith and hope is going up against a cold wall of doubt and drama as the sun squares off with the Moon in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. Hold on to that simple flame of positive thought and protect it from the wind of critics and skeptics, and you can get that that life sustaining campfire of Sagittarian hope lit in your soul and avoid a tragic ending. There is still a Wedge aspect between Jupiter in Cancer, Venus in Capricorn, and Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio that is giving us a tool to dig ourselves out of old pessimistic and limiting thinking. If we can do that deep digging we will have a nice space cleared out for that campfire to grow and glow and warm our souls.  

December 2nd – With the New Moon in Sagittarius today, that spirit fire should finally be shining brightly and inspiring all sorts of positive activity. Regardless of your particular religious or non-religious proclivities, it will be hard right now to not get caught up in the spirit of generous giving that is reaching full steam. Even the Grinchiest Saturn people may find their hearts growing a size a two under this expansive energy. Physical gifts will be flying, but those non material gifts of positive thought and energy are the essence of this opportunity, so everyone can participate and benefit from this wave of generosity. All that is required is to lend some of your attentions and intentions to making the world a better place. So tune into your inner Jupiter and let your enthusiasm and passion and gratitude loose today! This New Moon is making a close trine to Uranus in Aries so we should also see some positive progress towards a New Age of individual (Aries) freedom and empowerment (Uranus). This is an opportunity to free ourselves from old ill-fitting systems that are still causing suffering in the world. Step outside of your restrictive boxes, let loose your creative pioneering spirit, and do something to make the world a happier place today!

December 20th – New Age T-Square: This soul filled solstice features the narrowing of an approaching aspect where Mars in Libra is moving towards opposition with Uranus in Aries to make the close square between Uranus and Pluto into a T-square for a few weeks. Mars is an activating energy and the combination of Mars and Uranus can be an erratic and explosive energy. In general, oppositions tend to work out through relationships and the game of projection and mirroring. With the addition of Pluto to the mix that can make for some nasty battling, but at least Mars is in the sign of Libra which can soften its edge a bit and offer the possibility of compromise and progress. Look for heavy rhetoric on all sides of the usual deadlocked dichotomies between Democrats and Republicans as we hurtle towards yet another debt ceiling deadline with the threat of government shutdown and endless demagoguery again looming. With Mars there to prod the posturing along, hopefully we can come together and find some constructive solutions that all parties can reluctantly agree on. Mars is all about taking action, and like it or not, the Galactic Black Whole is what we are moving towards, a New Age where unity is more prevalent than divisiveness. Hallelujah!   

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2013 Scorpio Soul Forecast


Scorpio is a uniquely deep and intense sign. It is a water sign, so it is emotional in nature, but it is fixed water, so it doesn’t always flow smoothly. When Scorpio’s strong emotions get blocked they can become toxic like the waters of a stagnant swamp or frozen and cold like the face of an icy glacier.  When we cling to our anger or sadness, it can harden and darken into bitter resentment, which is the lowest octave of Scorpio’s emotional nature. But Scorpio has a dual planetary rulership which gives it a complex and multi-layered energy. The lower octave of Scorpio is ruled by the strong, confrontational planet Mars, which is represented by the poisonous stingy Scorpion. The higher octave of Scorpio is ruled by the intense and transformative planet Pluto, which is represented in the sign’s other animal totem, the Phoenix. Pluto is the planet most associated with that elusive energy we call Soul, that expansive spirit that transcends the limitations of this physical existence. This Plutonian influence gives Scorpio an air of mystery and a larger than life quality. Pluto’s obsessive drive and determination gives Scorpio a reputation for doing the distance. If there is one sign that can get to the bottom of things and figure out the hidden roots of a situation it is Scorpio. Pluto was recently demoted to dwarf planet status, but that hasn’t diminished its otherworldly astrological power. In fact, Pluto prefers to work in secret, doing its soul magic quietly in the shadows. Power is a key aspect of this sign and there is no accident that Pluto forms the root of both Plutotocracy and Plutonium. Pluto has the soul power to create great magic, both black and white.

 Our big cultural ritual at the beginning of Scorpio is of course, Halloween. Halloween grants us all a chance to embrace our Shadow side, to allow ourselves to express the suppressed and repressed energies of our dark side in a safe and playful way. Two big energies that get more free expression during Scorpio’s time are sex and death. So push yourself beyond your usual edges and out of your comfort zone and you will make the most of this trip through Scorpio. Pluto was the lord of the underworld in mythology, and this is a time when veil is thinnest between this world and the world of spirit. So this is a metaphysical time when we can contact the other side and have insight into the great mystery beyond the physical.

This trip through Scorpio’s waters is bound to be especially intense and transformative, as the collective north node has been moving through Scorpio. The North Node points to the direction of our collective soul growth, and it has been giving our collective spiritual lessons a Scorpionic edge. Pluto is still squaring off and battling with Uranus as seen in the dramatic displays of frustration and gridlock that led to a government shutdown. We are learning intense lessons, ones that come through loss and through trusted structures falling apart. This is a time for Institutions and systems that are not working to die so that new ones can emerge Phoenix-like from the ashes. Of course, as we have seen, we often fight against our need to die and transform. Scorpio’s metaphysical energy is opposite to Taurus which is associated with attachment to the forms of the material world. We are now being forced to face the hard reality that our debt based monetary system is unsustainable. We keep trying to kick the can down the road,  and rearrange the deck chairs on this sinking Titanic system. But Scorpio is giving us a reality check. If we can let go of old capitalistic and materialistic ways of approaching our problems, Scorpio can now give us the spiritual strength to go deep and discover new ways of doing business that meet our collective needs in a more creative and unified way.

October 24th – One Cow Shy of a Grand Sextile: There is a remarkable and rare alignment today where the Moon and Mars are briefly making out of the ongoing sextiles between Saturn Neptune and Pluto a grand harmonious aspect pattern that is just one planet short of what is considered the most harmonious astrological alignment, the Grand Sextile. The Grand Sextile is a Star of David pattern consisting of two interpenetrating Grand Trines in complementary elements. In this case, the elements involved are water and earth. So think of this as a time of divine harmony when the perfect balance can be struck between emotional and practical needs. Our feelings can inspire us to take concrete action (earth) and build new structures that better meet our emotional needs.  The missing link to finish the aspect pattern is Taurus, so for all of you Taurus’ the opportunity is there for you to be a divine instrument and offer your service to the collective as a grounding rod for this big energy. You may feel overwhelmed, but try to be yourself and remain calm like the eye of the hurricane. Your patience and gentleness and heart centered desire for a more peaceful world can be critical right now in dissipating the tensions in the air and keeping us moving forward toward concrete solutions.

October 29th – Wedge Issues: There is a similar energy to that of the 24th today, but it is less dramatic and expansive. Only half of a grand sextile is present today, so you could choose to look at the world as either half full of harmony or half full of chaos. The harmonious side involves the Moon and Mars in Virgo, the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn, and Neptune in Pisces. There is a critical edge to this energy which can create division, but if we can listen to the constructive criticism of the Virgos in our midst and do some deep and serious self-reflection (Scorpio), we can make some progress in understanding the roots of our difficulties and transforming ourselves and our world (Pluto). Neptune is there in its Pisces home like a big tuning fork ringing out that high vibration of unity consciousness and reminding us all of what is possible when we see through the veil of separation and grasp our soul nature.

November 3rd  – New Moon Extreme Scorpio Makeover: The New Moon is taking place today in conjunction with Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio. If ever there was a time to collectively “get it” and have that “ah ha” moment about the root of our problems this is it. Both Saturn and the North Node are teachers, and in Scorpio they are giving us the straight dope whether we want it or not. Scorpio can teach us through hard lessons that poke holes in our ego and knock us down to size. If we can embrace both our limitations and our interdependence with humility today, we can hit our collective bottom and start moving on towards our Pheonix future. Resentment may reach a fever pitch right now, but if we can let all that rage and pain air itself out, we just may avert further catastrophe. The key with Scorpio is to keep those emotions moving, so put on some music, breath deep, and keep going with the flow. If we can all wring out our stagnant emotional energy, we can make sacred space for some beautiful new feelings to come through.

November 11th  – Go with the New Flow: Jupiter in nurturing Cancer and the Moon in compassionate Pisces are softening and harmonizing the Scorpio flow. This pattern can bring needed emotional healing after the brutal intensity of the 3rd. This extra boost of emotional energy is there to keep things moving and to fill those empty spaces that you made during the New Moon. Nurture others and allow yourself to receive nurturing. Share your dreams and ideals and we can take the extreme intensity of the Scorpio energy and put it into a kinder gentler framework of emotional connection and wholeness.

2013 Libra Soul Forecast


by Michael Dinan, Astrologer

The Sun shifted into the constellation of Libra on September 22nd. Libra is an air sign ruled by the planet Venus. The goddesses Aphrodite and Kwan Yin are archetypes of this refined relational energy and they bring sweetness and light to whatever they touch. Love and beauty and art are hallmarks of Libra so this is a great time for all kinds of creative heart centered activity. During the critical and divided mental energy of Virgo, escalating rhetoric had us on the brink of war with Syria. Now the big open heart of Libra is here to give us some sweet relief and broker a deal that fosters that softer energy of peace. Air signs have to do with relationships, and Libra is most focused on love relationships. Interestingly, there are statistically more weddings in October than average, so love is definitely in the air right now, making this is a great time to focus on sharing your heart with your loved ones and healing any wounds that may be blocking the bridge of love. This is also a great time to try to stretch the boundaries of your heart and embrace people who are hard for you to love. We all share the same air and when there is conflict, Libra is a master at balancing the scales and making a fair compromise that benefits everyone. So let that vibrant breath of life fill your lungs and give your heart the mindfulness and courage to speak out only the peace and harmony that you would like to receive when you breathe back in.

Thich Nhat Hanh said in his book Being Peace, “In the peace movement there is a lot of anger, frustration, and misunderstanding. The peace movement can write very good protest letters, but they are not yet able to write a love letter. We need to learn to write a letter to the congress or to the President of the United States that they will want to read, and not just throw away. The way you speak, the kind of understanding, the kind of language you use would not turn people off. The President is a person like any of us.
Can the peace movement talk in loving speech, showing the way for peace? I think that will depend on whether the people in the peace movement can be peace. Because without being peace, we cannot do anything for peace. If we cannot smile, we cannot help other people to smile. If we are not peaceful, then we cannot contribute to the peace movement.”

So with that wisdom in mind, try to let sweet Libra lead the way to being peace this month. Focus on building those bridges of love. Use art and beauty and the love in your heart to help remind yourself and everyone else that we are all in this together.

Some remarkable moments this month:

Sept 27th – Moon kite: The kite aspect is a combination of the most harmonious aspect pattern there is, a Grand Trine (equilateral triangle), with the most challenging aspect there is, the opposition, which forms the spine of the kite. It is a very dynamic aspect pattern which takes that perfected energy of the Grand Trine and sends it in a particular direction, focusing it out through the tip of the kite pattern.  The Grand Trine that is still going on this month involves Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter in the water signs. Water has to do with emotional energy so this is about refining and expanding our emotional energy.  The transiting Moon in its home sign of Cancer gives this aspect pattern an extra emotional boost today. The tip of the kite is Pluto in Capricorn, so to opportunity here is to transform our dark emotions of resentment  pain and suffering.  As Howard Zinn demonstrated in his People’s History of the United States, the greatest cause of war throughout history is war. In the long run, violence solves nothing, and only perpetuates the cycle of violence. Pluto in Capricorn would love to control the world in the short term through force and threat of force. But there is a pool of healing water that is present now that can heal the root of our collective pain and suffering and give us the restraint we need to refrain from lashing out and feeding that vicious cycle of violence. Work with your emotional energy, particularly with the darker shades of emotion, and let them dissolve and transform in the presence of Libra’s peaceful heart.

Oct 4th – New Moon Peace Accord – The New Moon in Libra is today and it is making a T-square out of the ongoing square between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. The square between Pluto and Uranus goes from 2010 to 2014 and is the cosmic underpinning of the great shifts and changes that we have been seeing in the world.  This square between Pluto and Uranus is the next phase of the change wave that began in 1964-68, taking it to a higher octave. For example, freedoms and rights granted to African Americans in this country the 60’s are now being expanded to include gays and lesbians. This alignment offers great evolutionary opportunities, but because it is a square, it can be tense and rocky at times. Progess occurs in fits and starts and with significant moments of resistance from entrenched interests. Pluto in Capricorn represents the status quo of institutions like the too big to fail central banks that need to change and grow to allow for our greater unfolding, But too often they bitterly resist those needed changes. Uranus in Aries represents that energy of a new age of individual empowerment and technological advancement that would be coming much faster if it didn’t have to fight tooth and nail against the 1 percent that stands to lose from such a democratization of power.  With the New Moon in Libra making a brief T-square out of this square, we can breathe a momentary sigh of relief. There may be some sweet deals that Libra’s diplomacy can broker right now, that momentary ease the tension between those great opposing forces that have been squaring off.  Even those bitter rivalries between Democrat and Republican can find some common ground and plant the seeds of peace under this influence.  If we can be open we will be reminded now that love is all we need, that we are all interdependent, and that peace benefits us all.

Oct 18th – Full Moon  Lovers struggle– The full moon today is taking place with the Sun in Venus ruled Libra and the Moon in Mars ruled Aries. This moon is highlighting that difficult truth that Martians are from Mars and Venusians are from Venus. It is not always easy for astrological opposites to see eye to eye and many books have been written to try to help Mars and Venus get along. The opposition is the most difficult aspect, which is why emergency rooms and crisis lines are swamped during the full Moon, when the Moon and the Sun hit their monthly peak of opposition. What makes the opposition difficult is the tendency to project our issues out onto someone else. If we can use those people that rub us the wrong way as sacred mirrors, illuminating disowned parts of our own personalities, we will grow more whole and make the most of these times of opposition. So take extra care to listen to and understand those who are seemingly from another planet and you may discover a hidden aspect of your own energy that you had tucked away for some reason. When you can love that energy you judged in yourself, you will also be able to love and appreciate it in someone else.