Holistic Recovery Coaching

Whether you are new to recovery or familiar with it and simply hitting a road block, recovery coaching will give you the assistance, guidance, and support that you need to make a lasting shift towards greater happiness and freedom. Michael’s coaching style is client centered and customized to your unique recovery journey. (1hr) $50

Lotus Recovery Program

This package is an 8 week program that works through the 7 chakras and the essence of the first 7 steps to build a holistic, integrated recovery plan. The program is a synthesis of the most effective soul recovery and healing practices Michael has found in his 21 years of personal and professional recovery experience.  (1hr/wk for 8wks)$400 

Recovery – Healing Journey Package

This is a powerful combination of Michael’s 8-week Radical Recovery Package and Sedona’s Healing Journey Package that will give you the ultimate in support for your recovery journey (2hrs/wk for 8wks) $700

Intuitive Spiritual Life Coaching

This coaching service provides spiritual guidance to help you to expand your awareness and grow into your Higher Self. You will receive the support and encouragement that you need to fully integrate Body, Mind, and Spirit. (1hr) $50


Through reprogramming your subconscious mind with positive suggestions, you are empowered to change our life and your behaviors in whatever manner you choose. Clinical hypnosis is an effective way to shift problematic habitual behaviors. (1hr) $85


This service uses Intuitive Guidance to either regress you, progress you, or take you completely out of linear time and into direct connection with your Higher Self. The experiences you will have in these states will help you to heal and integrate lost or fragmented soul energy. (1hr) $100


Ayurvedic Consultation/Coaching

Ayurveda is a system of self-healing, and its effectiveness is based entirely on the extent of your dedication to making healthful life decisions and changes. This program is a  customized treatment plan for health and well-being. Generally, this journey can takes 6 to 12 months, as balanced is restored to your body, mind and consciousness. Along the way, we will guide, support and assist you as you gain an ever-deeper understanding of your natural states of balance and harmony. $50/hr


Counseling and Coaching services can also be done over the phone or through Skype!


"I had been working on learning more about myself through programs such as he 12 steps after join-ing the fellowship 5 years ago. I was also interested in learning more about chakras and my life‘s spiritual meaning. However, I couldn‘t quite bring the two together in one spiritual practice. Michael‘s program of Lotus Recovery was just exactly what I was looking for all in one place. I find my development is always deeper if I work with another member of the fellowship as they can truly understand what I have experienced. However I‘d never really met anyone to work with who was also able to teach me more about the healing energies until I met Michael. Michael ‗s program brought the two main interests of my life together, entwining the 12 Steps with chakra work. This was exactly what I was looking for ! I‘d had to travel thousands of miles to find it but my HP had cer-tainly made sure I did !" Hester B, United Kingdom

"The Spiritual Life Coaching I received from Sedona was so amazingly transformative.  I went for years to regular counseling trying to find that missing piece, but there was something missing. Sedona's coaching and intuitive guidance helped me get to some serious root issues I needed to work with.  The work wasn't easy, but Sedona's loving guidance helped me work through my own biggest obstacles. I would recommend for anyone to try the Spiritual Life Coaching with Sedona." -Deena K.